Welcome to the School of Applied Neopeasantry
at Tree Elbow University.

Hello! We are Artist as Family – Zero, Meg, Patrick, Blackwood (Woody), and back in the day, Zephyr.

We live in Daylesford, Australia in Djaara Mother Country on a quarter-acre permaculture plot, home to our School of Applied Neopeasantry at Tree Elbow University. We practice a unique form of performance art, comprising how we live, get our food and medicine, and move around; performing modes of life making we call permacultural neopeasantry.

We teach a unique skill set of radical homemaking, community economy making and other accountable living skills to volunteers called SWAPs (Social Warming Artists and Permaculturists) and online through our various videos, talks and blog posts.

We are bloggers, fermentors, writers, public speakers, goatherders, gardeners and video makers who also make music, but mostly we’re a family who belong to a bloody great community and a beautiful small patch of sacred forest, and therefore we’re much more than the sum of our parts.

Understanding the importance of relationships throughout our transition has been essential. Relationships with soil communities, with individual trees, with messenger birds, with clouds, with dog kin, goats, bees, microbes, with one another and with ourselves.

Our Latest Video

Highlights from the blog.

The low life and rich cuisine of Malaysia, in a yellow t-shirt

  At Batam, we left Indonesia. We realised, too late, we could have caught a ferry directly to Malaysia. Instead we had booked ourselves to travel to three countries in one day. We love travelling by sea. Give us a jetty, port or ferry terminal any day, before an airport. Leaving Indonesia was as relaxed […]
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Crossing the equator – the Jakarta to Batam moment

While the electrical experience in Jakarta was fascinating and relatively complex, the hybrid smog from motor exhaust and cigarettes was heavy going.
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For the fruiting, ferrying, vomiting, gifting and train travelling love of Indonesia

We left Amá Mar and Apá Yan's home for the Indonesian border with a pod of family members and local villagers who were going to spend the day at the beach.
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June 30 (a poem written on the KM Dharma Kartika V ferry, in the Flores Sea)

  Listen to or read Patrick’s latest poem (3 mins)   I was once married on this same day 27 years ago I hid in a room drinking whisky as the guests arrived A boy not yet ready to grow up From this embarrassment – going along with a thing my heart didn’t sing with […]
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| We live, love and labour in Djaara Mother Country, on unceded sacred land |

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