Welcome to the School of Applied Neopeasantry
at Tree Elbow University.

Hello! We are Artist as Family – Zero, Meg, Patrick, Blackwood (Woody), and back in the day, Zephyr.

We live in Daylesford, Australia in Djaara Mother Country on a quarter-acre permaculture plot, home to our School of Applied Neopeasantry at Tree Elbow University. We practice a unique form of performance art, comprising how we live, get our food and medicine, and move around; performing modes of life making we call permacultural neopeasantry.

We teach a unique skill set of radical homemaking, community economy making and other accountable living skills to volunteers called SWAPs (Social Warming Artists and Permaculturists) and online through our various videos, talks and blog posts.

We are bloggers, fermentors, writers, public speakers, goatherders, gardeners and video makers who also make music, but mostly we’re a family who belong to a bloody great community and a beautiful small patch of sacred forest, and therefore we’re much more than the sum of our parts.

Understanding the importance of relationships throughout our transition has been essential. Relationships with soil communities, with individual trees, with messenger birds, with clouds, with dog kin, goats, bees, microbes, with one another and with ourselves.

Our Latest Video

Highlights from the blog.

The shadow world of Jab the kids (six months on)

In this week's video we tell the origin story of our provocative rap-opera, Jab the kids, six months on. When we first published it this video-song received a tremendous reception - everywhere along the spectrum of human emotions, from outrage to praise. So with all that has passed since, with more vaccinated people being infected with Omicron, where are we now?
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AFP fact-check shows Pfizer jab more harm than good

This week we examine an Agence France-Presse fact-check that explicitly attacks the Canadian Covid Care Alliance's video we featured last week, "More harm than good? Level 1 evidence against Pfizer", which was taken down from our YouTube channel. In our latest video we scrutinise the AFP fact-check and find... well, watch for yourself and see what you think.
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More harm than good? Level 1 evidence against Pfizer

This week we are so grateful to uncaptured Canadian doctors and scientists who have created a video showing their Level 1 evidence that Pfizer's inoculant, Comirnaty, is unsafe and does more harm than good. The presentation is 40 mins in length, and probably the most important independent assessment of Comirnaty since its release last year. We hope you'll make the time and space to listen and watch.
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Fact check: Covid vaccines reduce hospitalisations, oh and Happy New Year!

This week we investigate the often touted claim that covid vaccines reduce hospitalisations by more than 90%. Where did this figure come from? What is it based on? In our latest film we take a deep dive into some of the literature investigating the method used to determine this magical figure of 90% reduction of hospitalisations.
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