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  1. farmdoc says:

    'Every One' of these photographs makes me sick. Except the final one – which I simply love, and which more than makes up for the disgusting prior ones. Keep up the good work, AaF. xxx

  2. Rachel says:

    you guys are awesome. i love following you and this most important project. and how wonderful that Z is a part of it all. what a memorable experience that is teaching him so much. thank you for all you are doing for the beach, the planet, and for the inspiration passed onto your readers.

  3. MrO says:


    Are they my empty Panadols?

    I can feel a headache coming on..


  4. Gerry says:

    and these are just some of those placcy bits that make it down the drains. you should see all the bits nestled in amongst the mangroves at carrington. i once did a clean-up day down there and all I could feel was helpless and pathetic at the amount of it all. There was just SO MUCH STUFF. But then someone turned it completely around for me by saying that the mangroves were catching it all preventing it ending up where you three are collecting each day. i think you need an outing to the carrington mangroves.

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