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The Bins Full

We were in the Newcastle Herald today! Here is the photo that accompanied the article:

After breakfast, we donned latex gloves and began the task of sorting our accumulated waste: recyclable, non-recyclable, and organic matter.

We had set aside the weekend to disassemble our collection, though in 6 hours we had finished; the bins full, the exercise yard swept clean.

It was Zeph’s job to gather and flatten all the cans. So after lunch, he and Patrick biked the 4 kilograms of aluminium to Hunter Recyclers where Zeph received $5 for his efforts (with which he bought a block of dark chocolate he generously shared with us elders).

Meanwhile, Meg was kicking back at the Loft Youth Venue, not far from the Lock-Up, where she gave a blogging workshop to a great group of students.

If you live locally and were planning to come down to see our show over the weekend, we’re sorry, but the show is no longer. But stay tuned to these www’s, as our short film about our residency will be screening here shortly.


  1. Glen Dunn says:

    Hey Guys. It's been wonderful to garner a glimpse into your residency in gleaning… an inspirational project! Congrats to the AAF. Looking forward to the doco. Love.

  2. farmdoc says:

    It's amazing how many people, with the name 'Ulman' in front of their eyes, write 'Ullman'. It happens to me all the time. xxx
    PS I hope the blogging workshop went well, Meg. The attenders are lucky to have you as their teacher.

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