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Rocks, logs and leaf litter

Some notes on the food forest:

1. Create many habitats for predators, such as lizards and frogs.
2. Create a site of intense biodiversity – flora and fauna – to help allay pests.
3. Allow fruit, nuts and berries not consumed by humans or non-humans to be left to compost on the forest floor.
4. Allow plants to seed, fruit and regenerate naturally by open pollination.
5. The food produced must remain uncapitalised and free from pesticides and other synthetics.
6. The intent of the forest is to trigger a foraging vibe for humans and non-humans local to the site.
7. To design the forest so it becomes self operating, self feeding and self watering.
8. Combine indigenous and exotic flora.
9. Create a ‘green pharmacy’ with many herbs.
10. Plant companion plants in close proximity to one another.
11. Bring in much biomass, top soil and compost to help create an organic base for the site.
12. This work is a fabrication, an artwork, based upon biomimicry. It participates in what it represents: a reunion of the conceptual with the corporeal; the mind with the body; man with woman; human with non-human; food with ecology; poetics with pragmatism.


  1. Umatji says:

    Aaah, logs and leaf litter – me and my squeeze are always negotiating the line between habitat and fire wood – it is a tricky one and I hope my occasional fiesty-ness is appreciated by the critters!

  2. Permapoesis says:

    hi umatji, somehow we missed your comment here way back then.

    hope you, your squeeze and yr gromits are keeping warm.

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