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Great News!

After months of searching and writing proposals, it looks like we have a site, and a beautiful site indeed. Yesterday we heard back from St Michael’s and they agree in principal to Food Forest being planted in their front lawn. So, we will be busy over the next week compiling a plant list for the community, making drawings of the proposed work, and putting together an agreement outlining the scope of the work, while identifying the responsible parties.

Patrick swung by to measure up the site this morning, take some more photos and sketch out the footprint of the work. It seemed to suggest a kidney bean shape as we’ll have to keep away from tricky underground plumbing services.

Here’s an east view of the site and the awesome ficus doing a magnificent job.

Afterwards Patrick walked into the city and had tea with Tessa and Karl, two Sydney artists who are also involved with In the Balance.

Their poetic exhibition Make-do Garden City is on until 8 May at the Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Tessa and Karl’s website can be found at Makeshift.

Upstairs in the gallery was the following drawing. It was pretty compelling, recalling Avatar and indigenous folk everywhere, pressurised by the growing needs of expanding technocultures. Apologies to the artist, but a wall label couldn’t be found, nor a catalogue, or even anything on the gallery’s website to properly credit this detailed work.

Next stop: Marrickville, to have lunch with some family members. After stepping off the bus Patrick came across this beautiful micro-forest front garden and stopped to admire the structure and health of it.

This really is close to the sort of feeling we want to create with Food Forest, only packed with edible and flowering plants.


  1. eddy carroll says:

    firstly, congratulations on getting site
    secondly, you are just so present
    in the world
    in your life
    its just so so inspiring

    great great post,
    and i just feel really great
    after reading it


    and to completely sound like a fan heres a p.s

    p.s also loved reading the 'trouble' article!!!

  2. Permapoesis says:

    thanks so much eddy, really appreciate the love.

    i'm giving a lecture at melb uni on friday called:

    "Primitive Futures: Permaculture, Foraging and Permapoesis"

    of which, in part, i outline the Food Forest project to date.

    it's open to the public, from 9am in the alan gilbert building, corner of grattan st & berkeley st. it's on the 2nd floor in lecture theatre number 2. melb uni. lee kofman is also presenting and facilitating the discussion.

    thanks also to the melb google foraging collaboration link. axel, the co-ordinator of that gig, is also threatening to come along on friday.


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