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From field to forest

When you get right down to it, there are few agricultural practices that are really necessary – Masanobu Fukuoka

While Meg and Zephyr were digging up more potatoes and tickling the first garlic shoots up out of the frosty Djadjawurrung soil in the home garden, Anna Davis (MCA) and Patrick met with the St Michael’s church wardens late last week to finalise the agreement to allow the Food Forest to go ahead on this ancient Cadigal site in Surry Hills, Sydney. Here are the set of working drawings Patrick presented to the group on behalf of the Artist as Family. (click for bigger)

Some members from the local community, including both church and non-church groups, have now been asked to choose from this plant list their more desired fruit, herbs and nuts. If you wish to participate in the development of this Food Forest please comment below your desired food plants and we’ll see how we can include your suggestions as we begin to source plants. But be quick as we aim to start planting in the first week of July, pending approval from the traditional owners.
Anyone wishing to help us with the planting in July please follow this blog and we’ll keep you informed as to the when and how. Indigenous locals and non-indigenous residents who can help build information relating to Cadigal plants and medicines, your input is highly sought after.


  1. eddy carroll says:

    You just keep lifting the bar


    on every level.

  2. Glen Dunn says:

    Freaking gorgeous images AAF!

  3. Permapoesis says:

    thanks you two.

    we've been watching 'three hungry boys' on abc iview, and are very inspired.

    we thought we'd do a similar thing in tassie over summer, taking some of our produce with us as backup, but only eating what we forage, fish, dumpster dive for and exchange labour for.

    meg and i are attending an edible weeds course tomorrow run by a community friend alexis, which will also help us survive on the road.


  4. You wont be able to bring any fresh produce into Tassie because of quarantine. Please don't try and smuggle anything in as we don't have fruit fly down here and you could possibly bring in certain rusts or funguses as well as other pests and diseases.

    Tassie might not be quite as clean and green as the advertising whizzes would have you believe but we still are free of a few of the mainland pests and diseases.

    cheers Kim

  5. Also let me know when you are planning on being down here as a friend of mine has WWOOFERS and might have room for you guys. Cheers Kim

  6. thanks for the advice kim, and for the offer to hook us up as wwoofers. not sure about the time, just an idea at this stage.

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