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A big thanks to our national public broadcaster for their coverage of our project last Saturday night, 10 July. Our nephew/cousin Freddy and Iona, a Surry Hills resident whose mum coincidently lives in Daylesford, are featured beside the newsreader, Deborah Rice.

Food Forest on ABC TV from Patrick Jones on Vimeo.

There are a few mistakes in this reportage, namely the exclusion of the entire Artist as Family (Meg Ulman, Patrick Jones and Zephyr Ogden Jones); they spoke to Patrick and labelled him “Patrick White, Garden Artist”; and the church grounds where the forest is planted is St Michael’s not St Stephen’s, as reported.


  1. Peter O'Mara says:

    Artist as (extended) Family..

    Primo & I just watched the ABC newsclip.

    Who is Patricia White anyway?

    Primo said we should write….
    'Hope Sydney is good.'

    I said back (to him)….
    'They are now home [in Daylesford]'

    He then said to me we should write..
    'Did flight [home] go well'

    I said back him (again!)..
    'They drove their car.'

    Loved seeing Sam & cousin Freddy.

    Nice work!


  2. farmdoc says:

    Three errors in 107 seconds isn't really good form, is it?
    But a nice segment, anyway, methinks.
    Congrats, AaF. xxx

  3. kate says:

    this is superb!!!
    well done AaF, pete & i were thrilled to hear the words 'physical poem' snuck into the broadcast!
    xo kate

  4. Permapoesis says:

    thanks good folk,

    yes, it was amazing they read this work so autopoetically and were happy to promote it as such.

    we can only marvel at the media.

  5. Doctor Plog says:

    But I thought everything the media told us was true?!

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