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Bloomin’ inspiring

Vote 1 Peter Cundall!

We got to spend much of the day yesterday with one of the most generous and knowledgeable sustainability gurus. We learned so much about plants and soil, garden pests and wildlife, and how an 84 year old man has lived on organic food for fifty years, has a clean bill of health, and in this time has never taken any pharmaceutical medicines.

He inspired and delighted us, but one thing he said really stood out:

“Show children how to create: the best way to do this is to show them how to grow something. Children who know how to create things never grow into adults who destroy things.”

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  1. He sounds awesome … makes me a bit teary really. I guess I feel relieved that I might be on the right track with my kids after all (though I'm hoping the tendency of two year-olds to pick stuff before its ripe is not indicative of something inherent in human nature!)

  2. That was such a fun way to spend a Sunday arvo. Peter Cundall sure has a gift for making people passionate about worms! My housemates and I have decided to dig up half of our lawn in favour of a veggie patch.

    And of course it's exciting thinking about the future of Surry's own food forest. Thanks all!

  3. Lucas says:

    Artist as Family First! could also be a good name for a politimitable party.

    What lovely cross pollinations all these things are, eh?

  4. thanks you three.

    that's so exciting tim. we'd love to visit next time we're up. also peter cundall left some pretty wonderful heirloom seeds with us on saturday and there's not enough room in the food forest at present. if you'd like some we could drop them off or send them through somehow. just let us know.

    yes, lucas, we could replace the descending family first, with the ascending family fertiliser party:

    urine is concentrated nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. just water it down and add to your soil for a great natural fertiliser. this wld be our first policy push.

  5. Peter O'Mara says:


    You are already No.1 with me.

    Just love sharing you develop & implement this
    amazing project via this wonderful blog.

    According to the Macquarie dictionary..

    heirloom, 1. n, any family possession transmitted from generation to generation [HEIR+LOOM, original tool or implement]

    of which I now update to include the verb..

    ..2. v. a family idea seeded & grown from friend to friend,from community to community & beyond
    [see AaF blogsite 2010]

    A beautiful gesture!


  6. Peter O'Mara says:

    to be more technically correct …

    .2. v. to share a family idea seeded & grown from friend to friend, from community to community & beyond [see AaF blogsite 2010]

  7. We're coming down to the garden tomorrow! can't wait to see it.
    xx GB

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that quote is beautiful.

    Sort of reminds me of the central theme of Daniel Quinn's books.

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