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The show closes, the forest grows on

In the balance: Art for a changing world ends today. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have been participants in this show.

Thank you to the MCA staff, especially Anna Davis, and thank you to Francis Chalwell and the St Michael’s community. Thank you to the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, and the Keir Foundation. And thank you to everyone who supported and assisted the development of this work, especially the Surry Hills community. We hope it will bring much pleasure and social warming for years to come.

Food forest is a free food commons. We only ask that it be a shared resource and that people, when they can, bring food to the soil (compost) in exchange for its bounties.


  1. farmdoc says:

    You are entitled to be proud of your Food Forest project, AaF. I'm certainly proud of you for envisaging it, and then accomplishing it in such a caring and generous manner.
    I hope the Surry Hills community will be inspired by your attitude and approach, and consquently they'll continue to give to and take from the Food Forest in an equally caring and generous manner.
    And now to the AaF's next project…

  2. diego says:

    Thank you for the food forest AaF,
    for your energy and lesson.
    It is, and here to stay, a fantastic and timely statement, testimony of the growing 'pro-activeness' towards relocalisation of product/exchange/consume dynamics.
    I congratulate all involved!

  3. I'm blown away by how much it has grown. I hope you do the occasional update on it.

  4. anna says:

    Hey thanks – I miss you guys !! At least I have this amazing forest of food to keep me happy and well.
    Congratulations on a fantastic artwork that will continue to feed and inspire people long after the exhibition is forgotten.
    Keep in touch
    Anna 🙂

  5. Wen Rolland says:

    Beautiful project! Thanks for this example of a small scale food forest.

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