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Carless and carefree in the country

We’ve been bike loony over the past several weeks, trading in our car for new cargo bikes and bringing them home on the train,

initiating Daylesford Critical Mass‘ participation in the town’s NYE street parade,

and setting off for bike camps between 15 and 40km from home.

But the last few days we’ve been held up in the house, watching the rain in disbelief, thinking about the fauna and flora affected by the floods, the lives lost and displaced, the era ahead.

Ride safe wherever you are and if you drive a car please think bike.


  1. Unknown says:

    Hi AaF, I just found your blog and have gone back to the beginning to read it all! I know this is an old, old entry, but I thought this was a timely place to drop a note.

    I have been car-free for the vast majority of my adult life, relying instead on PT an my beloved bike. Earlier this year, I had a bub, and for the last seven months we have been using a friends car loaned to us while he was overseas.

    In some ways, it has been a blessing, allowing me to visit family who live beyond PT while my bub has been too little to take on a bike. But I found myself relying on it more and more, and as the time draws near to return the car, my partner and I found ourselves discussing the purchase of a car.

    But it didn't sit right with me, and as I read your blog, I was reminded of what is possible with a bike and PT, reminded to take it slow, invited to think again about the damage to the environment and society that a car makes, reminded how much I love biking and inspired to once again be car free, this time as family.

    Later this week, we return the car to our friend. Early next year, we acquire a yuba mondo. I can't wait.

    Thanks AaF for the reminder and the inspiration and the solidarity.

  2. Hello Meg, thank you so much for your comment and sharing your story. It really does strengthen our resolve to hear such a narrative. Change happens slowly at first, and then it builds and builds, to a tipping point and then whoosh, everywhere there are bike accessible railway stations and trains, bike carrying buses, bicycle lanes and bicycle conscious car drivers. Let's work on achieving this moment together, as families showing how possible it is. In solidarity, AaF xx

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