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Key Audit Findings

We found our first bubbler of the day near the corner of Lonsdale and Spencer streets at 8.35am.

We found that to make sure we didn’t miss any of the bubblers in the chaos of the city we had to slow right down.

We found the entire contents of somebody’s home out in the street. What a lucky country we live in that so much waste goes unwanted.

We found our friend Brett who joined us on our audit. We found him at the lovely Kinfolk café, which is staffed by volunteers and whose profits go to a selection of different charities.

We found that although we only drink rain water at home, we loved drinking a toast to all the working bubblers we came across.

We found that after a while we even started acting like water bubblers.

We found that we started seeing bubblers even when there weren’t any.

We found a few over-zealous bubblers.

We found lots of important reasons to carry out our audit.

We found wheelchair accessible bubblers,

dog accessible bubblers

and bee accessible bubblers.

We found the wasteful remains of the winning entry in the 2011 Melbourne Urban Prize for sculpture.

We found bubblers being repaired.
We found bubblers from great heights.

We found some very brave people at the Occupy Melbourne protest; people willing to stand up to the corporate greed that is killing our planet.

We found some great examples of people growing their own food.

We found people will go to great lengths to get a drink of water.

Overall what we found was very positive compared with Patrick’s findings from four years ago.

We found 46 bubblers in the CBD region, 19 more than last time.
We found 39 working bubblers, 21 more than last time.
When we enquired at the City of Melbourne council offices we were told that on average there are 788,000 people who use the city every day, 77,400 more than last time.
We found 1 working bubbler per 20,205 people whereas last time it was 1 working bubbler per 40,000 people.
Congratulations are in order for the City of Melbourne. It’s fantastic to see that they have started to take the issue of bottled water pollution seriously. We encourage them to continue their great work by providing even more water bubblers for the people of Melbourne who are concerned about drinking just and free water.
And lastly we found that walking over 15km auditing Melbourne’s bubblers sure did make us sleepy.


  1. ronnie says:

    and I'm pleased I found your post!

    (which I found uplifting, fun and enlightening…. I especially like the bee bubbler)

    how good to see the waters flowing more freely….

  2. Mika says:

    Good work family!!
    Cheers to all bubblers! x

  3. WriterBee says:

    I of course especially like the bee bubbler too!!

    So lovely to see a good news story for a change, with the Melbourne City Council taking this matter so seriously.

    Well done, AaF!

  4. Morganzolla says:

    go you good things! a free drink of unbottled water and a coffee at kinfolk are on my next melb visit list! 🙂

  5. Hi Patrick, just letting you know that those wasteful remains were removed by a friend of a friend, who reused every brick into a retaining wall at his house.

  6. Bianca, we are so rapt to hear that!! When we saw it (as you can see in the photo) it looked like the council workers were smashing it up. Congrats to your friend on turning the waste into something useful.

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