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Free food – our new adventure project

We’re getting prepared to rent out our house and head off for a year of bike-camping along the east coast of Australia, extending our knowledges of free food that we will forage, hunt and hopefully barter for along the way.

Photo: Dave Cauldwell

We’re loading our most essential tools onto just two bikes that we’ve recently had converted to electric to help haul on the hills, and we’re doing plenty of practice rides before we go.

Photo: Dave Cauldwell 

With successive GFCs looming, climate chaos and the end of cheap crude oil, Artist as Family want to take the gloom by the handlebars and extend our everyday art practice of resource generation and accountability into evermore ‘social warming’ opportunities. This new adventure will be a kind of biographical nomadism where we will share our experiences weekly (from mid-November), recording recipes, making ecological notes, airing our dirty laundry and generally performing our unique form of art based on our family’s idiosyncrasies and taste for permapoesis. At the end of our travels we will compile a book and possibly even stage an exhibition that will include videos, drawings, photos and writings we make along the way. We aim to show that it’s possible to live without being entirely dependent on the monetary economy, as we adapt to change and engage further with lean logic.


  1. Chris B says:

    I'm so excited for you!
    I look forward to your updates and stories.
    -Chris B.

  2. ronnie says:

    woo hooo (I'll leave the farm gate open…. come on in for a free feed!)

  3. Greg Foyster says:

    Bike touring is the best! My partner and I did a year long trip in 2012 from Hobart to Cairns. (Actually, I contacted you guys about doing an interview but it didn't end up happening – my fault for not organising it.)

    Please get in touch if you need any info about which roads are safe – or good camping spots.

    We'll also be on the road from Sept 19 to Nov 20 for a 'pedal-powered book tour' (see: Maybe we could meet somewhere? I'd love to learn more about food foraging. I'm pretty hopeless at it.

  4. SD says:

    So glad to see you guys are out testing our electric conversions – what a great set of photos. I'll be following your adventures vicariously guys!

    Sam from B.E.B.

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