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  1. thanks to all who have so far supported our pozible campaign. we're over 75% of the way…

  2. Anonymous says:

    good luck with it. xp

  3. John says:

    I heard you on 774 radio last Saturday and just wanted to wish you well on your trip

  4. Paul says:

    Well done on your adventure. Also it shows that people with young children can still do stuff. Many people think you can't even go camping with young kids. I have spare beds in Cheltenham but see you are going from Daylesford so that will probably be useless to you. I have meet many people on the road that get free accommodation so I reckon that will be not too hard.

    All the best and thank you for the inspirational story.


  5. thanks so much for your well wishes. we look forward to blogging along the way and sharing the trials and tribulations and the great food we find.

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