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Mapping our first leg

This is a rough map of our first leg. If you live somewhere along this route and would like to host us, barter with us, organise a meet and greet, put us up in your backyard or any other form of exchange we’d love to hear from you. We can garden, cook, fix things, teach foraging and a do range of other things in exchange for a camping spot, an occasional hot shower or recharging our bike batteries. Please contact us by email, Facebook, Twitter or leave a comment on our blog.


  1. ronnie says:

    ahhh I was getting ready to leave the gate open…. but you're taking the inland route I see…. if you end up on the princes hwy (you never know….) our place is down there (nearish) the vic border….

    (ps having cycled the roads around here I don't blame you for taking the less hilly route!!!!!)

    good luck and have fun

  2. thanks ronnie, we aim to come home via the south coast of nsw and along the victorian coast. it'll be our last leg, although we have no idea when that will be, poss mid to late 2014. we'd love to meet you…

  3. Guys, I had no idea.
    This is great, i'm pledging.
    Looking forward to your pdates.
    AND, I know is not working yet ( but will) if you use #wildfoodmap hashtag in your geolocated images we'll be able to follow your trail, one picture at the time, one specie at the time>>
    excellent stuff guys!!

  4. thanks diego, we will definitely do this. thanks for pledging too. we're almost there…

  5. Hi Guys, Me and my husband live in Wagga Wagga, you can most certainly camp with us, charge your batterys and go nuts with the hot showers! In exchange we will pick your brains about our veggie garden! What dates do you think you'll be in Wagga? Feel free to email me

  6. that's wonderful news sophie, sounds like a great barter. at a guess we'll probably be in wagga around the first or second week of december. we'll contact you closer to the time if that's ok?

  7. db says:

    hey guys!
    Dave is my name. My wife and our three young kids are based on the nsw central coast (erina heights) and would love to host you if you're heading this way.
    i'm early on in my permy journey so would love to spend some time chatting and showing you our little 1/2 acre urban(ish) farm in the making!
    i've dropped you an email.

  8. that's wonderful dave, look forward to meeting you all and sharing skills and knowledges.

  9. Zara says:

    If you were headed through Goulburn you would've been welcome to stop by.
    Best of luck with the journey.

  10. Meg says:

    Thanks so much Zara! We may indeed come through Goulburn and if we do, we would love to come visit and do some work in that vegie patch of yours as an exchange for a patch of grass to lay our tents and a spark to charge our bikes. xx

  11. Hi Patrick, Meg and Family,

    Imagine you are on the road as I type this and look forward to your arrival in the Southern Highalnds. Just give me a call and we'll make a time that suits for you to come and check out our cool climate community garden in Moss Vale. I love your 'food forest as art' project. We are currently starting to spill outside the gates of our community garden with nut groves and community food. Still building but enjoying the process of growing food and community spirit. Look forward to meeting you.



  12. Meg says:

    hi jill, we are in bundanoon and have visited the community garden here, which is abuzz with life. we should be in moss vale in the next few days, possibly arriving some time between the 20th-22nd. we'll give you a call when we're in town. we look forward to meeting you and the garden.

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