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Summer time harvesting, writing, communing

It’s been a time of great harvest, probably the best fruit season for a decade. All this food is free from a combination of street trees, neighbours and or our own garden.

It has been a time of writing, bringing our book together for a looming deadline.

A time of getting to know Maarten and Marlies and share skills in the garden as they spend a fortnight with us.

A time of preserving, stewing, fermenting and drying,

A time of making bread.

A time of making plum wine.

A time to work together.

A time to shovel shit. Thanks Mara!

A time to pull weeds. Thanks Ayumi, Maarten and Batiste!

A time to observe those more-than-human.

And a time to be photographed by Jay Town and written about by Rebekah Cavanagh.

Our first month home has been quite a time of adjustment. Although we are loving being back in our climate zone and among our community and all the free food of summer, we still miss life on the road. There is nothing quite like waking each morning and having nothing to think about except the day ahead.


  1. ronnie says:

    I LOVE that last piccie of you guys — but seriously – zero is turning into a total media tart…. he is totally upstaging you all at every photo op! (which is pretty hard to do) ….. that hound has real media appeal wot!

    ps thinking of you all and sending loads of sams creek lurve down your way xxxxxxxxx <==== (sams creek lurve)

  2. We wish Zero could handle the interviews too, but that would take a special kind of journo. Much love back in your direction Dear Ronnie, to you and the Sam's Creek mob.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog and wanted to say thanks for the amazing example you’re setting. I think what you’ve done seems beyond most of us, but I can certainly appreciate the desire not to waste a skerrick of the harvest (the top picture reminds me of my kitchen for most of the last month!), and it’s amazing how many people are keen to share vegetables and fruit trees and where to pick wild berries when they know you will create something good with them…

  4. Hey there Beck, thanks for the skyward thumbs. Food really is a significant life-force not just for our bodies but for our relationships, and by the look and feel of your blog you are interested in examining this too. Food has so much pleasure to bring to the world, but sadly it so often becomes a thing of environmental or social damage. If our pleasure comes at the expense of others and their environments then who are we as a people? Pursuing this question seems like the right thing for us to do at the moment. But we take heart that most human cultures for most of the three million years we've lived on the planet have got the mix of food, pleasure and accountability right. Just because we have strayed from this over the past 60 years, and that things are getting progressively worse, this doesn't mean the models for change aren't there. The past is the future, in terms of food, and we radical homemakers are attempting to reinstate the lost food knowledges our ancestors once had…
    Much respect,

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