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More on walked-for food

This is today’s lunch table after the foraging walk and before we all hoed in. 

Come join Artist as Family for Saturday lunch (by donation) or both the foraging workshop and lunch ($45 pp). Can you guess the mystery dish? Free lunch for the first person to correctly guess two of the ingredients in this spread.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Tahini and miso? Annshar <3 Can't wait to come along when time permits!

  2. Permapoesis says:

    That's brilliant Annshar! Consider yourself correct. We look forward to hosting you.

  3. Kate says:

    Great photo!! Looks amazing and delicious. xx

  4. Hendrik says:

    Hi how do I join the lunch? I sent email just now. Plz. reply.

  5. Permapoesis says:

    Hello Hendrik, hello! We do the lunches every Saturday. We have said they are $15 pp, however we feel it more in the spirit they be by donation. We're still feeling our way with this.

    Patrick remembers the conversation with you about food swaps back in Brunswick in 2013. We generally do them through the warmer months, although we are building a fully public display stand at the most central community garden in Daylesford for free food and food seeds to be swapped, exchanged, taken and gifted on a permanent basis.

  6. Permapoesis says:

    Meant to add that you can book here, or call/text on 0418523308. Cheers!

  7. Permapoesis says:

    Thanks Kate, we're hoping to come out and harvest some bulrush tomorrow. Is that OK? xx

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