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Beginning our slow descent south (Blackheath to Gerroa)

We loved visiting the Blue Mountains again, giving book events,

taking foraging workshops in Blackheath,

visiting next-gen food producers Erika and Hayden,

bumping into and then staying with an old school friend, Zoe and her family,

visiting dear poet friends Pete and Kate and their kids Ruby and Felix,

housesitting for 10 days, taking many a bush walk, contemplating life,

and having time to consider what being human means.

Restored by the mountains we zoomed back down to Sydney to house sit again, finding a very rare strip of safe bicycling bitumen in Centennial Park.

We skipped on Christmas, but Boxing Day’d it with fam at Bronte.

Took a roll or two at Bondi,

and jumped a train to Moss Vale, again smuggling onboard the only family member disallowed by the transport authority.

We gathered up cherry plums on leaving Moss Vale,

flew down the escarpment with steaming breaks and faced down a bull in Kangaroo Valley,

where we were invited to stay at this wonderful permaculture farm,

with Peter and Vasuda.

After taking an edible weed workshop on the farm and after a fun, shooting-star kind of New Year’s Eve with Peter, Vasuda, Zoe and her friends Andy and Paddy, we climbed up Bellawongarah,

where we spotted great swathes of Ginger lily (Hedychium gardnerianum), a non-edible garden escapee from the Himalayas that is apparently part of the lung cancer solution.

We rocketed down the mount to Berry and spoke at the local bookshop,

before setting up camp a few kms out of town on Broughton Creek.

We’ve been on the road for over two months now and most days have been fairly sweet, but on leaving Berry for the coast…

At the end of the day we came and stayed with Claire Wilson and her bike polo friends in Gerroa. Claire is a Warm Showers host, writer and gardener who lives without a car, and she offered the perfect antidote to our first day on South Coast roads.

We’re off to Nowra today to speak at DeanSwift Books at 3pm. If you’re in the neighbourhood, please come and say hello.

Thanks for joining us here again, Dear Reader. We hope that wherever you are, your soils are moist, your food is freshly-picked and your legs are feeling strong up the hills.


  1. ronnie says:

    "You be careful out among them English."


  2. David J says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. David J says:

    That looked like the ideal family holiday, till I saw the video. Sadly, its not unbelievable that drivers act so indignant towards us. The NSW government appears to be doing all it can to discourage cycling and the vilification of cyclists.
    Take care out there. Thanks for the inspiring stories and for making it real.

  4. David J says:

    Erratum… They '…encourage, the vilification of cyclists'

  5. We couldn't agree more David, a mass movement of cyclists in Melbourne has actually created more room for cars. Cyclists do not put heavy metals and a cocktail of toxic chemicals in the rivers, creeks and oceans, they do not damage the surface of the road, they do not mass murder wildlife, they do not run over fellow humans, they do not emit greenhouse gases… Only a thug mentality would try to discourage cyclists. It is unbelievable, it's like NSW is being run by the Daily Telegraph — the most hateful newspaper in Australia.

  6. Unknown says:

    Finally had a brief biography dedicated to a web-page:

  7. Unknown says:

    I'm interested in when you'll be presenting in Bairnsdale (or closer to Melbourne). Please advise when you know! Cheerio. Kim

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