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Replacing growth with belonging economies

Last year we were invited to contribute a chapter to the forthcoming book, Food for Degrowth: Perspectives and Practices, to be published by Routledge later this year. Although, let’s not count on anything like that occurring.

We called our chapter, ‘Replacing growth with belonging economies: a neopeasant response’. We completed it in November.

Due to the times we’re living we offer it here as a film. It’s our most significant collaborative writing project since our book, The Art of Free Travel. (If you’re a subscriber and reading this in your inbox, you won’t see the below video, so here’s a link to it).

Replacing growth with belonging economies 
Lived, written and spoken by Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman
Text editing by Anitra Nelson and Ferne Edwards
Sound by Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman (assisted by Jordan Osmond)
Video editing and seven drawings by Patrick Jones (the second, third and fourth are in collaboration with David Holmgren)
Photographs and footage by Artist as Family, David Jablonka, Nina Sahraoui, Mara Ripani, Michelle Dunn, Thomas Dorleans, Michal Krawczyk, Giulia Lepori, Nicholas Walton-Healey, Ponch Hawkes, Gab Connole, Zac Imhoof, Anthony Petrucci, Jordan Osmond, Jason Workman, Ian Robertson and David Holmgren
Soundtrack: A place of simple feeding – a poem-recipe by Patrick Jones, arranged and performed by Anthony Petrucci
Gift Ecology Films
Shared under a creative commons license/non-commercial
an Artist as Family home production
Please let us know about your own transition from hypertechnocivility


  1. Derek says:

    Do you have the text available as stand alone? I love the video, but would love to read this over and over again.

  2. I have listened to this twice. It's beautiful and full of truth.

    My husband has recently lost his job due to Covid 19. It's a worry but we are using this time as a gift. A gift to be together with our children and home educate them together, start to establish vegetable gardens on our farm which we bought a little more then a year ago, to lean more deeply into our values of using whats on hand, upcycling and reusing materials whilst we finish fitting out the interior of our yurt. Him being home allows me to rest a little more with our 6 week old baby.

    We hope to use this time we have here to create something that once all of this is over, we can open our home to our community and invite them in too.


  3. Thanks Derek, sorry this took some time. We've put it up here to read:
    All the best, AaF

  4. Thanks for sharing a little of your current story, Emma! What a gift this time is to reimagine our futures and working towards a more wonderful world.

  5. Barry says:

    Thank youyou sharing your insights and experiences. I found myself making notes that I know I will return to. Wishing you all much health

  6. Derek says:

    Hi! The link didn't work 🙁 It actually took me to my own Google Drive.

  7. Thanks Barry, wishing you much health too.

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