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Humanure compost workshop

A 30 minute how-to workshop on converting the unspeakable into pure gold.


  1. Peter Gumley says:

    Thank you for this most informative video. We are located on a 7.5acre rainforest valley property near Mullumbimby, NSW. Most of the trees here are evergreen. There is a small plantation of mature slash pines. Are pine needles OK as a source of dry carbon for humanure composting? We can supplement this with hay and saw dust/chips from the local saw mill and we have lots of comfrey in various locations. Cheers, Peter G.

    1. Hello Peter,
      thanks for your question. It really depends on your garden soil’s existing pH. Perhaps just use a small amount of pine needles (max 10%) with those other sources you mention. If you want to extend the pine needle percentage, however, because they are on hand (which makes sense) look for an alkaline carbon source. For us, down here deciduous oak leaves are that alkaline carbon source. A local market gardener uses 1 part coffee grinds (acidic nitrogen source) with 25 parts oak leaves (alkaline carbon source) as his yearly potting mix. Both sources go through his shredder to blend together in winter, leaving it to rapidly compost and break down, ready for spring.
      Hope this is useful. Peeps at the Mullum Community Garden might aid you better on this, as this is your local knowledge trust.
      Love and solidarity,

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