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We took Martha Postlethwaite’s poem, Clearing, added some instruments and arranged it into song. Thanks Martha, and thanks Nana Jones for sending this poem through to us. This song is the first of a series we’ll make on the road over the next twel…


  1. Mikael V says:

    Beautiful! You three rock! I’m loving reading about and seeing photos of your journey so far.
    Mikael from Canada

  2. alison says:

    So beautiful and full of hope! xxx

  3. M says:

    Fantastic and fabulously uplifting. Enjoying sharing your travels with you. Safely onwards.

  4. Annabella Bray says:

    😍😍😍 Beautiful! And so good to be travelling the back roads of Victoria with you. I was meant to be house sitting there this month but circs have intervened. I did a similar bike trip around Tassie many moons ago, best of luck for the way forward 🙏

  5. petrus says:

    on a cold and misty day in daylesford your video brought sunshine in my and i am sure many other’s lives. thank you

  6. Helen says:

    Living and loving life. Open and free. Brilliant.

  7. Micaela says:

    Sorry if you mentioned that already, but how are you keeping e-devices charged etc, do you use a dynamo charger of some sort?

    thanks for all you do!! sending love from asturias, spain

    1. Hello Micaela, we’re currently in lockdown on the coast in a sweet little beach shack which has power. When we set off again we will use our powerpack to recharge devices and recharge it whenever we can.

      1. Micaela says:

        thank you for the reply! enjoy the sea!

  8. Kate Hansen says:

    This brighten my day, thank you.

  9. jo says:

    Love it! xx

  10. Hans Johansen says:

    Yes, when we allow peace in our self, we also give space to others to grow and the planet/mother earth to grow without interference.

    Such a great title with many meanings, thank you.

  11. Nikki Marshall says:

    Such a magic poem put to music and illustrated by your bikes rolling through the countryside. Loved it. Thinking of you, missing you, delighting in your adventurous spirit, and trusting you’re finding ways to keep warm and dry in this wettest of winters. Much love, as always, and look forward to your next missive,
    Nikki Xx

  12. "PermaGrannie" says:

    So beautiful, and so true.

  13. "PermaGrannie" says:

    So true.

  14. Elanor says:


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