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Jab the kids (a neopeasant remix)

In this video we’re joining our buddies in the Australian arts fraternity, including the extraordinary Virginia Gay and Tim Minchin, to call out vaccine hesitancy and put an end to alternative voices in the Australian arts industry. Come on Austra…


  1. B says:

    My new favourite song : )

  2. moth says:

    Congratulations on being youtube inappropriate! Keep up the good work!

    1. We just got notified from YouTube that they reviewed our video and reinstated it. In our appeal we asked them how satire could be ‘medical misinformation’.

    2. Johnny says:

      Great work mate.
      I am neither pro nor anti vaxx.
      However, I strongly believe our body is our rights to get what goes into it.
      Now I suspect the vaccines are causing ADE worldwide. And the main stream media are censoring. What will this world become when voices are silenced to suit political and business agenda.

      Thank you for making this music video.

      1. Thanks Johnny, we are neither pro- or anti-vaxx too, and wished our culture hadn’t stepped into this binary trap, which is polarising debate and harming democracy.

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