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Anthropogenic pandemic – how to trust ‘the science’

In this piece we compile a number of sources who speak on the growing evidence for the lab leak theory and why we are championing the term anthropogenic pandemic.

Below are the links to the media we draw upon in this video, in order of appearance…


  1. Joshua S says:

    Gratitude for compiling this video. I write with a deep appreciation for the time, energy and resilience it takes to wade through and consider censored and fringed narratives and, ironically to quote scientist Carl Sagan, ‘hold a candle in the dark’ during a time of fearful oppressive global industrial scientism.

    Wishing you all safe, fun and fortuitous travels and I’m hugely looking forward to reading future blog entries, listening to your music and watching the livingness of your unfolding journey.


    1. Big thanks Josh! And much love xx

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