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Early homecoming (Gunditjmara to Djaara country in a flash)

With much regret we abandoned our pilgrimage in this little corner

of the River Vu camping ground,

in the southwest corner of the colonial-corporate state of Victoria, in Gunditjmara peoples’ country.

We had made our last video on the road.

Our friends Nikki and Petrus so generously picked us up in Nikki’s ute and we headed home to Djaara mother country with mixed feelings after four months on the road. Our reason for returning home into the hearth of community were twofold. Woody missing his friends was a growing, gnawing issue. But the main reason for our return is the growing threat we face from corporatised government towards non-compliers who are speaking out. Living in a tent increasingly locked out of places where we could obtain food makes us vulnerable, and we’re beginning to appreciate more acutely how life for Indigenous Australians has been for generations. The permission been given to people to be discriminatory has radically worsened through aggressive media campaigns and editorials like this, and we have lost trust in the rule of law to protect people like us from state and other kinds of harm. In the transition from pilgrimage to home coming we made this video, How do we solve a problem like the unvaccinated?

We have returned to so much community generosity and love. We stayed with Nikki for a few days and with friends Sandipa and Sambodhi on their beautiful farm near Lalgambook. Then we packed up our panniers for the last time and rode to our new home.

We have friends living in our home at Tree Elbow for the year, so we’ve rented this little cottage. Thanks to so many people for rallying to find us a home especially Gordon, Kerry, Per, Connor, Pauli and Deanne. This is home for the next eight months.

First things first, get some spuds and toms in the ground,

head to Melbourne to join 100,000 others protesting the new pandemic bill,

begin to make a home (thanks Annie-Mai for the flowers from your garden),

and continue to produce videos that demonstrates the thinking of independent analysis not bought out by big pharma or silenced by government:

Now we are home we will continue to do what we have always done: ask questions, work towards dismantling unjustness and live our lives alongside others who honour the sacredness of the earth. As our hero Vandana Shiva says, ‘We cannot continue on an ecologically destructive path that deepens extractivism, colonialism, patriarchy and inequality, while allowing for corporate expansion and control.’ We all know in our hearts how we want to live: in ways that are respectful of the earth and one another as sovereign beings in all our wondrous diversity.


  1. Em, Jess and Finn says:

    Saddened to hear that part of your journey has ended, solid reasons though we have wondered how you would fair. Next time we are over your way will drop off some seedlings

    1. Kathryn Pegiel says:

      Sorry to hear it didn’t work out like you planned. But keep fighting the system.

      1. We’re going to love the system to death, Kathryn.

    2. We’d love that Emily, Jess and Finn xx

  2. Darren Adams says:

    Thankyou so much for your Beautiful story over the last 4 months & your stories before your trip.
    You are all beautiful earth caring beings that fill the world with Love!!
    Love your spirit & I feel the love, your souls create.
    Love from Darren & Jen

    1. Thanks for coming on the journey, Darren and Jen. Much love from this hearth of community to yours.

  3. Melissa Pickering says:

    All the best resettling back home. Thank you for the two videos. I look forward to watching more. It is always great to have Australian voices added to the mix. Can we share these videos with friends and family?

    1. Hello Mel, lovely to hear from you. Please feel free to share anything of ours. Our work is part of a commons, there is no paywall, and it is made with love.

  4. Herman Roelofs says:

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Dianne says:

    Challenging circumstances.
    Difficult decision.
    But well done for making it through 4 months. Enjoy your cabin.
    Enjoy your friends, Woody.

    1. Thanks Dianne. Woody has loved reconnecting with mates. xx

      1. Hans says:

        Welcome home, you are an inspiration.
        I commend you on caring for the welbeing of all humanity – despite so many are numed by mass media narrow aganda and struggle to see beyond the noise.

  6. Lesley Wills says:

    I feel for you, as John Lennon once said life happens when are busy making other plans. Your non attachment to this outcome can and will allow your energy to be present in the coming months with your new unfolding adventure. We live in strange times but your blogs and posts give me a sense of our Earth community and that energy sustains me in times of what the F#*k is going on. Once again thank you for you posts

    1. Thanks Lesley, so true.

  7. Lesley Wills says: You may not of seen this

  8. Eka Eiff says:

    How do we solve a problem like the unvaccinated?
    Very easy, just like how we solved a problem like the queue jumpers. We find an offshore solution, to protect our way of live and keep Australians safe.

    1. M. Lynn Moss says:

      The Gov’t specializes in the message that we need it. Question it

    2. Yes, it is becoming as appalling as that Eka.

  9. "PermaGrannie" says:

    Best wishes to you all. Always so happy to see your smiling faces and inspirational posts.

  10. Mikael V says:

    Congratulations on making it to the four month point! It was quite an adventure, and although it has ended early, you have many special memories and new friends to treasure from the experience. I look forward to seeing how your stories unfold in your new temporary home.

    1. Thanks Mikael, thanks for joining us on the journey so far.

  11. Joani says:

    I am totally amazed and inspired by your choices. Thankyou for sharing your lives with us all. The new earth unfolding before our eyes.

    1. Thanks Joani, and the old earth watching, listening, bemused by another wave of human idiocy and anthropocentric conceit.

  12. Nik says:

    Thanks for the video about vaccines / govt / media links, very informative. And sorry to hear that you had to change your plans for your trip.
    I got vaxxed and now regret it due to adverse reaction.

  13. Nicole Glover says:

    Wonderful to hear more about your journey thus far and really looking forward to following along, as you make your temporary home a place of abundance. It sure is challenging out in the wide world at present. Enjoy your new space 😊

  14. Paula Bogard says:

    I am in ‘awe’ of your adventurousness and pursuit of all that is good and true.

    Most of what you do and say is truly inspirational and progressive. You are conservationists, environmentalists and organists that have the best intentions to preserve our earth and galaxy, as well as improve our daily lives, mind and spirit.

    However, during these times when humans have disregarded and blatantly insulted our natural human progression of evolution and self sustainableness, we must embraces modern day medicine and scientific thought in order to continue our mission as a pure existence.

    Let’s all get vaccinated to save the lives of our children, parents, grandparents, community and country.

    However, spread the word that we will not stop in our pursuit to ensure a free from government, free from pesticides, free from those who dictate how we live our lives.

    We must live and continue on to ensure future generations live on to spread the word. However, we will not live in this human and animal abusing life and world unless we are vaccinated against the virus.

    Continue to believe in the life and world others choose not to follow, but in order to do see we have to be vaccinated against this virus.

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