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Can we trust the ABC and the FDA?

Hello and welcome to our 8th video in 8 weeks. Yes, we have a gazillion other things we could be doing with our time, but due to an acute lack of alternative voices and critique, here we are, with our cultural commentator hats on, spending hours and hours every week reading scientific papers, newspaper articles and reports, making videos detailing our findings.

In our latest video we examine two public institutions, the ABC in Australia and the FDA in the US, and ask the question: have we become so desensitised as a society that we no longer see conflicts of interest in plain sight?

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We wish you a happy solstice and holiday season, and look forward to bringing you more in the new year.

With love and thanks for your ongoing support,
Meg, Patrick, Woody and Zero

Omicron, fundamentalist politics & internment camps in the Australian Covid story compost

Well, it’s more ups and downs from the illness isle, Australia. In our latest video offering we foreground positive responses and expose political fundamentalism, we sing along with a well meaning choir and we offer, yet again, a completely alternative microbiome narrative to the unfolding police state dystopia that is Victoria.

References (in order of appearance):
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We hope this offering adds to your personal Covid compost and helps enable more nuanced conversations, which are the antidote to propaganda, shame-labelling and division. Signing off with love, Artist as Family.