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Who is really part of the anti-mandate movement?

In our latest ‘what-the-hell-is-going-on’ video we dive deep into the mysterious waters lapping outside the official media tent to reveal a parallel universe of thought and intention. The Age newspaper and the broader mainstream media ensemble want us to believe these protests have a hidden, sinister agenda. Maybe they do, but we haven’t seen any evidence of it. If you haven’t been at the protests yourself and want to hear a view from the other side of the discussion, from people who were actually there, we invite you to watch our latest offering.

If you were inspired by the Freedom Keeper who spoke towards the end of the video, here is their website. They have been cancelled from Instagram for telling a different story of wellbeing during Covid. Would you trust a community group working towards community health or Mark Zuckerberg (Instagram owner with a wide array of conflicts of interest)?

And here are some broader questions we have for you in this present moment: What’s going on with political languaging and shame-labelling in Australia right now? Will the othering movement help create the sort of civil unrest that’s occurring in America? Will it help heal the wounds of polarised communities and families? Who is part of the diverse protest movement that the mainstream media don’t want you to know about? Every protest we’ve ever been to has been intentionally misinterpreted by the media be it S11, anti-fracking blockades, climate change rallies, you name it. Each time we see the media reporting on the protests (ranging from the ABC to the fully corporatised press) the same thing occurs: they do everything they can can to discredit the people coming together from all walks of life to label us all as one thing. We say, this is happening once again in these protests.

Please feel free to share your views in the comments.

We hope this post finds you in goodly spirits and in good health, and that wherever you sit within the politics of Covid, you can still hear your neighbour’s perspective and respect their difference.

With much love,

Artist as Family


  1. Anne says:

    Thank you so much for this. Exactly the same is going on here in Belgium. In the media they only point out that there were 20 people taking place in vandalism after the march, not mentioning that 70.000 other completely non violent people showed up. Far right to far left walking alongside eachother in peace in what was marked as an a-political march where everyone was welcome. And indeed much more minorities: families, medical staff, elderly people (and worried grandparents), permaculturists, vaccinated and non-vaccinated…
    Thank you for bringing into words what I have also been feeling from across the world!

    1. Thank you Anne, we’re so sorry to hear that about Belgium. Everyone who has actually gone to these protests has witnessed exactly what you describe. Sending much love and solidarity to you in these dark days.

      1. Kathryn Pegiel says:

        Thank you so much for your insightful videos we need people like you.

  2. Lisa says:

    You are heros!! Thank you so much for doing this important work.

    Greetings from the south east of Germany, where things are heating up, especially in the media, but fortunately I have never seen such signs here where I live… Things are not so funny right now, hospitals are full, esp. ICUs, patients are being flown to other parts of the country… but the reason for this is scandalous mismanagement by the politicians: over the last 12 months we have lost THOUSANDS of ICUs, cause countless health care workers quit their jobs due to bad working conditions AND hospitals have to work in a profit oriented way, so in the “biggest health care crisis since world war II”, instead of trying to improve the health care system and pay and treat the health care workers well, they let things go down the drain… but guess who is the scapegoat??
    There would be many more things to say, but unfortunately my English is limited 😉
    Thank you again for showing us your perspective!

    1. Thanks Lisa for sharing a little of what’s occurring in Germany. We are so pleased to hear that graffiti like that is rare, at least for now. Here is the author that posted these pics from Germany:

  3. Kirti says:

    Thank you, you SUPERSTARS!!! 💕 💕

    1. Hello Kirti, thanks for your warmth. Much love back at ya.

  4. Lynn Moss says:

    I’m in Michigan, Dow Country, still using FB to post ideas of kindness, love, forgiveness, home cooking, anti corporatism, grow some veg in your yard, etc… How do I post your vlogs?

    1. Thanks Lynn! Home cooking and anti-corporatism! Yay, beautiful!! Radical homemaking all the way!! You can find our videos on Commonstube ( and YouTube (

  5. Barb alle says:

    That was wonderful! Thank you so much! I actually watched it twice and it choked me up both times! I so appreciate what you are doing… you speak to my soul.

    1. Barb Allen says:

      May I post this piece and the video on my blog?

      1. Yes, you can absolutely post it on your blog.

  6. El says:

    Thanks for continuing to speak up, out and onward. It makes a huge difference in the world and in ordinary lives like ours. We are in Melb, your videos got us through last years lockdowns and your brave public call for unity is helping us mentally handle these mandates and direction that society is taking. It is good to know that we’re not alone in seeing what is going on here and how concerned people are being unfairly and incorrectly represented in the media and lambasted by the public. Every voice counts and yours has the weight of integrity behind it that makes it even more impactful. Thank you 🙏

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