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Can we trust the ABC and the FDA?

Hello and welcome to our 8th video in 8 weeks. Yes, we have a gazillion other things we could be doing with our time, but due to an acute lack of alternative voices and critique, here we are, with our cultural commentator hats on, spending hours and hours every week reading scientific papers, newspaper articles and reports, making videos detailing our findings.

In our latest video we examine two public institutions, the ABC in Australia and the FDA in the US, and ask the question: have we become so desensitised as a society that we no longer see conflicts of interest in plain sight?

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We wish you a happy solstice and holiday season, and look forward to bringing you more in the new year.

With love and thanks for your ongoing support,
Meg, Patrick, Woody and Zero


  1. Lynn Moss says:

    I am in the US and forwarding this information onto others. If I have learned anything in recent years, it is that people may be exposed to proven scientific data, yet if it deeply conflicts with what they believe to be true, they will likely turn away in anger and denial. What to do but protect oneself and keep loving. Thank you Family. I hope you are making joyous discoveries in your new digs. Much love, Lynn

    1. Thank you Lynn, we appreciate your warmth.
      Yes, we cannot under-estimate crowd psychology and Stockholm syndrome as being major drivers of mass psychosis in this pandemic. Understanding this helps reduce the harshness of personal attacks and the turnings away. Love abounds and so too new discoveries. Safety fourth and love first. AaF xx

  2. Eka says:

    Thank you 2 for making time for this, so much appreciated. Hope there is still time left for the spuds 🥔 & the tomatoes 🍅, much love 🤗

    1. Thanks Eka, yes morning reflections and tendings on all things spuds, toms, sheep, goats, friends, children, neighbours and goodly nourishment. Hope you are having shiny days with loved ones and goodly food. Much love, AaF xx

  3. El says:

    Thanks for all the work you continue to put into making these valuable videos.

    1. Kathryn says:

      Thanks for your latest video have you checked out the work of prof Mattias Desmet and in particular mass formation. It very insightful and explains a lot about our current situation.
      Sincerely Kathryn

      1. Thanks so much Kathryn. Yes we are across Desmet’s work and find it very insightful. We were just wondering the other day what people on the other side of the argument might think when they heard Desmet talk about Mass Formation. Would they think ‘oh that’s why I’m behaving like I am?’ or might they think ‘oh that’s what’s happened to my friends/family who have chosen to be jab free’? While we found Desmet’s work helpful, we hope it doesn’t entrench binaries. We like Eisenstein’s most recent questions: “How can I speak out against practices that horrify me without othering those who support those practices? How can I affirm the sanity of the countercultural minority who see things as I do, without implying the insanity of those who do not?” Sending much love to you and your family for a peaceful holiday season, Meg and Patrick x

        1. N says:

          I’m really with you on this “While we found Desmet’s work helpful, we hope it doesn’t entrench binaries.”

          It’s interesting to watch the way some are criticising the fear mongering of the Covid response, whilst whipping up a lot of fear themselves. Complaining that the media is driven by anger clicks and without irony leaning into the rage bait themselves.

          We all have to be so careful to watch ourselves as we interact with in virtual space. So much more nebulous than observing and interacting with the tangible world. I’m not sure many of us (myself included) are really up for the task.

          If you ever want to write about how your family is living with your community sufficiency in the rental I’ll be very interested. We’ve recently bought a 600m2 urban small town home and just slowly setting up one system after another. Would love to see how a family with so much permaculture experience starts from scratch.

          Nga Mihi from Ōtaki in Aotearoa

          1. Yes, thank you for bringing that point here. The tangible is certainly where it’s at. We have thought about doing such a post – shitting in a bucket, only turning on the hot water for 20 hrs a fortnight, farming without land, hunting ferals, non-monetary and organised gift food exchange, and the rest of it. But as dissidents we realised that’s probably foolish right now as we don’t want to get Gaddafied, to call on Tyson Yunkaporta.

  4. Bev Courtney says:

    Thank you both for these wonderful videos. The truth needs to get out there.

    1. Thank you Bev, glad you find these offerings useful.

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