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AFP fact-check shows Pfizer jab more harm than good

Boy oh boy are we living in interesting times!

This week we examine an Agence France-Presse fact-check that explicitly attacks the Canadian Covid Care Alliance’s video we featured last week, More harm than good? Level 1 evidence against Pfizer, which was taken down from our YouTube channel. Despite the attempts to silence this argument, and considering the attacks on the CCCA have been furious and unrelenting, we still haven’t heard a strong argument to refute it. This morning we uploaded our new video to Youtube as unlisted (meaning it was live, but not yet public), but before we had a chance to set it to public, it was taken down. This is a serious attack on free speech and the right to debate. Is it possible to have informed consent when only one side of the conversation is allowed?

We have noticed that while the numbers of subscribers have been growing on our YouTube channel our video’s views have been going down each week, as we continue to dive deeper into the story the official gatekeepers don’t want us to know. YouTube, like other Big Tech platforms, shadow ban undesirable content – hiding it from being seen – as well as outright censoring and de-platforming channels. They are effectively squeezing us out from having a voice, which is giving us even more focus to contribute to a bully-free internet that understands science and culture are debate-able things and the health of these things depends on such debate. In response we opened our Odysee account.

Google, who owns YouTube, were part of the censoring regime that canceled the Great Barrington Declaration. Google, other Big Tech platforms and Legacy Media, worked with key American health officials to shut it down last year. The very same officials Australian governments and health officials borrow from in forming their Covid policy. This piece reveals yet another level of corruption at the very top of the American health establishment. A year ago, if you did a search for the Great Barrington Declaration, Google would not show it. It purposely hid it from view. There is growing speculation, as the official American story falls apart, how many lives were unnecessarily lost because of such censorship of experts around the world calling for focussed protection and early treatment. The same censorship occurred regarding the lab leak hypothesis, which looks to be the most likely origin story of the pandemic, and which so problematically places science, or at least scientists who pursue the tragic building of the Tower of Babel, as the culprits not the saviours.

In our latest video we scrutinise the Agence France-Presse (AFP) fact-check and find… well, watch for yourself and see what you think. Is the fact-check an example of good faith journalism, propaganda or somewhere in the middle? We look forward to your comments and engagement.

Here are the references (in order of appearance). Please note, we only quote a reference the first time it is used in the video.

Signing off from here for now – it’s time for some kayak fishing at the lake!


  1. Andy Gracie. says:

    its ironic that your video was pulled yet i found it here,

    by the way please stay safe an keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Andy, they obviously haven’t found that version yet. Ours is a slightly different video. We present the CCCA work with an intro and outro, which you can find here on this website in our video section.

  2. Mel says:

    You two are amazing. That was such a thorough deep-dive into the AFP attempt at journalism. The amount of wilful denial happening within our media is causing me more and more anger, especially as these child innoculations begin. The lack of critical thinking in our society is thoroughly depressing. Keep up your impressive work. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Mel, the great majority of ‘fact-checks’ are bs like the AFP one. But we can’t sustain this work indefinitely, even though the bs is endless. We’ll need to go to ground at some point and hopefully others will poke their heads up.

  3. Helen Riek says:

    Thanks for the great info and research. Here is Ann article I found which is pretty Damning evidence linking vaccine batches to severe events using the VAERS data. Found at bit chute. Com under heading Craig Paardekooper Deployment of Toxic Batches. bit It is a brilliant analysis. Cheers Helen

    1. Helen Riek says: Craig Paardekooper Deployment of Toxic Batches

    2. Thanks Helen, we’ll check it out!

  4. White Witch says:

    Awesome. Keep up the good work. We all need to know the truth, no matter how hard that is to face. Blessed be.

    1. Thanks so much, WW. Yes, so many folk now understanding there are numerous and safer options for prevention and early treatment.

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