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The shadow world of Jab the kids (six months on)

In this week’s video we tell the origin story of our provocative rap-opera, Jab the kids, six months on. When we first published it this video-song received a tremendous reception – everywhere along the spectrum of human emotions, from outrage to praise. So with all that has passed since, with more vaccinated people being infected with Omicron (as is attested by the countries who actually release these figures),

where are we now? These mandated inoculants have eroded civil, democratic and human rights. They have attacked peoples’ sovereignty. The engineered virus, its shapeshifting variants, and the novel inoculants that have attempted to control them are emotionally and biologically fatiguing the world. Why are governments still on an unstoppable one-way, ‘stick to one message’ track to jab the kids? Is it just ideological bloody-mindedness or is it more nefarious? While it’s been decades of manipulation to gear people up, especially children, for ever-increasing numbers of vaccines, should we really accept this next-level colonisation of our human terra, our sovereign bodies? Children (under 18), as you can see in the graph above, have 100% more chance of contracting Covid if they are vaccinated, and yet children’s survival rate is even higher than your average adult, which is ridiculously high. So what is the gain? Welcome to the shadow world of Jab the kids.

You can download the MP3 version of the song here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our offering this week.

Sending love to you all,
Artist as Family



  1. Feral farmer says:

    Thank you for your courage in speaking truth in this time of division and controversy. I have never commented on a blog before. I spend very little time engaging online. Your story touched me and I feel compelled to let you know that your contribution to this debate is greatly valued. I appreciate your bravery and determination to provide an alternative voice.

    The vaccine debate has become so politicised. I would feel very alone in my views if not your fearlessness in challenging the mainstream narrative. I am a traditionally left wing, progressive voter and I feel completely ostracised from the community I thought I belonged to.

    Thank you for challenging the dominant paradigm. You are loved. You are valued. You are doing great work.

    You have my sincere and eternal gratitude.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for your warm comment, Feral Farmer! Yes, we are/were left too, but do not know what that really means anymore. The great political changeover has taken place, which we are going to examine in a video shortly to try to understand it further. Thank you for making your comment public and for its affirmation.

    2. Alistair says:

      I’ve watched all your videos
      Thanks so much for your hard work

  2. Nonie Kirkpatrick says:

    That is great work, keep it up and thank you!

  3. Miles says:

    I must echo the statement in thanking you both for your bravery and honesty.
    The depth at which “news speak” has been fused into people’s minds, is seen in the verbatim repetition of the same phrases and ideas. Thought seems to have been replaced with automatic reactions that rise from the pre primed emotional turmoil that the news and government lunacy has created.

    Humour is a wonderous cure to all this bullshit 🙂

    1. Thanks Miles, yes, the parroting of news speak is one of the most troubling aspects of this present moment. Thanks for your support!

  4. Sebastian says:

    Thank you for your work. There are several agendas at work here and none of them is a good one for us the laymen.
    I would argue that population reduction and control are what they are looking for with these mandates and jabs, but the real issue here is that the elites know it is game over on the economic/financial front. Pension funds are done, central banks have no room to maneuver and governments have to default on their debts. Therefore, the guys high up need to keep the peasants quiet.
    I guess we are in for a tough ride, and in the months to come, revolts, uprisings, crashes and worst of all, international and domestic wars will erupt everywhere. Some analysts predict a harsh environment until 2032, but the globalists will not prevail and the future is quite different from what world leaders envision today.

    1. Thanks Sebastian, yes US psyops and the world’s behavioural insight teams will continue to work the room, continue to capture global bourgeois kidults who desperately seek (white male) paternalism, in the form of Big Pharma and authoritarian governments, to save them. We are all in for a rough ride, but we’re buoyed by a growing movement of resistance. People know they have been duped, and they are starting to do the work many of us have been doing from the beginning – wading through the legacy media, social media and conspiracy theories, turfing out all the bs, and gaining insights along the way.

  5. Annabella Bray says:

    The video brought much needed tears which are healing in themselves. I so appreciate your work, Artist as Family 💕 And the wonderful comments have brought uplifting connection, so good to know you are all out there!

    1. Thanks Annabella, there are more of us that the legacy media would have people believe. The 50-60% who feel coerced, lied to and manipulated will come out in ever greater numbers.

  6. Al says:

    Thankyou for your wise words and insights. The song and video aged well. At least the whole of the internet hasn’t been censored yet.
    Governments scoring political points off their treatment and demonising of asylum seekers isn’t too shocking unfortunately but a star tennis player was quite surprising.

    1. Thanks Al, the tennis player story alarmingly signals what’s more to come in 2022. If fully vaccinated people brought omicron to Australia and spread it through bars and hotels (where only vaccinated people can go) in late 2021, and if the gov persists with banning a tennis star based on ideological, not health, grounds then the war on our bodies will continue forth into 2022. The vaccines have been a colossal failure, they have injured, killed and caused immune fatigue. These things alone is what is fuelling vaccine skepticism, not a sports star who is already across the bs.

      1. Al says:

        Have you guys seen the video by Dr John Campbell – Great News from Africa. With the Doctor from Uganda and his take on herd immunity and natural immunity due to children being outside and playing in the dirt and in non sterile type environments. Plus alot of other very interesting information. He was quoted as saying ‘Omicron is the vaccine we failed to create’

  7. White Witch says:

    Thanks once again. Love this song. I sing it around the house. There is a lot of information also on brandnewtube. Blessed be.

  8. Helen Riek says:

    Thankyou so much for your work. These dramatic results from UK study clearly show unvaxed have greater protection against virus infection growth rate than all vaxed status groups(number of vaccinations) over all age groups. I hope these results will convince many parents to resist the pressure to vaccinate their children with this highly questionable experimental drug which could seriously effect their children’s health and make them more, not less susceptible to the effects of the virus.

    1. Thanks Helen, when will the madness end? The WHO, as corrupt as this institution is, is recommending against 4 jabs now, so in a few months no one will be technically “vaccinated”. But no doubt instead of apologies and goodly grace to say ‘we fucked up’, the whole fanaticism will be raised another notch. Public health officials will need to explain why they turned away from The Great Barrington Declaration, why they blocked early treatment, and why they generated a self-censoring culture in the medical fraternity. So much suffering, illness and death has been caused by ‘public’ policy, and as it all comes out hopefully we as people can be constructive with our collective rage and work towards real change.

  9. Oliver says:

    Thank you beautiful souls. You encourage me to speak out, have the difficult conversations with people I love. It may not change their view, nor do I expect to, but just taking the time to speak my truth at least makes me feel like I’m still able to talk to the uncomfortable shadow feelings within – and bring some light into them.
    With much Love,

    1. Thanks Oliver, for your comment and your courage.

  10. Lisa says:

    Hello from Germany! Once again THANK YOU for your courage and work, i had tears in my eyes, so much truth in it.
    Crazy stuff happening here in my country, too. But the crazier it gets, the more poeple are waking up or at least becoming more scpetical! Millions of people lost their official immunity status overnight last friday (those who took the Johnson vaccine and for those who recovered, the immunity status now only lasts for 90 (!) days (it used to be 6 months).) This just happened via a homepage update, but did not include a decision in parliament. People are very upset and it is becoming clear to more and more people that this is NOT at all about health… It is my hope that the crazyness and insanity reaches a point, where everybody can see it. And it is already happening here. Sending love to you and your country!

    1. Thanks Lisa, sadly there’s a long way to go in Australia. Despite the official narrative falling apart around the WEIRD world, many still embody vaccine fanaticism here, alarmingly most of them in the Left. They seem to think these gene therapy drugs are actually vaccines and despite the rise in cases and Covid spreading far and wide like no time before in a 95% vaxxed country, they are doing their bit and being communitarian. In other words the psyops units are still working their magic. We have heard things are pretty bad in Germany too. We get regular missives from C J Hopkins: Sending much love back from Djaara country.

  11. Shane says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome community service you provide! Your findings & perspective validate my own experience here in Sydney, & what sense I’ve been able to make through diverse conversations & online research. I find your calm, clear-eyed, straight-talking compassion deeply heartening & your video-song makes me laugh (which is said to be the best medicine) while the vocals spread (trying to rehabilitate that word) healing resonance.

    I really look forward to what you produce on the great political changeover, which I continue to find disorienting, though probably in a good way; I prefer confusion, or at least ambiguity, to polarisation.

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