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More harm than good? Level 1 evidence against Pfizer

Hello dear reader,

Welcome to another week of breaking Covid news. As the dominant narrative falls apart and the corruption becomes increasingly more visible, we’ll be covering it all here, in the absence of a Fourth Estate.

This week we are so grateful to the uncaptured Canadian doctors and scientists who have created a video showing Level 1 evidence Pfizer’s inoculant, Comirnaty, is unsafe and does more harm than good. The presentation is 40 mins in length, and probably the most important independent assessment of Comirnaty since its release last year. We hope you’ll make the time and space to listen and watch.

Please do share this widely, leave comments and feel free to engage with the content here. It is important to have respectful debate and we encourage difference of opinion, but please keep your comments considered, generative and coming.

There will no doubt be serious attacks on the work of the CCCA, and there will be all kinds of so-called Fact-Checkers that will try to tear it to pieces. When looking at the work of Fact Checkers, we always investigate the publisher and the sponsors of them, and much more than not all roads lead to conflicts of interest. For us, the most powerful thing about this presentation is the independent science that uncovers what the profit-driven science attempts to hide, and shines a light on just how embedded government agencies are in Big Pharma giants like Pfizer, which we will continue to expose here until we feel free enough to go back to sharing our neopeasant transition from dependence upon Big Money.

Here is the Canadian Covid Care Alliance website: and here is the PDF they refer to in the presentation.

Signing off in good faith, Artist as Family.

Addendum: 5 hours after publishing this post, the video on our YouTube page was taken down.

Fact check: Covid vaccines reduce hospitalisations, oh and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dearest supporters and critics!

This week we investigate the often touted claim that covid vaccines reduce hospitalisations by 90%. Where did this figure come from? What is it based upon? In our latest video we take a deep dive into some of the literature investigating the method used to determine this magical figure. What do you think we discover?

Our references in order of appearance:

Thanks so much for stopping by this week. Sending all the best to you and your family for a healthful and truthful new year.

Artist as Family x