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Division, politics and love in Australia

In this video we present stories of discrimination and loss, shared from our hometown of Daylesford in Djaara country. These accounts propelled us to join tens of thousands of protestors in Canberra, in Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples’ countries, where we also recorded stories of grief, resistance and of love.

Once again, the corporate media portrayed protestors in Canberra as violent, stupid and far right. This video tells a more human story, from people who were actually there.

We value your stories too, and look forward to reading your comments below.

A call to action: We have lost 40% of our audience this week as YouTube banned us for three months because of our last video, so we urge you to please share our stories.

As the official narrative crumbles, the info war is stepping up. In this week’s video Patrick asks, “Where is the left? Some human rights abuses are OK and some are not?” It was a plea for more diverse political representation. Well, lo and behold, yesterday The Guardian published its first reasonable piece on those of us marginalised by medical colonialism, segregation and stigmatisation. Better late than never… ‘noble lies,’ indeed. This may be an indication that the hit pieces published by The Guardian might stop and they might start to report fairly (diversely) on what’s actually going on. They even allowed the ‘lab leak’ theory to be voiced favourably in this opinion piece. Wow! However, we’re not getting our hopes up just yet. The Guardian has a difficult u-turn to make so there is a long way to go before we see real transparency and nuance return to their reporting, especially as millions of dollars flow from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to The Guardian. In fact in 2021, Bill Gates bankrolled select progressive media outlets to the tune of $319 million, including the UK’s Guardian and BBC, as well as US medias CNNNBCNPR, the AtlanticNew York Public RadioPBS, and others. Surprise, surprise. These are the very medias that have been the most vaccine fanatical and have turned a blind eye to a nuanced or alternative Covid narrative.

We may not be able to change the big picture as quickly as we might want, but we can all help contribute to the healing in our families and communities. The best way we know to do this? By sharing stories, by being vulnerable, by deep listening and questioning everything published in the corporatised media.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, as we all navigate our way through what is happening together.

With love,
Artist as Family


  1. Oliver says:

    Amen. My suffering is your suffering. As uncle Murray George said, we are one people. For a time I thought of abandoning my fellow people, living my life in solitude and simplicity, while they headed for collapse with their hyper techno saviour. But I can’t do that. It’s selfish. So I won’t give up, no matter how much ridicule I get. I will not give up on my brothers and sisters and our Mother Earth. Thank you Meg, Patrick and Woody.

    1. Thanks Oliver, we too have contemplated leaving Victoria but have resolved to stay and resist.

    2. Amy says:

      Thank you for the heartfelt stories.

      1. It is our pleasure, Amy

  2. Vanessa says:

    So incredibly moving. I wish everyone could watch this. Thankyou for your commitment and thankyou to everyone who is in Canberra and to those who are sharing their stories

    1. Thanks Vanessa, we all have a long road before such stories are more widely available and listened to. For many the discrimination either does not exist or it’s de-legitimised under the guise of ‘you have a choice’. The pattern of corporate-government corruption is well scribed, but instead of healthy skepticism and resistance we’ve seen territories of fear-induced compliance. It’s a long walk to freedom.

  3. Stanley says:

    Thanks for all your brave words and deeds, Artist as Family

    Chris Uhlmann has also begun to report

    I am told The Australian has changed course. They may attempt to shift their position and change leader to preserve their grip on power before a genuine popular revolt occurs.
    Propagandists like Ben Fordham are also reversing course.

    Adelaide uni has dropped the mandates, teachers streaming back to work in Qld, police and other unions beginning to speak up.

    The left wing corporate fascists are done, but there are still large scale battles to be fought, and the terms of their surrender to be negotiated.

    Canberra is right now regrouping and reforming for our next assaults.

    Thank you for Holding The Line !!

    1. Thanks for the link Stanley. Good to read Uhlmann’s piece. There’s certainly going to be a scramble to delete tweets, posts and rants in coming weeks. A big focus of ours now is how to foster the political will and legal expertise to remove lobbyists from the political system. This, of course, is just a first step, as corruption always finds a way to reinvent itself.

  4. Ottawa, Paris, Canberra… far-right is watching

    1. It’s a shame the Left (including the far-left) isn’t watching Jean-Marc, and as a result of this ‘nothing to see here’ standpoint they are more than helping grow the far right, because binaries are going to binary. The hatred, or polarity, is connected. There is no purity.

  5. Lesley-sue Tydeman says:

    Wow! This has been very uplifting for me so thank you 🙏🏽 Feeling I have lost my “Gypsy “ spirit over the COVID period -I didn’t feel I could go to Canberra. Your film took me there and reminded me that my gut is right and that I am far from alone…..thanks guys and well done Patrick, Meg and Miles, brilliant work!!!! X

    1. Thanks Lesley, so much gratitude for telling and sharing your story in this video.

  6. Nonie Kirkpatrick says:

    Thank you, and keep safe.

  7. Kate says:

    Thankyou Meg, Patrick and Woody. Thanks again for being there and recording this for all. We have now welcomed 6 extra adults and 2 children to the farm, as they have lost all due to mandates. That brings the number of adults to 13 and 3 children. A safe haven for unjabbed and jabbed. We are growing food, educating children who aren’t going back to school, preschoolets who want a more natural childhood and adults looking for skills in resilience.
    Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thanks Kate, we’d love to pop on our broomsticks and do a story on your lot. Sounds like there’s loads to learn from your Covid crisis community. Maybe we can make this happen one day.

  8. Carillo says:

    Hi Artist as family, a little technical query, some thanks and another question. I wonder if there is somewhere I can watch your videos in lower quality because even if I do enjoy the high quality visuals I need to save internet. Thank for what you do, your courage, creativity, generosity I always look forward to a new video becoming available because I really value the perspectives you share. Have you read Carol Sanford’s book ‘The Regenerative Life’? In one part of the book she writes about nodal regenerative roles in society: one of which is that of media content creator.

    1. Thanks Carillo, our CommonsTube platform is pretty limited so we don’t have a setting for low res video playback at this point. It’s slow for us too. No, we haven’t read Sanford’s book, but so relate to new medias and a renaissance of small-publishers – the lifeblood of a healthy society.

  9. Nonie Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi, thank you once again. It was so good to see so much solidarity, and so heart breaking to hear people’s personal stories. I have heard that the gov used a sonic weapon on the protesters. I hope you are all ok.

    I have a spare bedroom for nominal rent and some help if you know of anyone who still needs some temporary accommodation around the area.

    1. Thanks Nonie, we have heard that. We had terrible headaches at the end of the day. Nothing would surprise us in Australia today. And thanks for offering temp accommodation. If anyone in this virtual living room is interested we’ll pass on their deets to you.

  10. Al says:

    Thanks guys another great video. It’s good to hear the stories of people that you won’t see else where.

    1. Thanks Al, story is medicine in a profoundly sick society.

  11. trace balla says:

    hey artistasfamily its good to hear a sample of personal stories as these are real lives affected… I think that helps with having us listen to one another, bring compassion and lessen vilification… still the big question remains- how can we care for, and have freedom for all, – especially the most vulnerable amongst us, many of whom are still isolating … – adjustments and flexibility rather than power and inflexibility… history will look back at this time – what is going on right now seems such a mistake -it is not a healthy situation that this govt has helped create during a health crisis… what the answer is who knows… if all rules are dropped how does that work for those most vulnerable… these are the thoughts that i grapple with after seeing this film… keep the conversation going… and hope all angles can be heard with compassion…
    go well

    1. Thanks Trace, yes this big question remains and it requires a diverse community response, unimpeded by the corruption in the state‐pharma nexus. This is our first task as a community. When governments are not trustworthy what then does a communitarian approach look like? We feel this needs to be the first question. If people continue to believe in the state‐pharma nexus then society will continue to produce scapegoats and continue to support corrupt public health responses. Thank you for continuing to bring these questions to the discussion. We look forward to generating more writing and media around these important subjects.

      1. trace balla says:

        “communitarian” – now that is a word i have not yet heard, was happy to look it up… and yes scapegoating on all sides of all fences… i’m into taking down those fences and defences… and deep listening, reflecting, connecting and adjusting for all in complex times…

        1. We look forward to sharing more of your suggestions for taking down fences in our long-form interview with you that we’re about to publish as part of our forthcoming, ‘Hearing you slowly’ series. Thank you for staying in connection with us, despite not always coming from a similar point of view regarding Covid. We continue to value your respectful dialoguing and difference. While there is no position of purity in any argument, would you agree that being scapegoated by the state, which has additionally given its subjects outright permission to discriminate against non-compliers and dissidents, is significantly more problematic than individualised abuse? Is this not a question of scale?

  12. Peta says:

    Such painful but beautiful stories. To bear witness to them heals us all. I’m so thankful of the work you beautiful people are doing and our small part in it xoxo

  13. riccie says:

    Have your instagram and Facebook accounts also been frozen? or are you just taking a break from those platforms? Both seem to have disappeared over the last couple of days.


    1. It’s been a long time coming Riccie, but we are finally free of Zuckerberg in our lives. We have lost an audience of 20,000 across those two platforms, but it feels so freeing to be no longer on Instagram and Facebook! Good luck with your Metaverse, Mark.

  14. Sebastian says:

    Hi again, it is not easy to get to know what is really taking place in Australia these days. You are doing a great job and your integrity shows throughout.
    It seems that the federal police was using acoustic weapons as someone mentioned in the comments above. Governments will stop at nothing to crush any demonstration, that is what we are seeing everywhere. Have a look at Canada right now and you get a glimpse at the cruelty and lack of any morality of those at the top.
    As you said before, our Western culture is sick to the bone and I am afraid it is beyond redemption. We must get together in communities and peacefully resist as much as we can keeping our dignity and clean conscience all the time.

    Keep it up!


    1. Patrick H. says:

      Sebastian in truth we have come a long way. Half a century ago Australia still had the death penalty and indigenous people were not counted as citizens. Now the whole nation is striving in search of Reconciliation. At about the same time in the past, mobs were still lynching people in the United States (nearly 5000 people over the previous 100 years). There is a lot to be grateful for.

      A lot of what these two espouse is driven by an ideological belief that nature is benign and will look after us all if only we pay her due respect. There are aspects to that view that are of course very true, but in practice the world is a lot more complicated. Humanity has been plagued by disease for eternity.

      The best societies; those with low crime and good social equity have folk that engage with the mainstream and contribute in a measured and coherent way to understanding and dealing with complex problems. I don’t think I have ever met a person who wasn’t basically decent and wanting only the best for humanity. All of these notions of wickedness are founded in a lack of trust, but mostly what we see from governments is bungling and mistakes.

    2. Yes Sebastian, the state-pharma union has mightily eroded rights and beautifully gamed a great majority of folk. They’ll soon flick this switch on for the next instalment, just when we start to breathe some deep beautiful breaths again.

      1. Patrick H. says:

        The so-called state-pharma nexus is otherwise known as a conspiracy theory. In practice there is no evidence of such a thing and as I pointed out elsewhere, both Pfizer and Moderna share prices are falling back to normal levels, and in any case over the same period Tesla (for example) has seen much more growth in value. Why aren’t you talking about the state-electric car nexus?

          1. Patrick H. says:

            With statements like this it’s too ludicrous to engage with: “If state power is about controlling populations, and corporate power about profit maximisation, the vaccine industry feeds both.”

            What a ridiculous level of bias with which to approach the writing of a paper.

          2. Good luck, Patrick H. If you haven’t looked into the pharmaceutical industry, and the criminal track records of all the major corporations involved in it, and haven’t examined closely the revolving door between government and industry, then you’re not informed and will continue to leave ridiculous comments on people’s blogs.

        1. Duncan H. says:

          Hi Patrick H. Let me state up front that I am triple jabbed. Just so you know where I am coming from. I don’t always agree with everything Meg and Patrick do, but I have enormous respect for them, as you do too, or else you wouldn;t be commenting here.

          But for you to say, in this day and age, that: “The so-called state-pharma nexus is otherwise known as a conspiracy theory.” is embarrassing. Are you saying that our governments and Big Parma have our best interests at heart??
          You might like to read this article:

          1. Patrick H says:

            That’s true I admire anyone who goes against the grain but not it is is incoherent. And I have great sympathy with opposition to the mandates, but to leap from that to say we should rely on natural immunity is an enormous jump and throws all sorts of infirmed, elderly and immune compromised people under the bus. The US will pass 1 million deaths in just a matter of weeks.

          1. Patrick H says:

            They would have been better off buying Tesla shares or Afterpay for that matter

  15. Karen Eliot says:

    Watching this video takes on a different dimension as I watch it from bed, sick with covid. For the record I am double vaxxed + booster, eat organic food am fit and healthy. I am not obese. I am very very sick.

    I find it astounding that you continue to deny the involvement of – and the risk of an ascendent far right – in relation to the Canberra protests.

    Yes there were more people there than the right at the rallies. No not everyone who is there is right wing. BUT joining THIS movement does give power to the right. Did you not follow what happened at the Tent Embassy?

    I recommend this essay –

    Yes the left needs to be critiqued for not advocating for more resources for the health workers and stronger supports for precarious workers in the pandemic – had there been a better safety net and clear health communications I think we would see far less people so frustrated that they joined these movements.

    There are so many terrible things happening right now and movements to counter them, I find it very sad that this is where you decide to put your focus and worried about the direction in which you are taking this conversation.

    1. Hang on Karen Eliot, you’ve been duped by the ‘safe&effective’ state-pharma nexus and are now terribly sick as evidence of this fraudulence, but you’re wondering why we are focussing our attention on this? We are currently working on draft #3 of our next script called, ‘Red flag trouble in Canberra’s state‐pharma nexus,’ in which we examine the Ensign-Pfizer red flag binary. Stay tuned, and get well soon…

    2. Duncan H. says:

      I am very sorry to hear you are so sick, Karen. I too am triple jabbed, and have had covid, as has all my family who are also jabbed with Comirnaty. I, like you, thought I was doing the best thing for my self and community. But now surely, we can all see the reality of what is going on, and how we have been duped in this grand experiment!! To turn to Artist As Family and blame them for anything is mere transference. We all need to look to our own actions and take responsibility for our ignorance (mine included!) and great belief that these vaccines were going to keep us safe. If you can get your hands on any Ivermectin, you should. If it;s good enough for the Queen of England it’s good enough for us plebs. Respectfully, Duncan, near Canberra.

      1. Thanks for telling a little of your story here, Duncan, and hello again Karen, we hope you have recovered now, and are feeling stronger.

  16. Julie Montan says:

    Incredibly robust, clarifying and heartwarming journalism. As always. Thank you Meg, Pat your gorgeous child and dog and of course your Extended Community as Artist Family. Love you all very much.

    1. Thanks Julie! We appreciate your warmth.

  17. Spring Blossom says:

    The sensitivity and compassion in this video is powerful honest and deep In integrity- I feel incredibly humble to have watched your skill and committment to telling the diverse tales from many different soulful folks, and different angles and I will happily share it and send it on.thank you so much Patrick and Meg and woody. And artists as family, great work great artistry💕🙏🏽💕

    1. Thanks Spring! Thank you for sharing.

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