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Red flags and the state-pharma nexus

At the Munich Security Conference this week, Bill Gates stated he was saddened that natural immunity, not Promethean or paternalistic science, has effectively ended Covid. Just say it, Bill, natural immunity is superior, and science knows this about a virus. Well, hello to another week’s report from planet Crazyland. 🤪

We have found ourselves in foreign political company throughout this epidemic for being courageous – or foolish – enough to question the government-pharma revolving door. This is something we’ve long thought of as important critical work to be done by anyone interested in examining global power relations and what makes a fair and just world.

Our video this week takes a dive into left-right binaries, the anti-mandate movement, and the collusion between the state and the pharmaceutical industry.

As always we welcome your comments.

Hoping your crazy is not too crazy, and you have plenty of nuance, love and diverse relations in your life.
Signing off from here for now,
Artist as Family x

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  1. Sally says:

    Thanks so much for your videos with thoughtful commentary on these crazy times. I have lost my job (25 years primary school teaching) because of the vaccine mandates. It has been interesting to see the wide compliance with mandatory vaccination (although spreading fear and threatening jobs and freedoms would have helped!!) and shocking to hear the condeming and stereotyping of protesters, even in the Waldorf communities where I work. It also surprised me seeing the reaction from some of your social media followers from the permaculture community when you started to question the governments covid measures. Why wouldn’t you? I hope your clear, reasonable, informed thought, backed by research, can help others to question what is happening here.

    1. Thank you Sally, it’s astounding that a failed medical intervention is still being used as grounds for mandates. We’re so sorry to hear that your 25 years of service in teaching children is so disregarded bc you dared to challenge the state-pharma nexus. It just shows how political and ideological the whole Covid response shebang is, esp when Gates can bemoan how useless the injections are while governments still go along with the mandate script, like Pfizer saved humanity! Oh boy… When we live with governments that are not only captured by lobbyists but don’t know how to be graceful and say, we fucked up, we’re sorry, we’ll make sure such bogus gaming and coercing doesn’t happen again, we’re in for a whole lot more trouble.

      1. Elijah says:

        didnt really see anywhere to comment! I hope you guys are safe as it looks like you are in serious distress in the videos!

        1. Thanks so much Elijah for checking in. It’s not exactly light times for political [medical] dissidents. We’re a long way away from writing permie songs and lolling about in the hay, but hey, that’s the planet we’re on atm.

  2. H says:

    Thank you, I always appreciate the work and diligence you do to provide pertinent and valid information to help steer a pathway through so much crap

    1. Thanks H, glad you’ve found our offerings of some use.

  3. El says:

    Thanks again for your thoughtful work and all that time that goes into making what is sure to be significant documents to refer to when we reflect back on this insane time. My newborn son had immediate reactions to his 6-week vaccinations. And so down the dark lonely rabbit warren we have been for the past 6 years becoming ever more alarmed by how deeply scary this agenda is becoming and how unsupported it is by any evidence that’s worth it’s salt. A part of my journey has been to actively seek out ANY evidence of hope that I’ve got it all terribly wrong and that everything is as it should be. I went back to uni to train in allied health, hoping this would bring me around to understanding better what I just wasn’t getting about this whole agenda. And what I found left me not reassured but ever more alarmed. And also confused at why everyone else wasn’t also alarmed! I won’t be able to finish my degree as I will not take a vaccination under duress for a piece of paper that entitles me to register with a body on the condition that I keep my mouth shut when I dare to question dangerous dogma. And so goes the program to flush critical thought from the system, making it an (even more) inherently unsafe, unstable institution. Where we go from here I do not know but I do feel that the way is lit by individuals like Artist as Family that are helping each of us work through it all out in our own unique way. Thank you x

    1. Thanks El, we’re so sorry to hear about your vax injured child – dangerous dogma indeed! It’s such a common story. Israel, while handing out their fourth jabs, just scrapped vax passports, and very shortly you won’t have to be jabbed at all to enter the country. In Oz, we may never see the reversal of segregation policies, esp if Federal Labor gets in. That is, at least, while new leftists/progressives are on board with the Industrial Medical-Military Complex, and refuse to scrutinise it. It’s so refreshing to hear your story of enquiry, study and curiosity. Stay curious! Much love, AaF xx

  4. Lesley Wills says:

    Thank you for another well informed piece your videos get better and better and are also holding the viewer for longer keep it up. Reading the comments I am shocked it’s so more extreme over your part of the world. Here in the UK it’s relaxing somewhat, people are wise to the covid trick, but another flag is being hoisted for keeping fear and control and always keeps the money flowing to the people who write the story the threat of HIV and TB, plus we have the Russian, Ukraine conflict, which is another way to smokescreen/distract peoples attention from the task at hand and makes money for the war monger’s you couldn’t make it up if you tried . I feel that we :re civilisation, as Zach Bush and Charles Eisenstein put in their latest podcast in the birth canal it’s uncomfortable but we have to keep going even if we don’t know where it’s leading us. Big hugs from the UK.

    1. Thanks Lesley, yes instead of the US and NATO recognising the legitimate fear Russia has with Ukraine becoming part of NATO, and thus working to keep Ukraine neutral at a diplomatic level, we have more insane US saviour complex imperialism, which doubles as a way to deflect Biden’s abominable and corrupt Covid response. No doubt we’ll get called traitors, extremists and terrorists for stating the obvious and calling for diplomacy, lumped together with the ‘anti-vax’ shame label to make us the hyper-deplorables the bs media need us (and others like us) to be, in order to silence dissent and once again roll out the ‘stick to one-message’ agenda we saw with Covid. Yes, what a smokescreen. Big hugs from Djaara country.

  5. Joshua says:

    Thanks Artist as Family for sharing story, for putting this together and for standing visibly and consistently with such care and integrity during this wild time.

    Sadly, despite natural immunity being declared safer and more effective, the momentum of this failed medical saviourist narrative so embedded in cultural and individual identity, government policy and trade ecosystems is now running its course, contravening medicine’s foundational Hippocratic oath of ‘first, do no harm’.

    I wonder how long these parallels will exist now that the focus is on war?

    And I wonder what scale media campaign would it take to ensure misinformation is cleared up and closure can be found? Will faith in the medical narrative linger as a residual priming for the next global health scare?

    Sending love and gratitude from Gumbaynggirr homeland,

    1. Thanks Joshua, yes the new oath now reads: First, do harm; second, rake in the $$. No longer is feedback, critique or alternative discourse accepted, marking the end of discourse. Inclusivity – your story triggers me, please don’t tell your story – has replaced the desire and need for diversity – your story triggers me, I need to know why that is. Inclusivity is now code for excluding deplorables, alternative discourse now equates to misinformation, science is almost completely taken over by ‘shareholder science’. Wild times, indeed. What could possibly go wrong?

  6. PatrickH says:

    On current trend in about 40 days the United States will exceed one million deaths from Covid-19

    1. Thank you for bringing a lone statistic here Mr Hockey. Like any lone figure, life surrounds it with complexity and contradiction. So, to add a small herd of relatives to your lonely stat: In 2020 the US population was 329.5 million people. Nearly 40% of this population is obese. Obesity is a major contributor to Covid mortality. Approximately 40% of Covid deaths in the US have been attributed to dying ‘with’ Covid, not dying ‘from’ Covid. The CDC and the FDA continue to withhold information relating to vaccine trial data and post-vaccine deaths and injury on the unscientific grounds that this information might fuel vaccine hesitancy.

      US documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles once stated, “Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance.” Nuance has become almost extinct at this time. Every stat, like every story, requires complexity thinking, which means the entire terrain is observed, sensed, considered and held. You may wish to pick up a rock on that territory and says it means something, and maybe it does. But does it speak to or for the whole country, the whole story? We think not, but what do you think?

  7. Eleanor says:

    Another great video folks. As always, thank you for shining the light on such muddy issues. I’m deeply saddened by these binaries and the lack of rigorous, critical debate which seems to be consistently cancelled by slapping a good old label down. Much gratitude for your ability to provide some of this good culture, which is fast becoming threatened; and again thank you for speaking for many of us that feel alone. In solidarity. x

    1. Hey Eleanor, receiving comments like yours makes it all the more worthwhile. Thanks for your support, warmth and solidarity. AaF xx

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