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Forbidden women – International Women’s Day segregation in Australia

We held a peaceful protest outside our town hall today, bringing attention to our exclusion from the International Women’s Day event there. All over the world countries have already dropped restrictions as it has become clear the vaccines are not as effective as natural immunity, and are not the ‘safe and effective’ therapeutics they were promised to be. Yet in our home town, segregation and discrimination continue apace. No wonder international tourists are boycotting Australia.

We came home after the event and put this short video together. We look forward to your comments and discussion.

It was such a privilege for us to stand with so many fine and brave peeps, including Maya,



and Sally.

Sending love and solidarity to you on International Women’s Day.


  1. Kelly says:

    I have Covid right now, and so do my children. We are OK. I’ve definitely had worse illnesses. Some of us are vaxd, some of us aren’t and we’ve all had the same level of illness.

    It seems Covid is gone, and has been replaced with the threat of war. There wasn’t even a pause for breath between the two.

    Sending you love across the world on this day that all women should be able to celebrate regardless of their vaxx status.

    1. Thanks Kelly, we wish you all a speedy recovery. Yes, from one threat to the next. As the civilisation crumbles everything intensifies. In solidarity in building the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

    2. Barbara says:

      Get well soon! Yes, love to everyone, may we all find our way through the darkness we are experienced around the world, irrespective of our perspective. May we take the opportunity to grow beyond our differences. xx

  2. Laura says:

    Wow. ‘Get Vaccinated’ how juvenile and unprofessional. My friend commented on the situation in Australia (which I believe should be recognised internationally as a human rights abuse) that it is a nation of prison guards and prisoners. Which while that comment is quite crude, I get the spirit of it. In that the government there seem to be embodying the historical narrative of being prison guards and the citizens are it’s prisoners. It saddens me but doesn’t surprise me that a government that still participates in apartheid of its First Nations people is now committing apartheid of unvaccinated (a term I don’t like using as people who haven’t had the clot shot aren’t ‘unvaccinated’ they’ve just chosen to not have a covid jab, which is less a vaccine and more a medical treatment). I too think it’s ironic that on a day where we celebrate womens liberty and inclusion in society, women are being excluded and segregated for standing up for their body autonomy – something I always thought was synonymous with the womens equality movement. I appreciate and really enjoy the content you are putting out. You are holding yourselves with dignity and respect and you are a shining beacon in dark times. In solidarity with you all. All my love and best wishes xx

    1. Thanks Laura, yes Australia as a nation-state built on the lie of terra nullius has much cultural shaming and blaming heritages attached to it. Indigenous wisdom holders here might call this collective state ‘wrong relationship,’ which is expressed in how the culture treats land and people.

  3. Kathryn Beveridge says:

    Thank you Meg and all who stood with you. I really appreciate all you are doing.

    1. Thanks Kathryn, we are so appreciative of the frontliners’ courage, and those behind the scenes that made this protest possible. We have a strong network of support, and more people are standing in their courage and speaking up.

  4. David de Vries says:

    Thanks. In depicting those inside and outside “the tent”, I think you have captured the faces of contemporary eugenics – those who have chosen to upgrade vs those who will take their chances with the old firmware. Tech vs Life. Startled that everyone would not step into future vs Startled that everyone would abandon the past

    1. Tech v Life, indeed David! We’ll take the microbiome approach any day over the Pfizer approach.

  5. trace balla says:

    so sad that – we need to find a way to pivot to a situation where all are comfortable with whatever their beliefs are- outdoors is so obvious. Castlemaine had a fully inclusive outdoor event… What will we remember of this time…

    1. So good to hear that C’maine met outdoors, and you could attend. Thank you for letting us know, Trace.

  6. Senaj says:

    A heartfelt Thank you to all the brave women featured in your video. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in. Catherine King is our version of Justin Trudeau. Vaccination is NOT the answer to everything as these politicians wrongly believe!! Happy International Women’s Day!

    Staying strong in my part of the world!

    In solidarity,


    1. In the Gates’ funded Guardian now, science writers like Eric Topol are allowed to discuss natural immunity. He’s saying the science is now clearly showing 1 jab plus natural immunity offers the best protection.


      No doubt the unfolding science will show 3 or more Covid jabs fatigues the immune system and makes people more vulnerable to disease generally, and heart attacks.

      We’ll just stick with natural immunity and our microbiome ‘vaccine’ which includes every health measure that Pharma hasn’t got its hands on.

  7. Barbara says:

    Get well soon! Yes, love to everyone, may we all find our way through the darkness we are experienced around the world, irrespective of our perspective. May we take the opportunity to grow beyond our differences. xx

  8. m hughes says:

    Meg, Would Loved to have had the same protest in our town on Int Womens Day! Can you please keep me in the loop with your excellent ideas? 🙂
    Thank you! Megan

    1. Thanks Megan, it’s important to document all examples of discrimination in your shire, and start working with others in your community to do the same. Have a look on your council’s website and see if they are promoting (advertising) segregated events. We are going to a council meeting about aquatics tomorrow, which is held at the local pool, where we are not allowed to attend.

  9. Christiane Rostek says:

    Hi artist’s! It’s so sad to see, how you still being discriminated for not being vaccinated! Here in Portugal there is no pressure for people without jab!… and since the Russian invasion in the Ukraine, nobody talks about covid anymore! Hope we all can return to a joyful and creative life! Greetings from Portugal Christiane

    1. Thanks Christiane, we’re glad to hear discrimination has ended in Portugal. Roll out the pandemic, roll in the war. So much joy and creativity in resistance to the madness. xx

      1. Patrick H says:

        Total cases

  10. Ellen Hansa says:

    Watching the body language of the people who ignored your group made me very sad. Quite honest, I do not know how to form my thoughts into words.
    Thank you for the small group of brave fighters with their smiling, open faces confronting the ones who could not even look into your eyes. Yes please, thank them and thank you for filming the event.

    1. Vaccine fundamentalism, we’ve discovered through our Covid research, has been creeping into the culture for at least 20 years. Today, no one is even allowed to question the over-prescribing of vaccines, let alone discuss adverse events and risk/benefits on a case by case basis. This is industry science, or shareholder science. This is not science. Those that judge and discriminate have not yet made the distinction between the two. As a result we have a society that thinks all vaccines share the same value, and so when leaky mRNA injections come along and demonstrate they don’t stop transmission, don’t provide sterilising immunity, don’t stop hospitalisation and death, and are in fact ‘clot shots’ that are increasingly harming people, the response is (for now): ‘nothing to see here.’

      When it’s so obvious Covid injections (esp third shots) are creating mass-scale immune fatigue, and the ABC and other corporatised or politically captured medias are pushing for more people to get jabbed rather than examine what’s really going on, we have entered an age of extreme medical fundamentalism. Doctors in Australia are not allowed to speak an alternative narrative if they want to keep their jobs, academics on the antithesis side are sidelined, sacked or mocked. So science, in effect, has been shut down.

      As people become more ill, more people will die of heart attack, more will get AIDs-like symptoms, shingles, chronic fatigue and the like, and the extremist (anti-precautionary) position will only ramp up the rhetoric further continuing to say either the virus itself or unvaccinated people are the cause, and not the biologically active toxic spike proteins from the jabs that are turning on blood clots, and turning up cytokine storms.

      We have entered the next stage in a post-truth age. Instead of the medico-politico establishment saying they were wrong to trust known criminals from Pharma, the cover ups will continue apace. This is the society we now live in. But it’s what we do about this knowing that matters. It’s how we work together in our respective communities to build defences and rebuild our health, and build alternative food, medicine, and energy systems.

      Artist as Family has 12 years of videos and blog posts on this website that speak to such transition of human health and ecological health, ranging from fermentation, food growing, grief circles, community immunity, living frugally and generally re-culturing neopeasant lifeways in an age of neofeudalism. As this post-truth civilisation disintegrates and the global story goes from one crisis to another, we will need to work together and see quickly when governments are gaming people, dividing people, scapegoating people, and not buy in. The less reliant we are on the global system, the more buffered we’ll be from being gamed.

  11. Rosie says:

    I get to these videos late but love them so much and wanted to let you know that I find them sane, honest and informative.
    I appreciate all the work you both must put in to producing them and admire your intelligent arguments. I feel your work is keeping me sane in these crazy times.
    There do seem to be more people around asking questions about mandates thankfully but also some people who sadly don’t even realise that work mandates still exist and are punishing people now. For what exactly?
    This year I felt like IWD was all virtue signal considering its okay to discriminate against some women now. How people do not see what is happening around us I really can’t fathom.
    Thank you again.
    Please wish the mother that cried all my love and hope that things will get better.

    1. Thank you so much Rosie. We have passed your wishes onto our friend Ruth, who cried in this video. She, like us, was very touched by your kind words of empathy and solidarity. Sending much love to you from us here. x

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