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Towards a sacred politics (with permaculturist, health practitioner and AFP candidate, Kerryn Sedgman)

Kerryn Sedgman is standing in the forthcoming Australian federal election in the Ballarat electorate as an Australian Federation Party candidate. This week we caught up with her at her home in Wheatsheaf in southern Djaara country, heard why she is standing, and explored the possibility of reclaiming a sacred politics.

We offer this video as an alternative political perspective to help generate discussion for other ways we might perform politics.

You can listen to the audio only version here.


Please feel free to share this story and to comment below. Thank you to all the generous folk who have donated in the past week. We now have enough funds to make the next three videos. A big thanks again to Miles for his fine camerawork and collaboration. We so value all his inputs and generosity.

Here are the video references:

Kerryn Sedgman website
Australian Federation Party
Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein (teaser video)
Satish Kumar
Schumacher College
Small is Beautiful book
Soil, soul and society: Satish Kumar at TEDxExeter
Charles Eisenstein
Paul Kingsnorth
World Economic Forum’s “in plain sight” political-medical infiltration
Klaus Schwab’s “COVID-19: The Great Reset” book
The Great Reset at the WEF
Martín Prechtel’s book Long life, honey in the heart
Pfizer documents released – Dr John Campbell
Swedish peer-reviewed study alerting probable Pfizer vaccine harm to liver cells
Mobeen Syed MD’s interpretation of the Swedish study
Catherine King MP
Patrick asks Catherine King when will segregation end in Victoria? video


  1. Joanne says:

    I loved this interview more than any over the last few months although all were great. Excellent drilling into the mindset of the powers that be (Klaus Swabb in particular). The writings of Martin Prechtel are indeed mindlblowing, have just finished the audio book of The Unlikely Peace Of Cuchhumaquic. After a visit to Peru in 2019 Martins writings have opened up my experience dramatically, especially the concept “the indigenous soul.”

    1. Thanks for saying, Joanne. Prechtel is a gem and so important in our transition from the old colonial project of ‘progress’.

      1. Oak says:

        Prechtel has been a powerful way-shower for me. Love the way elements align and love this sharing Patrick. Keep the deep questioning coming. Your impact is valuable and gratefully received.

  2. Jack says:

    Yes this interview was riveting. Enjoyed watching Patrick’s supple mind at work & the interface with Kerryn delightfully insane at times..

    1. Thanks Jack, ‘delightfully insane’! We love that.

  3. Jack says:

    Riveting interview. Gotta be grateful for this site. Enjoyed watching Patrick’s supple mind.

    1. Thanks for your gratitude, Jack

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