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How vaccine mandates crushed an Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Victoria (part 2)

Welcome back to this heartbreaking story of human rights abuse occurring right now in this very moment in Australia. If you haven’t yet listened to or watched part 1 please head over here.

In part 2 we hear from Anna, a human rights scholar, who has been offering Eric, Angie and Mandy paralegal support in their fight against what they deem as unfair and unlawful dismissals, eroding their livelihoods and dismantling the Aboriginal cultural centre they built over 17 years.

You can listen to the audio-only version of part 2 here:

There is a federal election here in Australia on Saturday, and the Victorian state election coming up later in the year. We hope this story sharpens your awareness of what the two major parties, the Greens, and some minor parties did to produce this abuse of rights. It is up to everyone, regardless of our personal medical status and beliefs, to vote out medical tyranny and to resist the suppression, state violence, the censoring and scapegoating that has occurred.

We do not know if, after this election, independent media channels like ours will be targeted and removed from sight (see the Identify and Disrupt Bill 2021), and labelled ‘criminal’ disseminating ‘misinformation’ (contemporary code for dissenting views), so if you subscribe we’ll have your email on file and we can stay in touch.

Much heartfelt gratitude to all those who answered our call to assist us financially to share Eric, Angie, Mandy and Anna’s stories. As always we look forward to your comments and we appreciate your sharing of our blog posts on other media platforms. If you’d like to contribute funds to this awesome foursome’s legal fight please get in touch and we’ll connect you up.

Signing off with love and solidarity,
Patrick, Meg, Blackwood and Zero


  1. Pat Hockey says:

    The worker mandates across industries, as far as I can establish, is now solely a Victorian thing and unusual and peculiar globally. I agree that it has gone on too long now and the hurt and division it is causing needs to be attended to. Like most things in this country it is largely attributable to bungling and incompetence than to tyranny; Daniel Andrews is ultimately just some kid that grew up in an ordinary home in Wangaratta rather than an evil tyrant.

    Based on the 7 day average we are on track to see over 15,000 covid deaths per year. As I wrote in a letter in the Local, for sympathisers with your plight it is very difficult to reconcile simultaneously both your doubts about vaccines and your doubts about the virus. To do so requires one to believe in the existence of an evil cabal of which there is little evidence. As a case in point, Australia is spending 7 billion on upgrading our military helicopter fleet, while the total cost of vaccines is in the mere hundreds of millions. It doesn’t add up.

    Meanwhile, a billionaire coal miner is advocating for freedom. Makes one wonder.

  2. Cooked Chook says:

    Hard to know where to start with this, Pat.
    Saying Dan Andrews is just a blameless kid from Wangaratta is like saying Hitler is just a struggling artist from Vienna, or Stalin was just a newspaper editor from Georgia.
    To put your claims about Covid deaths in context, 50,000 die each year in Australia from cancer, and 5000 were dying from the flu. It is unclear whether elderly people are dying with Covid or from covid. In any case, it is equally unclear how a non sterilising vaccine keyed to a previous variant is going to solve this, while potentially interfering with the acquisition of natural immunity. Once it became clear that the vax did not stop transmission, the mandates should have ended.

    I have not heard either Eric or the neopeasants questioning the virus, merely pointing out the safety and efficacy issues surrounding the provisional use vaxes. The only appropriate control measure at this stage is stringent rapid antigen testing for workplaces, and there is no political push in this direction. Meanwhile, it is no secret that billions have pumped into vaccine corporations worldwide, and there is strong evidence of regulatory capture to favor mass vaccination in some jurisdictions. The revolving door is a well known phenomena in this country, and is not limited to the defence industry.

    I am sure Eric, and many others, would be more than happy for you to take an MRNA or viral vector shot every few months, and even to help you subisdise it with their tax money to assist you to top up regularly. They would not turn their back on you and cast you out of society if you refused, or turn a callous blind eye while others did so. They would not try to enact their schadenfreude by preventing you from earning an income should you decide to stop at some point. They would not stand by and let a bio medical fascist apartheid take hold, fuelled by elaborate propaganda, fear and Stockholm Syndrome. If deep down you now suspect that your immune system or other organs hav been damaged by the ineffective vax, it is not ok to wish the same on those who had the courage to exercise choice in the face of a terrified howling mob.

    You will have only yourselves to blame that a billionaire coal miner is about to exert an unfortunate amount of political power in this country. This is a reaction to the biomedical fascism that will set progressive politics in this country by at least twenty years. Fear and reaction begets more fear and reaction. The only sane thing to have done that would have avoided this situation would have been to resist the politicisation of health. That they did not, and you, Pat, did not, will be to the enduring shame and regret of the Australian left.

    If you lay down with dogs like Pfizer, Scomo and Dan Andrews, you will awaken with Clive Palmer sized fleas

    Sorry mate.

    It’s not to late to forward these guys some money as they try to defend themselves in a Federal court as unemployed people who are shunned from the cravenly terrified biomedical fascist society.

    1. Thanks for this clarity CC.

    2. Pat Hockey says:

      Not blameless, just bungling. Most of the folk I talk to are not even aware the mandates are still in place. Godwins law of course prohibits me from commenting any further.

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