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Vaccine injury – a pathway to enquiry (with filmmaker Dave Meagher)

It was the effects of Dave’s second Pfizer shot that provoked him to look further into the State-Pharma nexus, and notice that even as a double jabbed fella vilification can occur just for raising questions, or offering an antithesis view.

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Many thanks to Dave for sharing his story so gracefully, and to Miles for his two-camera craft and generosity once again. As always we appreciate your comments and your support. If you haven’t already subscribed please do, so we can let you know of new posts as they are published.

If you’re a doctor or a nurse or work in a related field and you have a story you’d like to share with us that isn’t merely colouring neatly inside the lines of the offical public health messaging, we’d love to hear from you. We value science and society, and therefore we value robust enquiry and diverse inputs. Perhaps you’ve lost your job because of the mandates or for speaking out, and you’d like to come on camera and publicly tell your story. Please get in touch by sending us a message.

Here are the two links that Patrick referred to in the conversation.
UK doctor offers alternative opinion on proposed vaccine mandate for NHS staff (the push for mandates was dropped soon after this interview), presumably because, in Dr Steve James’ words, “the science isn’t strong enough.”
12 Commandments to avoid AHPRA notifications by the Medical Indemnity Protection Society (MIPS) This item from this MIPS post is particularly alarming:

Health practitioners are obliged to ensure their views are consistent with public health messaging. This is particularly relevant in current times. Views expressed which may be consistent with evidence-based material may not necessarily be consistent with public health messaging.

Over to you Dear Subscriber, sending much love and solidarity, and please beware the Moneypox.


  1. Kano says:

    Great interview. So important for people to share their experiences. So many are in denial it’s frightening.

    1. Thanks Kano, perhaps, as Dave suggests we (as a ‘society’) are too close to it (and mostly sick to death of the subject), and this is why the denial/numbness/disinterest is so systemic.

  2. Perry says:

    What a sad and beautiful conversation. Thanks for your honesty, Dave. And for your thoughtful questions, Patrick

    1. Thanks Perry, we appreciate your warmth in these chilling times.

  3. SueS says:

    Patrick, I’m so grateful for these interviews you’re doing and for your wise spirit, and for ppl like David speaking about it all. I’m terrified to go out into the world now, knowing the state of things (although TBH, humans seem to have always been like this, haven’t we. I guess the shock from it all is that I actually thought somehow we had collectively learned from that other big time of mass psychosis, whose name I don’t even need to mention. I struggle so much to trust anyone now; my social phobia is stratospheric. These stories are a cup of sage tea. Thank ye, thank ye.

    1. Oh Sue, thanks for trusting this little virtual living room with your vulnerability and grief. We are thrilled to be likened to sage tea and are warmed by you finding comfort here. Many blessings and much solidarity to you. We are, to quote Martin Shaw, breaking bread with suffering and finding much solace in the process.

    2. Kate Smiley says:

      Sue, there are “freedom” communities forming everywhere. You will find a generous, open, like-minded band of people who will restore your trust. If you can’t find one, form your own! Best of luck

  4. trace balla says:

    ahh just wish mainstream mass media could get this screened… so much to learn, and just listening to each other is way up there in my opinion…

    1. Thanks Trace, hopefully the ‘nothing to see here’ routine is crumbling and the culture’s conversations can open up again with love, nuance and openness. But then again, with Moneypox and WW3 on our doorstep, we somehow doubt that just right now, so it’s more “breaking bread with suffering” to quote Martin Shaw, something we’re becoming more experienced with. Sending love and solidarity xx

  5. Bev Courtney says:

    Thanks for sharing yet another story. Patrick’s obvious empathy and gentle questions are a soothing panacea after all that has happened…all credit to you, Patrick.

    1. Thanks Bev, glad this story soothed, especially after all the rupturing, division and culture warring in the past 18 months. We really heed Dave’s call for nuance and open discussion. This pro and anti vax positioning is tedious and unproductive, and such reductionism is killing off curiosity and enquiry, and entrenching polemical camps. The question for us is can industrial medicine withstand the seismic loss of trust it has produced by closing down debate and cancelling antithesis doctors and researchers? Time will tell.

  6. Alison says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Dave. Very generous of you. And Patrick, you interview with such empathy and intelligence. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all mainstream media could work in this way. Would love to discuss the pandemic and the government’s response with you and Meg from a human rights perspective. Keep doing what you do!

    1. We’d love that Alison, please do get in touch and make a time with us. We’d really value that conversation or conversations.

  7. Alison King says:

    Thank you Dave for sharing your story. And Patrick for your empathy and the way you gently encourage others to speak up. Keep on doing what you do.

    1. Thanks Alison, we really loved this conversation. Dave is a such a gentle and special soul.

  8. Annie says:

    Thanks Dave & Patrick. Really powerful to hear you both speaking so openly & respectfully while clearly in such different places with the narrative. Shows great heart in both of you. And gives me hope for humanity. So grateful Patrick & Meg for your strong & compassionate voices throughout this time. You are truly courageous beings thank you.

    1. Thanks Annie, we so appreciate your warmth.

  9. Emily says:

    As I was listening to this I was nodding in empathy, in Victoria vilification of vax hesitancy was/ is so common. But travelling Aus this year I realise it was a Victorian experience, the nsw and qld narrative is so different. I was shocked when people in qld and nsw openly talked to me about how they didn’t trust the vaccine and how ridiculous the mandates are. There is widespread mistrust of government growing out of the covid saga.

    1. Thanks Emily, thanks for sharing this with us. Victoria will be the last state to examine the lies and the misleading. So far down the State-Pharma nexus hole there is systemic saving face going on here. But it’s happening. Hooray!

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