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Australia was sold “95% safe & effective” Covid vaccines, so where are we now?

Using Oxford University’s Our World in Data for Covid Deaths in Australia, we see a very grim picture today. The 84% of Australians who were either threatened with their livelihoods or thought they were doing the right thing and lined up for novel Covid injections (approved by the Australian Government’s TGA), may feel a mix of dismay, anger, disbelief or shame while perusing the below data. We wholeheartedly hold compassion for you, as we all move through this time together.

As stated in the above diagram in red (which are our additions, as well as the black arrows), The Guardian reported two fully vaccinated people brought Omicron to Australia from South Africa (29 Nov 2021). The only people allowed to travel into or out of the country at the time were “fully vaccinated” people. To reach “fully vaccinated” status meant (back then) that two Covid injections were required. But as the ‘experiment’ continues it now means regular booster doses are needed to receive the Green Tick of compliance. Omicron’s arrival in late 2021 coincided with a mass booster program in the first two months of 2022. Please hold this in mind, we’ll return to Jan-Feb 2022 shortly.

The below chart maps the rollout of the vaccines (up to June 6, 2022), which (if you compare with data above) shows the death rate rising in step with the vaccination rollout, which is fairly consistent with most mass vaccinated rich (obese and heavily medicated) countries. Both doses and deaths begin escalating from September 2021 onwards, which is when the mandates came into force in Australia.

In October 2021 we made this comparative video between Madagascar and Australia. Our findings were that Madagascar, although being much less resourced was faring considerably better. This is despite the small African country being almost 100% unvaccinated. Here’s the comparative Covid death rates today, seven months on, between two countries with a similar size population.

Can you guess which country is one of the most vaccinated in the world, and which is one of the least vaccinated?

Surely successful vaccines would show the complete reverse of the above data. Furthermore, if we compare Africa and Australia the pattern remains consistent – lowly vaccinated African countries have low Covid deaths, whereas highly vaccinated Australian states now have high numbers of Covid deaths, especially in Victoria. A significantly more obese country with an older population, Australia better fits the disease profile for experiencing Covid negatively. However, with how we were sold these novel vaccines – that they’d save rather than harm vulnerable people – we should be seeing the opposite of what Oxford University’s Covid-19 Data Explorer is today revealing.

It’s even more pronounced if we compare Africa with the US.

Once again, Covid deaths grow in step with vaccine doses. As Americans have been increasingly rejecting the vaccines this last few months, the deaths have started to decline. The relationship between dose and death is not surprising because Pfizer declared ‘Covid’ itself (see below) to be an adverse event (or vaccine injury) in Pfizer’s six month trial data on adverse events. This was one document of many released by the courts after the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency group challenged Pfizer and the FDA to do so, and won. Both the FDA and Pfizer wanted to lock up this data for 75 years. Repeatedly getting Covid (via vaccination) is seemingly wreaking havoc on people’s immune systems, thus making them increasingly more vulnerable to diseases, not just to Covid-19, and increasingly more vulnerable if they are already suffering comorbidities. Please hold this thought, as we’ll look at (just released) all cause mortality figures in Australia, shortly.

While Africa’s younger population plays a part in having fewer Covid deaths per million than in Australia, it certainly raises questions as to why a country would vaccinate anyone under 50 for Covid, let alone children. Herd immunity by vaccine has radically failed, as experts rightly warned despite receiving ridicule and scorn by the establishment, yet still the global experiment continues apace, no doubt due to all the billions of dollars in investment that countries like Australia have spent and, one could now rightly argue, wasted. In Australia a forced vaccination program for Covid has been a well orchestrated strategy, sneakily disguised as “voluntary.” But there were some legal hurdles the government had to go through in order for that to occur.

Here’s the Federal Government’s statement on mandates and their so-called ‘voluntary vaccination’ program in Australia.

By putting the onus on businesses to do the forcing and coercing through mandates – get jabbed or loose your job and thus economic security – the Australian governments (including the states) avoided breaking the Nuremberg Code, which determines, The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential, where the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

The reality of ‘vaccinations are voluntary’ was expressed here in our town a few months back by former midwife, Sally, whose sister Wendy was one of thousands of Australian nurses sacked for not taking one of the experimental vaccines that the Federal government declared “safe and effective.” Here’s the video we made of that protest event.

Our story about agricultural consultant, Liz Mann, who was forced into getting vaccinated by the threat of losing her job, and was injured by Pfizer’s injection, is just one example of many human rights abuses governments have brought upon the peoples of Australia. The story we presented on the sacking of Indigenous arts workers in Victoria, is yet another. We believe there are thousands of stories in Australia alone that similarly expose the abuse, corruption and conceit brought about by the official response, but the big-money-captured media will not share them. As a result vaccine failure and harm have become taboo subjects in Australia and there is a growing fear that any negative discourse about vaccines will undermine the vaccine industry at large. This unscientific belief has become institutionalised – we don’t want to encourage vaccine hesitancy, so nothing negative can be spoken, shared or studied. Instead of transparency and investigation, lies and deceit aggregate, and as a result this undermines trust in public health in a growing portion of the population, and leads to, well, the current vaccine crisis.

What we’re now very curious about is how our politicians, journalists and bureaucrats will explain the 20.5% increase in all cause mortality in Australia in the first two months of 2022? How can “safe and effective” vaccines produce more all cause deaths? Is this the result of widespread immune fatigue? Even without Covid deaths, all cause deaths were more than 10 percent above historical average.

This period, Jan-Feb 2022, is when state governments were imploring their citizens to receive booster shots or “top ups”, despite Israeli scientists in late 2021 warning about immune fatigue from repeated shots.

It now seems clear to us that immune fatigue is driving Covid deaths in the most vaccinated countries. But Dr Naomi Wolf (along with 3000 doctors and medical researchers, looking at the aforementioned Pfizer doc and thousands of other released docs, takes it much further. She and her colleagues call it a global genocide because Pfizer, Moderna and the FDA knew of the harms of their experimental products and wilfully covered them up. See our video, Can we trust the ABC and FDA for more insights on this.

So, for people who live in Australia, we have a few questions: Should those of us who never trusted Pfizer, Moderna and AZ with our health, still be punished and vilified? Are we really selfish, as The Guardian loves to promulgate?

Please note: The Guardian is a global newspaper based in the UK that has received millions of dollars from Bill Gates, a billionaire who invests in vaccines and whose net worth rose 30 billion dollars over the past two years of the pandemic. If you’re on board with Gates’s GMO and MRNA synthetic-biology ideology and on board with his buy up of what some call ‘progressive media’ in order to push these ‘tools’ onto the world, then you’ll probably believe in advertorials for Gates like this (as published in The Guardian).

Mind blowing or mind working?

The above article is what captured journalism looks like. Media corruption is in essence the acceptance of money to skew a given narrative and demonise the alternatives. That this has become so commonplace in the contemporary moment most likely means there is much suffering on the horizon, because a society that has lost sense of fair play, integrity and transparency is a society in permanent crisis. Becoming aware of such media corruption, and boycotting media organisations who push billionaires’ business agendas is the pathway back to a more egalitarian and diversely ranging society. It’s up to everyone to be vigilant with bought narratives and to develop a red-flag intuition for media hit pieces that promulgate on behalf of the world’s billionaire class.

The Trusted News Initiative (funded in large part by the likes of billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, who owns The Washington Post) is the arrival of The Ministry of Truth, only a handful of years after Orwell ‘predicted’ it. Any alternative or dissenting view is now labelled mis or disinformation. Gates, Bezos and co have been smart to capture liberal and Left-leaning media from NPR, BBC, The Guardian etc., because traditionally it has been the Left to raise red flags at corporate intransigence and take-over. But now it is the Left who is either silent on, or actively championing, Gates’ I’m-gonna-fix-climate-change-and-public-health-while-making-billions agenda.

But Gates and co are just one front of deception. Governments in the rich countries enlisted behavioural psychologists to help persuade their populations Covid vaccines were both safe and effective. This is the sort of ‘messaging’ (a polite word for propaganda) that was blasted into our minds ad infinitum.

This piece of well styled propaganda does not say the testing is ongoing and that over 42,000 thousand people ended up with adverse reactions in the first six months of the global roll out of Pfizer alone, and it doesn’t say our governments have failed to set up adequate reportage mechanisms for people affected adversely by the jabs, although the Australian Government at least admits that ‘fatigue’ is widespread post vaccination, despite it playing down this particular injury, which may have deathly ramifications.

Billions of tonnes of ‘concrete’ is still being poured over the official Covid response story in the rich nations, and the “trusted news,” set up before most Australians knew what Covid was, continues to herald the Covid vaccine experiment as a tremendous success. But truth has an uncanny way of pushing up through the hairline cracks in any narrative and regrowing a forest where diversity will again flourish.

Corporatism-science will always harm, but human integrity is the perennial remedy.

95% safe and effective? What is your verdict? This is ours. We’d love to read your comments.


  1. Catherine says:

    Well written and researched as always. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment. I am beyond frustrated with people such as myself who made a conscious choice not to take the vaccine who are still not be able to be employed due to the mandates. The drug has been proven to not be effective and is certainly not safe either without long term safety data. It is certainly an interesting time to be alive and I do hold onto hope that the truth and with people becoming more aware of the sham this has all been, we will turn a corner and we can place this all behind us.

    1. Thanks Catherine. That’s terrible you still cannot work. We too hope this will all be behind us soon, although not through denial and coverup but rather truth, healing and justice. All power to you.

  2. Sarah Macombee says:

    Human integrity is indeed the perennial remedy!!! BRILLIANT. Thank you for your dedication in shining the light on what’s going on. Somehow, you manage to deliver a truth that’s hard to swallow and still leave me feeling hopeful. So much love to you x

    1. Thanks Sarah, much love back to you across the waters.

  3. trace balla says:

    mandates against working seem to make no sense in places that are now open to all… you can go into a pub to drink, but not to work???? I am vaccinated and was told by my dr i was eligible for the booster due to being immune compromised. I declined saying i believe wearing a mask was a more effective way to avoid covid -they replied that when mask wearing was stopped from being a rule (in most places) cases have jumped hugely…

    1. Thanks Trace, we’ve read that the home-made cloth masks do nothing to ward off Covid, and the only masks of any benefit (though slim) are the N95 masks. We reckon blaming non-mask wearing for vaccine failure is just more saving face for the majority of the medical doctors who blindly went along with Pfizer and cos program of profit, while profiting themselves approx $35 a jab. With nearly 6o million Covid jabs administered in Australia, doctors and chemists alone have made over 2 billion dollars. That’s a lot of profiteering and face-saving for ineffective and dangerous drugs.

  4. Darren Shoal says:

    What a post! Thank you AaF for your research and shining light. As Betsy McDonel Herr, Ph.D commented on the Dr Naomi Wolf piece, ‘It is a massive burden to carry the weight of being appalled on behalf of so many who aren’t but should be.’

    1. Thanks Darren, that’s very kind and an accurate account from Betsy. We think of the ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ harm that was widespread in the playgrounds of our youth. “It was an accident,” declares the bully disingenuously but nonetheless well acted out, and all the other kids there looking on to the injured child, not speaking up, and the teacher on playground duty couldn’t be bothered or else has too much going on to get to the bottom it. We feel this is a more accurate picture of the Covid narrative, rather than genocide, but nonetheless remain open to the deep and independent investigation going on by Wolf and co. Wolf, like so many brave intellectuals and, commentators and experts are the rare kids that do speak up but are vilified and ridiculed, as this eminent Dutch scientist explains:
      According to Gøtzsche, truth, science, honesty, decency, and respect for human rights were among the first victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  5. Monique says:

    I have been following you guys since I met you in QLD when you were on your bikes. You were just a wee babe Woody and you and your mum sang me your sugarcane monoculture song. Your blogs and videos have kept me sane these last years. I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to the truth. Do you watch Jimmy Dore? You might enjoy his channel and this lil gem:

    1. Thanks Monique, it’s great to hear from you again. “Sugar cane, it’s all the same, sugar cane, it’s all the same, sugar cane, it’s all the same, Queensland monoculture!” Haha!

      Singing joyfully and cheekily to our children as we rode those thousands of kms of sugar cane monoculture, pointing out the harms caused by the domination narrative, so they don’t have to internalise being slaves to industrial ill-health, while at the very same time performing another, very joyous and freeing way of being – on a bicycle, carrying tents and each other and looking for food not under economic lock and key.

      We’re still in that place with Covid – in an empowered and free way singing out (to the few listening) that the vaccines are just more sugarcane pumped into the veins of the populace, advertised as “safe & effective” but really just another false and seductive ‘convenience’ so obviously bringing harm to the complex biota of peoples’ bodies, and to society’s biosphere at large.

  6. Ben says:

    Love your work, as always.

    “Not forcing you. Just taking away your rights until you consent.” This sums up what for me was the darkest part of this entire mess. Society spends 40+ years trying to reduce the persecution of minorities, but as soon as people don’t agree with the mainstream persecution is mandated by health directives.

    It made me uncomfortable to go out during COVID, not for fear of this virus, but for the continual “mandatory” poor treatment of people who were unvaccinated, by choice or otherwise.

    Dark days in our democracy.

    1. Thanks Ben, yes, dark days indeed, but looking at the meta-narrative so many more people are alive to and resisting the corruption, and are preparing for more assaults on their/our rights. Greater oppression and coercion always leads to aggregating vulnerability of the controllers and a reclamation of rights from the populace. We may have many more dark days, even years, but we’re big believers in human integrity and how it shines a light on wrong relationship.

  7. Jean-Marc says:

    Thank you for your well resarch post…
    Social trust has been broken, sad state of affairs! We can now only evolve by having a reclusive approach from whom we once could trust, believe and look onto to progress our humanity… friendship, families, communities, science, politics… We all struggle and are now disempowered beyond reconciliation it seems.
    I want to be proven wrong!…

    1. Human care, love and integrity always shines through, J-M. It will again, but there’s more pain to come before the oppressors and their ‘nothing to see here’ captains retreat from our lives again. Our neighbourhood relations with fellow humans and Life itself – in all its magic and more-than-human wisdom – is the way home. The way home to groundedness. Come sing in the forest and shed some tears with us!

  8. Pat Hockey says:

    Goodness that’s an immense amount of work.

    I’m not clear why you can’t just assert that it is a fundamental right in a democracy to control what you are medicated with and impositions to do with that need to be moderated in the interests of a stable democracy. For the unvaccinated the impositions have been on a similar level to those imposed in China and pointing that out has real potency.

    Otherwise your premise becomes too extreme and even a little bizarre: namely, that the virus is not harmful; the vaccine is in fact more harmful and the whole thing is a fraud and part of a massive cover up to raise funds for Pharmaceutical companies.

    Even if the above were true it would describe such a complex international conspiracy to raise a few billion dollars for a few select companies globally that it is simply unbelievable.

    Australians have spent more on chocolate at Easter time in the same period than we have spent on covid vaccinations. Also it’s widely reported that 70% have declined a third booster so in terms of the vaccine roll-out the show is over.

    1. Thanks again Pat for your difference here. We’re not quite sure what you are saying in your second para, but your overall point seems clear enough (we think): that we are turning a molehill into a mountain. Would this be fair to say? Before you answer, would you be willing to read this short review of Dutch doctor and researcher, Peter Gotzsche’s new book on the pandemic, published on a former ABC science reporter’s website, Maryanne Demasi:

      1. Pat Hockey says:

        I’m certainly on board with the idea expressed there that social media is a lawless place where anything goes – “Social media has played an undeniable and nefarious role in this cultural return to the Middle Ages”. I try to avoid social media as incoherent nonsense.

        Otherwise, yes, it’s actually quite hard just to get an anti-mandate sympathetic letter published in the press at the moment, but the forces at play when the sub-editor or publisher makes the decision not to run are far more pedestrian than the influence of big tech or big pharma.

        1. Thank you for acknowledging this difficulty to publish, Pat. Though the tide may be turning, did you read this.

          1. Pat Hockey says:

            Yes I did read it but struggled to find much of consequence or new in it – I’m not clear why you are attaching such weight to it.

          2. Among the many things we found novel in the article, Pat – including the fact a major newspaper actually reported this story – the term ‘long vax’ is novel language fit-for-purpose for a novel injection that in real scientific terms shouldn’t be even labelled a vaccine. As people become increasingly ill, hooked up to the ever-increasing poisons of big Pharma, terms like ‘long vax’ will become increasingly common lexicon. Could you please direct us to other major newspapers in Australia reporting on vaccine injury, using terms like ‘long vax’, and giving language (and story) to what has so tragically taken place in the biologies of Australian people.

  9. Bev says:

    Well researched and written, as always. It hasn’t ended and I can’t see an end in sight. Even though it’s obvious the ‘vaccines’ don’t work to eliminate the virus, and have caused huge numbers of deaths and injuries, those behind all of this have just doubled down and increased the pushing of the narrative. It is simply surreal. Thanks for all you do. You have kept me sane through it all.

    1. Yes, doubled-down! So true Bev. The Age this morning is parroting Bill Gate’s “the age of pandemics” fear campaign. In other words we should read: “prepare yourselves everyone for the age of forced medical procedures, but don’t worry, we’ve learnt from our failures and the next gen of synthetic biology injections will be honky dory.” It’s incredible people still believe anything published in Nine Entertainment’s, The Age, with Big Pharma captured, ex-treasurer and former Liberal party politician, Peter Costello, at the helm.

  10. Eliot says:

    Thank you for your continued hard work guys. I was reminded that the persecution is alive and well, kicked off a job site today in Wangaratta despite providing a negative Rapid Antigen Test as requested. The absence of logic hurts my head more than Covid ever did.

    1. Thanks Eliot, that’s hard to read. It’s as if the state government doesn’t want people to work. Now why would that be? Why would a Labor government actively work against workers working? Yes, the absence of logic in relation to the mandating of flawed injections that are obviously not safe (safety would mean these jabs caused no injury or death) and not effective (transmission is elevated in the most vaccinated parts of the world). Governments can only get away with tyranny in the absence of a 4th estate, and as the last Australian journalist, Julian Assange, is locked up in the tyrannical nation-state of the USA, what could possible go wrong?

    1. We just typed into our browser, “Vaccine injuries in Australia” and clicked the ‘News’ tab. Apart from the (scientist hits out at TGA), which we sent you, the only other Australian article comes up as the SMH one you reference here. How can you say “that’s not right,” Pat? What sort of false equivalence are you playing at?

  11. Ben says:

    Thanks for the article yet another oasis in the desert of denialism

    It’s remarkable to continue to observe the vilification by “science”, state and society on those that question and think for themselves, be it rightly or wrongly we will let “them” decide and deliberate as to “what is truth”
    But how long will it take for those to see the extent of what’s happening?

    We are living through the largest targeted psychological and experimental medical procedure to ever take place on humanity!!!

    All those still Blessed by ignorance!!

    what a time to bare witness! Mass psychosis is actually a thing and celebrated!!

    KOOL AID ANYONE? Mmm don’t mind if I do can I have just a touch of heart inflammation with mine thanks, great!!

    1. Thanks Ben, yes the self-assuredness that science has saved humanity is the greatest lie being fervently advanced atm, and digs a monumental grave for science, society and humanity more broadly. It is more likely than not that ‘science’ both created and worsened this pandemic.

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