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People Care includes Voluntary Consent (with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav)

Those who declare that Holocaust analogies are “off-limits” are betraying the victims of the Holocaust, by denying the relevance of the Holocaust.

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor speaking at the 75th Anniversary Event of the Nuremberg Code in Nuremberg, Germany, on August 20, 2022.

This video is the personal opinion of Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor, founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and an activist against some practices of the biomedical industry, particularly in matters of patient consent and children.

You can listen to the audio-only version here (22min listen):


In this video we have edited Vera’s address and added a little music by Sambodhi Prem. Thanks Sambodhi! And thanks to subscriber, Andy, for forwarding the original link to us.

Permaculture ethics are founded on people care, earth care and fair share, and this is why we could not support the state-Pharma Covid response, which attacks all three of these ethics and every permaculture principle. It has been astounding to us that so many people who call themselves permies have capitulated to the colonisations of the state-Pharma nexus, which is intrinsically industrial in form, scale and byproduct.

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  1. V.S. says:

    This is really quite confronting even though I have seen the parallels for quite some time now (and been ridiculed for making these comparisons).
    As someone who has lost ancestors and relatives during the Nazi regime (on both Polish and German sides) it really saddens me to think that history is repeating and that most people are oblivious to this.
    I am so glad that I used my intuition and had such beautiful people around me to offer support.

    It saddens me that families and relationships have been torn apart on the issue of coercive mandates out of fear. Segregation and alienation from support networks, religion and spirituality is all part of their agenda and only makes them stronger. Support each other, love each other and bring in peace and protection to the innocent people & living things of this earth.

    1. YouTube just deleted this same video from our channel, which rather proves Vera’s point. As she says, we are potentially on a path to another Holocaust. This is probably true because the majority are saying, “nothing to see here, we must obey the state-Pharma nexus otherwise people will die in droves. The unvaccinated (or anyone questioning the narrative) are the problem, the state-Pharma nexus is our saviour.” The propaganda has been so effective.

  2. Kate Beveridge says:

    Thank you for this powerful message. We, also have been surprised by the number of permies following along with this narrative of BIG PHARMA knows best. It has certainly made me question so much about the permaculture movement, not permaculture itself but the way some are using it for their own means

    1. Yes Kate, “[i]t has certainly made me question so much about the permaculture movement, not permaculture itself but the way some are using it for their own means.” Absolutely!

  3. Patricia Koernig says:

    I respect your point of view, and am always challenged by it. But in the interest of balance, should we also not include testimony of our fellow brothers and sisters with auto immune compromised systems, or who are battling illnesses, who are suffering the devastating affects of isolation, and health issues for fear of exposure to COVID from family members and communities that refuse to wear masks around them and are unvaccinated? There are always two sides to every story.
    Much appreciation always.

    1. Schwab says:

      Patricia, what this shows is that you are still powerfully wedded to your dug in politicsl position, and have not even begun to address the issue, instead simply repeating youf narrative over and over again, as though this somehow makes it true or justifies it. All behind the fig leaf of ‘balance’.

      The ‘vaccines’ do not stop or slow transmission and are themselves harmful beyond any doubt. Mask science is hotly disputed, but there is compelling evidence they harm the wearers both psychologically and mentally, while also being ineffective in most settings.

      If your mates are terrified of these facts then they need to wake up and study the reality, and some alternative early treeatments. Maintaining a false epistemic bubble for their perceived comfort is not helping anyone. In fact, the underlying knowledge that all the official measures are useless or harmful is fuelling a lot of the fear and magical thinking. The off ramp is to get back to reality, my friend.

      The fact that you have not commented on the fact that a multinational tech corporation is arbitrarily censoring a holocaust survivor speaking about the ominous parallels speaks volumes about where your head is at. She is standing there screaming a warning at you and you are blithely, wilfully and somewhat callously turning your back to her. Reminds me of the somewhat triumphant, twisted, supercilious sneer on the face of the Qld education minister as she announced they are going to continue to punish unjabbed teschers.

      People like you scare the hell out of me, and I am sure the feeling is entirely mutual.

      1. Schwab says:

        Sorry had to type on the run, obviously I meant to say the masks are both psychologically and physically damaging, especially for children. Here is a Trail Site news article with links to voluminous mask studies, pointing out the ambiguity of the science around mask wearing, which may be more totemic than anything else.

    2. Thanks so much for the respectful difference you bring here with your questioning, Patricia. We have been sharing stories across the Covid debate for many months now, including with an immune-compromised and vaccinated-mask wearing friend (see our interview with Trace Balla). But as it has become increasingly clear that masks, lockdowns and so-called vaccines have done little to create herd immunity but rather much to create fear, money for elites, more ill-health, and extend the life of the ‘pandemic,’ (and therefore the misery of most). We ask you to stay open to challenging all we’ve been fed through state-hired nudge units and corporate media over the past couple of years. We are focussing on narratives across the spectrum, but focussing more on opinions and perspectives the corporate media is avoiding or shutting down. To hear from a Holocaust survivor is important in this moment (esp one who has been outing unethical medical practices for decades), because of the parallels between 1933 and 2020, as Vera mentions in her address. What greater expert is there? Why isn’t she being given coverage in the corporate media? YouTube has censored her voice like so many over the past two years and vilified them with hit pieces. Vera’s video is our fourth censored video on YT this year.

      Forced or coerced experimental injections, the creation of a scapegoat class, and propaganda and censorship from Big media are the hallmarks of tyranny. That the majority is not seeing this is another parallel to 1933. So while the ABC, Guardian, BBC, The Age, NPR etc continue to dismiss broad opinions we will continue to share the stories that build on the overall story of the pandemic, which is closer to getting at the truth and uncovering the nefarious actors we’ve all been subjected to. Stories, for example, that include YT’s winding back of censoring opinions about mask and social distancing efficacy.

    1. Thanks Sebastian, when the Left media starts digging deeper and stops calling people conspiracy theorists for deviating from the state-Pharma narrative and starts asking bad arse questions, and when over-the-top conspiracy theorists stop promulgating ridiculous stories (that may well have originated from the war machine of the industrial military complex itself), then we might return to some semblance of democracy and some semblance of basic human rights. Otherwise we agree with Vera, we’re on a path to another wave of tyranny and state-corporate violence where a scapegoated class is used to turn the light away from the real threat to humanity and the living world.

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