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Artist as Family’s Covid protocols

Covid finally arrives in our home and we use this event to explain our protocols for both prevention and early treatment.

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  1. Shane says:

    Thanks for your generosity in sharing your process in such detail. I found it inspiring & fascinating. Now I know what chickweed is, I’ll leave it in my salads! This week I did my first RAT – I had to present a –ve test at the hospital where I went for a routine BMD test, purely because I’m not vaccinated. However, I had (I assume, & my GP agrees, for what that’s worth) Covid 4 months ago: my partner tested +ve while staying w/ me. He’s double vaccinated & Covid wiped him out for a few days. I experienced only mild symptoms: headache, brief neck ache, throat-clearing & a day of dryish sniffles. My partner’s symptoms lingered much longer. I just continued swimming daily (while social distancing), & didn’t alter my usual regimen, which entails a daily Vit. D capsule because I don’t get enough sun, a daily zinc tablet because I’m almost vegan, & lots of rosehip hibiscus tea + a little bit of orange juice, which takes care of my Vit. C level. I never take any pharmaceuticals (not even when I’ve had broken bones or migraines) because my system is too sensitive to them & I’m unwilling to deal w/ the side effects. For nearly 4 decades now, I’ve viewed microorganisms as entities that might have a useful job to do if they happen to enter my body (due to some gap in my energy field: some part of my system I’m not fully inhabiting), not as hostile forces to be fought, so I tend to just ride out whatever’s happening, & rest if necessary, rather than resist. I also think fear is a major stressor, which harms the immune system, so I make a point of avoiding sensationalistic media that exploit anxiety & encourage rage & paranoia. Anyway, thank you again for all your useful tips, openness & calm sanity.

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