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Artist as Family’s Covid protocols (prevention and early treatment)

Covid finally arrived in our home this week and we use this event to explain our protocols for both prevention and early treatment, and examine the lies, the lab leak, and the misinformation spread by the corporate media in collusion with the state-Pharma nexus that resulted in the deaths of millions of people.

Here’s the audio-only version


As mentioned in the video, we’d love you to share your protocols and what has helped you to either prevent or early treat Covid. In an era of medical fascism those of us not wanting to participate in the state-Pharma nexus will need to grow our post-industrial medicine knowledges and share them freely.

References (in order of appearance)

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We recorded this video yesterday, and we are happy to let you know that today, on day 5, Meg has no more symptoms and is feeling back to her songbird Magpie self.

Signing off with much love, solidarity and care,
Artist as Family


  1. Geoff Ebbs says:

    No text only version?

    1. Sorry Geoff, not enough hours in the day.

  2. Bev Courtney says:

    Loved this video. Many thanks for sharing it. Have just shared to Facebook. Will watch it again and take notes. Meg, I would love the recipe for the fermented milk and will look forward to a video on it.

    I bought IVM from Canada…very expensive but worth it. I tried India but wasn’t successful and anyway a friend had hers from India taken by customs.

    Patrick mentioned that turmeric won’t/doesn’t grow here. I’m in south-east Melbourne and have grown it successfully in an old bath in compost including a liberal dose of chook poo compost and humanure. I’ve been taking vitamin C and D, zinc and magnesium but must get on to more natural food-based forms. I have chickweed everywhere but mostly it goes to the chooks.

    Surprised you didn’t mention black cumin (Nigella sativa). It is on the treatment protocol from the FLCCC network. I bought 500gm from a seed supplier, thinking I would grow my own, but it didn’t germinate…it must have been treated.

    BTW, covid hasn’t visited me yet.

    Thanks again.

    PS please note the changed email address if you don’t already have it.

    1. Thanks Bev, it will be interesting to see how long your post lasts on Facebook.

      Ah, yes, we forgot to mention a few things like Nigella sativa and zinc. Thanks for raising this. We take the Nigella in capsule form.

      Sounds like you’re well prepared should Covid come knocking.

      Oh, the days we’re living in – when a Nobel Prize wining drug that has broad use in humans, has 40 years of scientific literature behind it, and is so safe it can be administered in a household setting by non-experts, is ceased by customs. Oh boy!

  3. Ellen says:

    Thank you for this video. Most inspirational. Will start grazing my weedy garden again.

  4. here’s what we do
    take a homepathic vaccine from dr Issac golden
    take nasturtium cough vine tinctures
    mullein tinct and dried as tea elderberry elderflower tinct and dried as tea

    we use plants to heal and nourish us we care for each other
    the virus came and passed thru us without any drama.
    I recently made a violet syrup for the little ones coughs.
    like anything it is about treating what presents
    a good diet ..we have stinging nettle teas lots of lemon myrtle lemon verbena lemon balm
    make our own medicines within a space of no chemicals
    gratitude and joy .

    1. Thanks for sharing your protocols, Sandra. Plants are so giving and generous.

  5. Helen Riek says:

    Also NAC, N Acetyl Cisteine, (600mg)has shown good results in 3 ways.
    Attact on invading covid virus
    Detox of Nitrous Oxide byproducts from toxic buildup in
    liver of harmful toxins to prevent
    overload leading to cytocine storm.

    Sorry cant find reference to extensive reseach into NAC

    Q what dose size of mega dose vitamin C and what form.

    Thanks Helen

    1. Thanks Helen, we’ve put a link to Dr Peter Couttie’s homemade megadose Vit C video, which will answer your questions.

  6. Annabella Bray says:

    Thank you so much for this! I haven’t had covid yet despite being a homeless housesitter and moving around by public transport, doing what I can preventatively. Feel better informed now I’ve heard your advice 🙂

    1. Thanks Annabella, just having a Covid kit of medicines and food medicines ready to go is peace of mind. In above comments there’s discussion about Nigella sativa and zinc, which we forgot to mention. These are fairly important too.

  7. White witch says:

    Thank you for all the information you both have shared. Awesome. I use my own medicine when I become ill, which I grow or forage for. I am a big fan of all natural medicines and especially elderberry.
    I had a reaction to St Johns Wort, I had heart palpitations. Which can be a side affect from it. I didn’t use the fresh herb though, I was taking it in tablet form.
    Our bodies belong to us and I believe it is a duty to the environment and community to do the up most best to treat the body as a temple. You don’t want any body or anything coming in to smash it up. Look forward to more of your work. Blessings to you both. White Witch.

    1. Thank you White witch. Medicine is really about connection to place and connection to plants and mushrooms. Human health is living without fear, in community and in connection with the Mother. The attack on plant medicines and community held plant knowledges has been a toxic-patriarchy project, which Big Pharma and public ‘health’ is just the next iteration of.

  8. Rachel says:

    A powerful message and validating of my own family’s personal beliefs towards health and wellness. I share your anger and frustration at the gross impotence and neglect by the “public health system” and its management of the spicy flu. Thank you for sharing your story and for offering a voice of reason in these really baffling times.

  9. Penny says:

    Thank you so much for this informative video, Meg and Patrick and glad you have recovered with such grace, Meg – it has inspired me to do more! The supplements I am taking include vitamins c, d3 and zinc – and I also recently started taking amla powder and aloe vera gel moving (once again) into nutrition from nature.

    Meg, can’t wait for the kefir video!

    (Your protocol would make a great digital Guide/PDF for covid but any flu or cold.)

    Many thanks.

  10. Jac says:

    Hats off to this trusted source of info. The body as temple is good to hear again. I have no protocol, just Echinacea. As I live near the coast fresh air is helpful. And sunlight, indeed. Also trusting your immune system & avoidance of people who are channeling fear. No tv. No news etc. Thank-you for reminding me of St.John’s Wort. I also took a tab that had Codeine. That helped. Great link to Dr. Tess Lawrie. Excellent blog

    1. Thanks Jac, the ‘body as temple’ metaphor that Patrick spoke of was attempting to suggest the body is not a temple in isolation. It is no more and no less important than everything and everyone around it, and the complex interconnections – the threads between things – are also sacred.

      1. Jac says:

        Lovely to hear that. Those words feel good on my mind.

  11. Rachel says:

    Thank you for saying it how it is (again!). The anger is hard to deal with, I feel it and it wants to engulf me. We have been thoroughly put through the mincer with the corruption and lies that have enabled the few to transfer unimaginable ‘wealth’, which feeds the power these few have, which of course, gives them more potential to do it all over again. It is a travesty and very hard to handle. I know there are many who see it as we do but it does feel like we don’t live amongst them where we are. Previously compliant people are now beginning to see through the veil but too many of them are STILL going along with all the signs and actions of servitude to the ‘wrong’ narrative, it’s wearying and frustrating. Thank you for continuing to shine such beautiful, natural light on the world.

    1. Thanks Rachel!

      Social media plays a big role in people’s belief systems and ideology today, which is why we left it and left behind an audience of 20,000+. We are still on YouTube but we are currently shut out again for posting the Vera Sharav video. We’re happy sharing to a much reduced audience and as creators we’re not seduced by the need to feed the algorithm or subscribers’ needs and we don’t tailor our content to be popular.

      As the next biosecurity threat is put on us all again, more people will wake up. More and more people are being harmed by the jabs, which is a cruel wake up call for some. Some doubledown, however, even if they’ve lost a baby, got myocarditis or Long Vax. The denial is easier than to come out of the fog of the dominant narrative.

      We were slow at first, too. When the postie brought a package in early 2020, we left it outside in the sun for a number of hours. We thought Covid was Ebola status bc we tuned in to the ABC. Silly us. We soon came to realise the fabrications and exaggerations we fear-tools to construct mass compliance.

      So we do what we’ve done for nearly two decades – avoid medical centres, chemists, petrol stations, supermarkets, corporate media and politicians, which is our ticket to well being, apart from all the aforementioned protocols (and more) that we mentioned in the video.

      Much solidarity xx

  12. Nick Towle says:

    Our local experience with COVID-19 has been very different. For those of us in northwest lutruwita/Tasmania we experienced one of the first significant outbreaks in Australia. Being a regional community we all had connections to those who died, and several of our hospital staff landed in ICU. It was a shock to see younger, previously robust folk so unwell and some have not returned to their pre-COVID level of health. Of course there were no vaccines and much speculation around potential treatments. Uncertainty around the mode of transmission was also high. Many in our local permaculture network gathered and prevention became, and remains, a key focus. From our collective research and experience of previous infection outbreaks we identified wearing masks as an accessible technique for our community. As a low tech, viable community strategy we put in much work to make good quality masks. This preceded any government mandates, but it was effective and felt like commonsense by this stage. Some in our region laughed at our early hesitant reactions because they come from countries where facemasks or ‘face pants’ are socially polite and normal when you have a respiratory infection. With the lockdowns we turned to harvesting and providing food for those in need. There was some important community education in this. We recognise the value of vitamin C, but to gain such benefit from daily fruit and vegetables it is vital to pick and consume these when ripe. Part of this involved mapping what is in season and for one of our community healthy living hubs this includes fresh fruit for around 9 months and relying on bottled and dried for the remainder. Garlic ferments are certainly on the list and generally we haven’t been promoting products that need to be manufactured out of region. Another focus has been around activity and plenty of sunlight, particularly for our latitude. With so much emphasis on things to put into our bodies, the important aspects of exercise and mindfulness practice as immune boosting activity were being overlooked by many. Thankfully a number of our local permaculture elders have remained COVID free. It’s an evolving story and we are grateful to the community that have rallied around our prevention efforts.

  13. PermaGrannie says:

    Greetings from the Northeast, USA. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery, Meg. I am a devotee of the honey-garlic mixture, which I have been making since watching your video. Cinnamon and turmeric are cupboard staples, together with Vitamin C. Also, we have moved to an area which we have always loved, no doubt a plus to our health and the mind-body connection. Sending love and hugs to you all!

  14. Sebastian says:

    Hi again from Uruguay! After having been exposed to covid for 2 years, including while visiting vaxxed friends who were still ill, my whole family got the virus this winter. We were a live example of covid at work at different age groups, from our 3-month baby to my 81-year-old mom.
    To be honest, apart from some very strange symptoms like joint pain, metallic taste and severe fatigue and doziness I did not suffer much and neither did my partner or our son. My mom had a longer recovery period, but that is understandable given her age. Apart from aspirin and home made herbal teas we did not take any drugs, I guess a healthy lifestyle along with natural food provided a strong immunity system to us all.

  15. Jessica says:

    I love your integrity, your honesty, your empathy for others who are making different decisions. The way you speak about honouring our bodies with the food we choose, and our social responsibility to stay well, I feel your passion and your true commitment to all living beings. You are fabulous role models for my family, thank you! Fermented garlic is a firm favourite in our household since your recipe Meg!! Best wishes.

  16. kate smiley says:

    Wonderful video! Thank you for sharing. I’ve followed various frontline doctors, naturopaths and other healers and their protocols, but still haven’t had covid. We have a good stock of natural remedies, herbs and supplements that we use to treat everything that comes our way. Black seed oil or just the seeds (nigella sativa) seems to be a potent (bitter-tasting) anti-viral/bacterial addition. Mixed with manuka honey, warm water and lemon juice makes a soothing drink. We were fortunate that our own family integrative GP warned us agains the vaccines very early on, so it was easy to resist the pressure. Your message of personal responsibility to our wondrous bodies, and the value of community are much appreciated and desperately needed in these dreadful times. I must say I am increasingly swayed by Dr Sam Bailey’s approach to illness and health. Her podcast interviews are very thought-provoking. Keep up the good work!

  17. KQ says:

    Thanks for the richness of this sharing- can you please point me in the direction of the onion kraut recipe if there is one? Happy to just experiment and freestyle it otherwise.

  18. Jamet Georgina says:

    Thanks for another inspiring video !
    You haven’t mentionned horseradish and I was wondering if it could be helpful for our immunity too ? Would love to hear your thoughts and recipes…
    Take care

    1. Thanks Georgina! We love horseradish and have a thriving patch growing beneath our blood orange tree. We use it in a number of ways and will be sure to make a video of these next time we harvest some. We add it to our Mistress Tonic (Fire Cider) and we ferment it in a number of different ways.

      1. Jamet says:

        I will look forward to learning more about this plant !

  19. Eleanor says:

    Thank you so much for this video. Covid came about our home this week and it was really good to revisit this info and remind my foggy head of things to do to support our family.
    Much gratitude as always!

    1. We’re so glad this resource was helpful, Eleanor. Much healing love xx

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