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In a world of misinformation, censorship and propaganda, here are our go-to media and thinkers

Because we do not trust government-funded or corporate media – our trust of mainstream media (MSM) was broken long before, though significantly amplified by, Covid – we thought it might be useful to share links of the broad range of media and commentary we subscribe to, which we cross-reference on a regular (if not daily) basis to help build an understanding of where we are now.

While, as neopeasants, our focus is mostly in the realm of the local – relationships with neighbours, nearby community and friends, trees, bees, goats, sheep, chickens, soils, rocks, birdsong, hills, oldtimer and weedy biota, mycelium, creeks, weather and seasonal patterns, in essence Djaara Mother Country – we are also critically aware of what is occurring in ‘the world’ of globalised humans. Those either behaving poorly or uncommonly courageously.

As we’ve witnessed over the past 3 years, pop-fascism – a term I coined nearly two decades ago – is radically expanding its sphere of influence. To fight the mis- and disinformation of the state-corporate nexus that together has created pop-fascism (also known as corporatism) we need to be ever more vigilant and critical. Not in total, because obsessing over politics and world affairs can make us sick or boring or unhinged, especially if these things are all we reduce ourselves to, like Twitter-junkies. Rather, we give about an hour a day – that is a one-in-24 attention span – to such abstraction, which helps us to plan, act and engage in our more rooted realms.

We don’t believe the state-corporate nexus comes from an evil cabal or there is some overarching global conspiracy. Mainly because elites and political power-mongers are by nature way too back-stabbing and competitive to hold one unified narrative together for very long. Rather, the corruption is grown systemically out of wrong relationship, which has steadily expanded and merged the two great colonial-evangelical forces – state and corporate power – into the dangerous nexus it has become.

Undemocratic pop-fascist organisations who increasingly rule over our lives, like the WHO (World Health Organisation) and WEF (World Economic Forum), are the embodiment of such colonial fundamentalism rebranded as ‘global development’. Rather than distributed, grass roots, local organisation combining the most meritorious of regional, western, eastern and Indigenous thought and cosmologies – these paternalistic institutions and the governments and ‘experts’ that serve them, believe the only way to save ‘the world’ is via a top-down approach where big industry radically profits through triumphant saviourism – because how else can the world be ‘saved’?

Over the past several decades western governments and corporates have used pop PR strategies (now merged into Behavioural Insights) to increase their power and control over populations. But this power over creep of pop-fascism – a fascism that creeps quietly into place – is now shifting up some gears. Protesting is becoming increasingly dangerous as governments become ever more militaristic and hard-lined, state and corporate surveillance of people is aggregating, dissenting or alternative views are being increasingly attacked and censored, income earning in many workplaces is now dependent on taking novel industrial injections, young people are being colonised and permanently harmed by posthumanist medicine under the ideological guise of gender liberty, and democracy, which has long been an impoverished social form, is now riddled with cancer.

If we continue to give our attention to state-, corporate- or billionaire-influenced medias (MSM) then we are simply giving these captured outlets power over us. By instead giving our attention to a wide range of independent outlets and thinkers, we not only get broader, more diverse discourse in our inbox, we are also not reliant on media that has been filtered through nudge units or virtue warriors who believe they can speak for others.

That’s why we love Michael Leunig, who last year was stepped down from his Monday spot in The Age for posting on his own website the below cartoon, after The Age rejected it for publication. At a time when the state government of Victoria (the bogus colonial state where both Leunig and we live) were literally pointing weapons at those of us who were critical of the medical fascism taking place, he acted critically, courageously and creatively.

We don’t blindly go along with the thoughts and opinions in the articles and posts we read in the below news sites, websites and Substack pages, but we offer the links below as a way for you to see what a diverse and at times (necessarily) paradoxical information ecology looks like.

All the bigotry we’ve had to endure over the past few years has stemmed from people who only refer to MSM. MSM use major events, stories and campaigns to place people into either the correct or incorrect team, while ignoring the most important issues affecting local peoples around the world. Such has been the reduction of discourse and nuanced debate in MSM, and as a result the blossoming of new medias and journalistic approaches.

Please be aware: nearly every one of the following people or websites have had hit pieces crafted against them by MSM and their ‘Fact Checking’ propaganda units. If you read these hit pieces and let them influence you before deeply diving into the work, ideas, commentary and arguments held in the links below, then the state-corporate nexus has already assumed power over you.

Independent Websites
The Grayzone 
The Brownstone Institute 
Consortium News
Zero Sum
The Automatic Earth
World Council for Health
The Exposé
Common Sense News 
Reclaim the Net
Common Dreams
Children’s Health Defence
Great Barrington Declaration

Individuals we follow
Bari Weiss – former NYT reporter
Tyson Yunkaporta
Bret Weinstein
Vandana Shiva
Dr John Campbell 
Iain McGilchrist
Robert Malone
Russell Brand
Geert Vanden Bossche
David Holmgren
John Vervaeke
John Michael Greer
Dr Martin Kulldorff

Michael Leunig
Bob Moran
Anne Gibbons

Substack writers
– health
A Better Way to Health with Dr Tess Lawrie – former WHO consultant
Eugyppius: a plague chronicle
Unreported Truths (Alex Berenson) – former NYT reporter
Maryanne Demasi, reports – former ABC science reporter
Unacceptable Jessica (Jessica Rose)
Dystopian Down Under (Rebekah Barnett) 
Dead Man Talking (Joel Smalley) 
Mattias Desmet
– critical-cultural
Edward Snowden – CIA whistleblower
Trish Wood is Critical
Radical Media – by Maajid Nawaz
CJ Hopkins’ Consent Factory
From The Forests of Arduinna (Rhyd Wildermuth)
Natural Selections (Heather Heying)
Glenn Greenwald – former Guardian journalist
Kathleen Stock
John Waters Unchained
Outspoken with Dr Naomi Wolf 
The Chris Hedges Report
Post-Woke (Mickey Z)
Charles Eisenstein
The Abbey of Misrule (Paul Kingsnorth)

Laptop class journalism and discourse have limits, and these writers are only some of our human reference points. There are crossovers here with our community of thoughtsmiths, which we reference on our Resources page. But most of our significant teachers and thinkers are not human – they are places in country, in grief, in night sky, in mushrooms, in plants and in animals.

Writers who, like us, shovel shit as part of their daily lifeway and economy, such as Wendell Berry, Vandana Shiva, David Holmgren and John Berger, tend to have a more significant impact on us than food-already-in-the-fridge writers who generally find it more difficult to see outside of an anthropocentric lens. And yes, we occasionally visit MSM sites, which gives us perspective on the deepening state-corporate propaganda crisis.

We hope this list is useful to you. It is by no means static for us, and we invite you, Dear Reader, to recommend your go-to writers and websites in the comments.


  1. Marilia Orantas says:

    Love all you do
    Keep it on !
    I would like to share 2 substacks that I think is a very good and loving one: Tessa Lena (Tessa fighting robots) and Dr Mercola, of course!
    Kisses and hugs from Brasil
    Thanks for everything

    1. Gabriella Palko says:

      Hey y’all, I’ve followed you for years and have been interested in a lot of the work you’ve been putting out, but I’m really scared by this “gender ideology” stuff you’re talking about. Trans people in my community and communities in a lot of places are being targeted and murdered as a direct result of this line of thinking. Do you know trans people in real life or are you getting this from internet sources?

      1. Natalie says:


        Just wanted to support this comment. I watched one of your videos (I think an interview with David Holmgren) which mentioned the automatic earth website. I went to check it out and the first post contained an anti woke cartoon implying that being trans is a lie and racism is a lie amoung other things being lies. It shocked me that the person providing that content resonates with y’all. I’m obviously not suggesting that you saw that particular content and agreed with it. It’s just seeing that kind hate for me discredits the author / sharer from having a wise perspective.

        That isn’t to say I don’t have issues with wokeness, or even questions about hormones and surgeries in the context of a limits to growth world. But there are no limits to the culture we can create and there is no reason that folk shouldn’t express their gender however feels right, and feel the love and belonging and inclusion from the community. It makes me feel quite sick when I think of sharing “limits to growth” content my non binary sibling and I can’t feel safe that they won’t come across comments that dehumanise them.

        Tyson Yunkaporta said something in a recent podcast .. (I felt like it was referring to Bret Weinstein) about nodding along with evolutionary theorists, and suddenly “and that’s why the trans kids are wrong”.

        Just something to be very careful about! No one needs to be excluded from belonging.

        1. Hello Natalie, thanks for your comment. Indeed, no one needs to be excluded from belonging, hence why we’re interested in both Bret and Tyson and many more besides. Please read our reply to Gabriella.

      2. Hello Gabriella, we’re sorry to hear this. Our critique here is looking at the expansion of predatory medicalisation and dangerous pharma product because we’ve seen a lot of this in recent years. Our critique has nothing to do with how folk identify or their sexual/gender preference. Why would that be any of our business? If we cannot have this conversation and separate the liberty or sovereignty aspect from the predatory one then we have another industry profiting on the suffering of others, free from scrutiny. Yes, we have trans and non-binary friends. The older ones are entirely across the medical exploitation issue, the younger ones are almost entirely clueless. You may wish to read this piece featuring two trans-doctor whistleblowers:

        1. Hailey says:

          Hi Patrick and Meg. I have been following Artist as Family for a while and greatly appreciate your work. Your thoughtful perspectives on rona from a leftist perspective (the side of politics I am most aligned with) have kept me sane. I was pleased to see Kathleen Stock on your list. Institutions, corporates, and most of the ‘left’ continue to shut down any discussion or critique of gender identity ideology, just as they did with the issue of vaccine mandates. I would recommend looking into the situation of Linda Gale, the would-be convener of the Victorian Greens, for a recent example. It should go without saying – it is not up for debate that every person should be able to express themselves however they like without facing violence or discrimination for doing so. What should be discussed are the legal consequences (for example, entry into single sex spaces by mere self-identification, and the potential warping of criminal offending statistics) and medical consequences that follow from such expression. There are many discussions to be had, particularly from a feminist perspective. I would recommend looking into the work of Holly Lawford-Smith, the LGB Alliance, and Isabella Malbin of the ‘Whose Body Is It’ podcast as some other alternative voices in this space.

          1. Thanks Hailey, we appreciate your comment and will look into the story of Linda Gale.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Toby Rogers, uTobian, is one of the six Substackers acknowledged by Charles Eisenstein in July. He is funny and thorough and strategic. Every now and then he puts out effective calls to action that his small army of followers implement, and micro-battles actually get won (in the U.S.) His Phd on the Politics of Autism is one of the 5 most downloaded thesis from Uni of Sydney. What a miracle it exists! It was completed just before the pandemic, and warned us what was on its way. He wrote most of it while living at my inner-city permaculture share house, so we got to help put his spirit back together each evening, after his daily trawl through the dark deeds afoot.
    You can find his PhD online, get addicted to him in Substack, and help look after him too.

    1. Hey thanks for this link, Cecilia. What a miracle such a thesis exists, indeed.

  3. Neil Foley says:

    Magnificent list, thanks for putting it together. Here’s a few podcasts that’ll make the drudgery of driving worthwhile…

    Useful Idiots
    The Punch Out
    The Socialist Program
    Pushback with Aaron Mate
    The Katie Halper Show
    Going Rogue with Caitlin Johnstone
    The Rania Khalek Show
    Breakthrough News
    Dosed with Abby Martin
    The Empire Files
    From What of To What’s Next
    The Glenn Greenwald Podcast
    The Crane
    14C Trouble with Daly and Wallace
    The Anti Empire Project
    Rune Soup
    Under the Skin

    I could go on and on, enjoy… 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Neil. Some goodies there and newbies (for us) too. We look forward to expanding our information fields and forests with this lot.

  4. I like Andreas Antonopoulos’ talks on bitcoin. Here’s one:

  5. Keppel Cassidy says:

    Thanks for this rich resource Patrick and Meg, many of the people you mention are familiar to me, but there are some new ones as well that I look forward to exploring. I feel that one bright spot in the last three years has been the growing network of diverse independent voices dedicated to sensemaking with integrity in whatever fields in which they work.

    Here are a few others that didn’t make your list that are favourites of mine, or have posted material that caught my attention:

    – Dr Been (Mobeen Syed): has lots of Youtube stories on early treatment, with great explanations of mechanisms of action and microbiological goings on. A member of FLCCC who helped develop their early treatment protocols, he is quirky, smart and a very decent human being.

    – The FLCCC, including Drs Pierre Kory and Paul Marik: weekly webinars on early treatment, Long Covid treatment and vax injury treatment. Kory also has a substack.

    – A Midwestern Doctor: an excellent, in depth Substack page with informative, thought provoking stories and lots of cutting edge holistic medical science as well as philosophy and spirituality

    – Jimmy Dore: ornery, radical US comedian, similar political position to the Grayzone folks

    – Dr Zeb Jamrozik: Australian bioethicist, excellent writing on vaccine mandates, lockdowns and masks and a generally good guy

    – Dr Sabine Hazan: pioneer of research and treatment for microbiome health including use of faecal transplants to treat many diseases, a courageous warrior woman for health and letting doctors be doctors. Her research partner in gastric health is the renowned Australian physician Dr Thomas Borody, who discovered the link between Heliobacter Pylori and stomach ulcers in the 1980s and also developed the IVM/doxycycline/Zinc triple therapy for Covid19 used to great effect in places like Uttar Pradesh. He was working with several doctors in Sydney to successfully treat Covid patients with this protocol during the Delta wave before the TGA’s shameful banning of ivermectin

    – Mary-Beth Pfeiffer: courageous investigative journalist who mostly writes for Trial Site News

    – Rebecca Strong: ditto, excellent, detailed exposes of big pharma skullduggery

    – Phil Harper (The Digger), Mathew Crawford (Rounding the Earth) and Alexandros Marinos (Do Your Own Research) – all excellent substack writers who forensically dissect the evidence for ivermectin and the dodgy evidence that has been cooked up to dismiss it

    – – An exhaustive list of research studies into the medicines and supplements that have been used for prevention and early treatment of Covid19. A real labour of love from a team of anonymous scientists and researchers

    – Propaganda in Focus – Intelligent, insightful writing on the manipulation of public discourse by the political-corporate power elites from a generally progressive, humanitarian perspective

    – Also the writer and social philosopher Daniel Schmachtenberger, though he hasn’t written much on Covid19 since 2020, is well worth exploring particularly his series ‘The War on Sensemaking’. Where Charles Eisenstein calls for a reimagining of our relationship with nature and each other to recover a sense of sacredness and loving care, Schmachtenberger calls for a reimagining of how we come to personal and collective understanding of the challenges of our world, taking it out of the realm of war-based, ‘win-lose’ thinking and into the realm of dialogue that listens for wisdom in every voice and seeks to work together to reach a higher understanding that is enriched, like an ecosystem, by the biodiversity of contributions from many souls.
    – Zach Bush – visionary integrative medical practitioner

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your info-ecology, Keppel. Daniel Schmachtenberger will be good to dive into. We wanted to add Giorgio Agamben but his blog is in Italian only. His book Where are we now: The epidemic as politics (2021) has been translated and we think is essential reading at this time. He, of course, has become another untouchable.

      Wow, this post is becoming quite a compost. Thanks for your contribution and for taking the time to intro each one.

  6. Marita says:

    Thanks for the great resources you have provided, and your courage in sharing these.
    I would like to add a Swiss historian and pacifist Dr. Daniele Ganser- he does have a website, a community online, and material in English language.

    1. Thanks so much Marita, we’ll take a dive.

  7. Some folks who show up here may enjoy, or benefit from, reading The R-Word. It provides some avenues of inquiry into political thought and practice which is not state and corporate captured. And it’s eco-centric.

  8. MG says:

    Just wanted to add a little Jane Halton to make everyone’s day. She’s probably been the most terrifying figure in all this from the start. A rather well connected lady. Her subtle cues here and nods to future health policy are extremely unnerving. i’e They’re going to do all they can to bring in an annual, compulsory multi-talent vaccine.

    Also a wonderful read from Unherd:

    1. Thanks MG! We look forward to reading that Unherd piece.

  9. Patrick H says:

    This sort of idea is intellectually bankrupt. Arguing that large media organisations are biased and not to be relied upon is too easy. Pick out individual falsehoods fair enough, but generalisations like this don’t pass scrutiny.

    It’s worse than that though; this takes it to the next level and argues that the reader should seek out the openly biased media.

    Makes no sense and smacks of lazy thinking.

    1. Glad to see we’ve prodded your shadow again, Mr Hockey. It’s evident before you made this comment that you haven’t surveilled openly the broad cross-section of thinkers and media across the political spectrum we’ve published here. Maybe you’ve done a quick skim, at best? Lazy? Ha.

      We suggest you take a closer look before you go into defending Bill Gates’ The Guardian, or the politically interfered with ABC (sans local or trivial stories that don’t affect the thrust of neoliberalism), or Peter ‘Revolving Door’ Costello’s Fairfax rags, where with his lobbyist mates (that he brought from Canberra) permeate a ‘progressive’ neoliberalism from the board of Nine Entertainment down through every page of The Age and SMH, from the bourgeois climate-wrecking travel sections to the smug hypertechnocivility of every front page.

      The future of journalism is small, diverse, ferociously independent journals and websites. We’ve had enough of the homogeneity and corruption of neoliberal media. We’re quite clear about that.

      We offer this blog post of links as just one example of a household mapping out their own information ecology, instead of being passively coerced by a dominant neoliberal cosmology that legacy media is captured by and Liberal and Labor ‘parties’ (or should we say ‘fund centres’ for corporate lobbyists) both blindly follow. It’s as if these fund centres have had a stroke in the right hemispheres of their logic centres.

      You’re welcome to your neoliberalism, Mr Hockey!

      1. Patrick H says:

        Nonsense; you have just reiterated outlandish generalisations in your response. Blaming the media for the state of the world rather than looking to the complexity of life is too easy. Have a look at what goes on in the unfettered world of social media: the character of the general public is brutish and ignorant.

  10. kate smiley says:

    Great work. Can I highly recommend three additions to your list of the truth-writers please:
    Rounding The Earth, a Substack and now video podcast. Mathew is a brilliant statistician with a wealth of knowledge. He has worked with Bobby Kennedy Jnr and Steve Kirsch and many of the enlightened doctors.

    The Duran on Youtube. Political commentary particularly involving Europe, Russia and the Ukraine. They are apolitical but excellent historians, and have very good guests.

    Dr Jessica Rose is a beautiful soul who has now spent thousands of hours analysis the VAERS data, and becoming increasingly horrified with what she is finding. She’s a longboard rider from Canada who wishes she was surfing….

    1. Thanks so much Kate, yes Jessica Rose was included in our initial list as Unacceptable Jessica, although we think her handle has changed. We will take a look at the other two links. Once again, thank you for sharing.

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