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Stories from the School of Applied Neopeasantry (podcast) with Victoria Battisti

We’ve had the pleasure of spending the week with Victoria Battisti, a young permaculturist from Argentina. Victoria has come to Australia on a pilgrimage to deepen her permaculture knowledges and awareness, and before she left for her next destination she sat down with Patrick to share a little of the story that led her to travel to our School of Applied Neopeasantry here in Djaara peoples’ country.

This podcast is the second in a series (listen to our first with Gregori Papanastasiou here), and is 30 mins in duration. We hope you enjoy this conversation with the effervescent Victoria Battisti.​​


As always your comments are most welcome, and if you are interested in being a SWAP (Social Warming Artists and Permaculturists) or a SWAN (Social Warming Artisans and Neopeasants) with us, please read this doc for more info.


  1. Pamela says:

    What a beautiful Soul. So lovely to hear of her experiences and what she has learnt and chooses to take further to fulfil her life. A true nurturing Soul with such a pleasant accent. Thank you Patrick an Meg for sharing. ❤️🌟🙏

    1. Thanks Pamela, it’s so reassuring and affirming to witness young people following their hearts and finding their inner courage outside of the imperatives, ideologies and manipulations of neoliberalism.

  2. Al says:

    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your conversation together, it had a nice flow and energy. Victoria seemed very honest and open. She expressed her thoughts and feelings very well especially considering it’s not her first language.

    1. Thanks for saying Al, we agree.

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