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Milk Kefir – neopeasant food-medicine in an age of post-industrial subsistence economies

Milk kefir is one of our daily medicines. It is an ancient wild fermenting practice that is able to turn milk – whatever kind of mammalian milk you have on hand – into a delicious food-drink that is rich in diverse beneficial microbes that make our guts sing. Milk kefir grains are happiest fermenting at room temperature, which makes them a perfect energy descent medicine as they don’t need heating or refrigeration.

In this video, Meg takes us through the process of how to care for your milk kefir grains. She makes a delicious milk kefir drink, and talks through some other ways we use this wild ferment in our daily lives.

When we had Covid – that (more than likely) lab engineered pathogen created by gain-of-function research scientists for the vaccine industry (as reported in 2021 by Prof Clive Hamilton and many more in the scientific community) – we took, among other things, milk kefir. It is part of the FLCCC early covid protocol. You can watch a video of us discussing what else we did here.

If you haven’t yet read Charles Eisenstein’s latest missive, Amnesty, Yes—And Here is the Price, we highly recommend it. As always your comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Deb says:

    Thanks for this video and all you do. I’ve been watching a few of your fermenting videos and experimenting at home. I love the three cornered leek kraut! Now to find some milk kefir grains.

    1. Thanks Deb,
      Perhaps search for an online Milk Kefir or fermenting group in your region. Joining such a group is a good way to connect with fermentors and with grains. xx

  2. Penny says:

    Delightful (as always) and inspiring, thank you, Meg! Love these videos and recipes and would love to see more of how you create and use the “wildness” creations 💖

    1. Thanks Penny,
      More to come… xx

  3. Bev says:

    Have been waiting for this and really enjoyed it. Thank you. I make my own yoghurt and kimchi and wanted to try more ferments. Now I need to find someone who can share some kefir grains with me. I don’t want shop-bought stuff if I can help it. (hope Patrick wasn’t standing in the rain with the camera!)

    1. Thanks Bev, no, Patrick remained dry as we have a roof over our outdoor kitchen. Perhaps search for an online Milk Kefir or fermenting group in your region. Joining such a group is a good way to connect with fermentors and with grains.

  4. Iva says:

    Meg ! Thank you and your Family for sharing this beautiful and important knowledge, for your heartwarming advices, and just for being you, spontaneous and wild <3 I am so incredibly inspired by your ways of being, Thank You. You made me shower in cold haha 😀

    1. Thanks for the gratitude Iva! How did you go with the cold showering?

  5. Marie says:

    Got half way through the video and it stopped … Can’t get it to work anymore sadly 🙁

    1. Oh, that’s a nuisance. Try our YouTube page: @artistasfamily.

  6. Ruth O'Leary says:

    milk kefir is the best, it’s the best baby food and so easy!
    Long live kefir! much love to you family x

  7. Felicity says:

    Thanks so much for the grains you gave us when the PDC visited. Mine are still going strong and watching this video has reminded me of just how special they are. Also my health and wellbeing has improved on several levels.

    1. Our pleasure, Felicity. Glad to hear the grains are singing up your world.

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