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Stories from the School of Applied Neopeasantry (podcast) with Coni, Ilenia and Carla

Please join us as we shell broad beans at the kitchen table and listen to stories about the homeplaces, wisdom and wildness of Carla Gallego, Ilenia Theuriclat and Constanza Hidalgo. Here’s the audio-only version:



These three women are the latest volunteers to visit Tree Elbow University and join our School of Applied Neopeasantry. It was a wild week of story, laughter, dancing and communing as we lived life richly together honouring earth, our food, more-than-humans and each other. Coni is hacking industrial design with permaculture, Ilenia wants to hack social work with permaculture, and Carla sees the potential of permaculture to reintroduce spirit into the arts.

This podcast series is dedicated to listening to those who have made themselves students of life, of permaculture and of neopeasantry, and are seeking their own learning pathways in diverse and dynamic ways. This podcast is slow media so feel free to create some space for the conversation. Make yourself a cuppa and catch some sunlight, or gently work through the piled up dishes while you listen. These women’s gifts, embedded in their stories, are a slow unfolding.

The week with Coni, Ilenia and Carla was magical and we hope you pick up a little of this spirit in our conversation, the spirit of which flowed into many places around home including the community garden working bee on their final day with us.

Wherever you are in your life right now we hope this hour of story calls to you. Your comments are always welcome and feel free to also tell us where you find your wild man or wild woman, and how you make room for this wildness.

Sending solstice greetings from Tree Elbow to your festive table,
Artist as Family


  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for yet another beautiful sharing. Here I was on a stormy summer day, hiding inside and feeling sad, reflecting on a dissatisfaction with myself and feeling so out of place in this world of separation. I went out to the garden, listened to these amazing women talking and planted lettuces. As always, your stories invoke stories within me, of where I’m from and where I now am. My mother, who worked so hard for our family, was such a determined gardener. Looking back, I see her wild, as she briskly strode to the plot, tools in hand, head down and full of all the tasks she was going to do. The strawberries! Potatoes and lettuces! Turnips even….It was such a labour of love. But I didn’t really see it then. We sparred for many years. She’s a long way away now, nearly 90 and not feeling too well at the moment. I am so grateful for the memory of watching her need to tend a garden, which I now have. It has become a thing which connects us. Thanks again. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing stories of you and your mother in your respective gardens, Rachel. We too have stories of mother gardeners and mother sparrings, so we connect to your story explicitly.

  2. Jimena says:

    I absolutely fell in love with the opening song and singer. Is there anywhere where we can listen to more of his work?
    And thanks yet again for a wonderful podcast episode, I look forward to the moment when I can calmly listen to it (most probably while I cook or go for a walk in the heavy snowfall!).
    Pagan blessings to both of you.

    1. We hope Glen will post here a way to connect to his music. The band he is covering is called Tuung.

    2. Glen Dunn says:

      Hello Jimena.
      Thank you for your kind words. Happy you liked my wee cover. In return I highly recommend the author of the tune; Tunng. Tunng are an English folk band. Their song ‘Crow’ is track 4 on their 2018 album, ‘Songs You Make at Night’. I hope you enjoy Tunng’s music.

      1. Jimena says:

        Thank you so much Glen! You sound fantastic!

  3. Cláudia says:

    What a beautiful sharing! It is always a pleasure to meet other people, other experiences and wonderful to share hopes, plans and knowledge. Tight hug from Portugal. (Waiting for the next video 🙂

    1. Thanks Cláudia, it was our pleasure to meet these three, accompanied by the big spirit of the broad bean.

  4. Glen Dunn says:

    Hello AaF.
    Thanks for another great “kitchen-side” chat with your wonderfully buoyant guests at Tree Elbow! Really enjoying this new series.

    1. Thanks Glen, and thanks so much for your song.

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