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Mandate refusal and custodial practices as decolonisation with Jen Ridley and Uncle Charles Davison

We had the pleasure of hosting Uncle Charles Davison, Jen Ridley and their youngest children, Minya and Yindi at the School of Applied Neopeasantry last week. Patrick, Jen and Charles made some room for a kitchen table chat for our podcast.

Jen and Charles’ inner strength and wisdom to respond to ongoing colonialisms within the sovereignty of family and community bonds while keeping a close eye on the continual threats and incarcerating mechanisms of white institutions and other colonial spaces that continue to contrive to enclose, limit and construct minds of scarcity and fear – is empowering to behold.

We hope you enjoy this conversation and you appreciate that Jen and Charles’ voices are not widely heard Indigenous perspectives within the highly conformed publishing environment of neoliberal media. We elevate them here in a spirit of a truer diversity and call for your deep listening.


Here is the link to the video Patrick mentioned in the podcast, which we made with Jen and Charles in 2020, The View from the Shore – truth telling, resilience, language, health & family education. And here is the Pfizer Pool Party poster aimed at Aboriginal children in Cape York in 2021:

As always your comments and perspectives are very welcome.

With love to all who remain curious, open and willing to resist the many propagandas and fundamentalisms of our times.

Artist as Family x


  1. Anne Tucker says:

    Thank you Jen and Charles for the grace and eloquence with which you spoke about so many important issues of our times. I very much appreciated how you connected the dots of how the COVID mandates were formed, to the historical policies made during Colonization. You so clearly described the total disregard for others, for their culture, their beliefs, personal knowledge of themselves and what they know to be best for themselves and their family. What a victory for you, to have never lost sight of your right to choose your path in this instance. Thank you for so openly sharing your experience and your hope.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to articulate this, Anne.

  2. Glen Dunn says:

    Wow. That was freaking amazing. G. X

    1. We’re glad this inspired you, Glen.

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