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Life beyond the Industrial Medical Complex

In this video we take you on a tour of the top 10 medicines that keep us outside the industrial medical complex. If you’ve never considered the following as medicines, we invite you open to this next half hour as we reveal our story of health and well-being, and why our family hasn’t required a medical centre or a doctor for many years.

Here’s the audio only,


and here’s the video version:


The key medicines we cover in this video are:

1. Ritual, ceremony & love
2. Barefeet, earthing & sunlight
3. Cold water immersion
4. Walked-for wild foods
5. Sleeping, nose-breathing & circadian rhythm
6. Fasting & listening to country
7. Home-grown food & kinship with soil
8. Fermented foods & honouring death & decay
9. Sauna to cook out winter toxins
10. Meaning making as creatures of place

As always your comments and additions are heartily welcomed.

Sending love, connection and good health to all who come here with an open heart,

Artist as Family x


  1. Lisa says:

    Finding our way to places where there is connection with earth, community, dance, love……thank you Meg, Patrick and Blackwood for sharing the magic, reminding us of the wild and guiding the way…..much love and gratitude xx

    1. And if we do end up in the hospital system, we hope we are met with someone as deeply caring as you dearest Lisa. x

  2. Jac says:

    Hmmm. One way I avoid going in to the hospital system is by not going in to the hospital system. This was very clear and pleasant film.

    1. Yes, Jac! We wholeheartedly agree.

  3. Barna Petra says:

    Hello folks! Really interesting stuff you’ve shared here – I’m also a huge fan of bitters for liver support and sugar craving suppression. I have a question regarding mouth breathing drying out the beneficial microorganisms – I assume using industrial toothpaste does the same? I use “natural” toothpastes as best as I can but I’m curious how you all handle it!

    1. Many thanks, Barna. We use natural toothpaste too and drink our local rainwater, which is fluoride-free. We drink and eat lots of raw milk products and try to eat a diet that is mineral-rich to support our bones and teeth, among other things. We highly recommend this podcast by dentist and herbalist Rupam Henry:

  4. Rachel says:

    This is very inspiring, thank you!

    1. We are so glad it resonated with you, Rachel! x

  5. Michelle Pollard says:

    I always feel inspired after watching one of your videos. I love how you live and I do some of these things. Other than Dandelion leaves, what other bitters can I eat?

    I haven’t researched this but what do you eat after a few days fast? Do you slowly reintroduce with veggies first? Thank you for your response xx

    1. Hi Michelle, other bitters we eat are: nipplewort and sow thistle and if we are after something more bitter: globe artichoke leaves, feverfew, mugwort and wormwood. We eat them all and make tea from the leaves. The first thing Patrick likes to eat after a long fast is bone broth with Meg’s homemade miso – something salty.

  6. Shane says:

    Thanks, Meg & Patrick, as always, for inviting us into your lives & so generously sharing your know-how & experience. I resonate w/ all your recommendations & yet some remain out of reach for me, living in a small top-floor flat.

    My medicines include swimming most days in the sea or ocean pools year round, daily eye yoga & reading by natural light when I can, w/ pinhole glasses at night (they don’t form dependence like lenses do; my distance vision is 20/20 & near vision has improved in recent years). And I haven’t used pharmaceutical pain relief for 40+ years.

    Thanks also for the holistic dental health link. Right now I’m dealing w/ inguinal hernias & so far can find no sound alternative to surgery. I wonder if you have any thoughts on this issue? Blessings.

    1. Thanks Shane, for all you mention here, and esp thanks for the Bates method glasses. We’re going to dive deep into pinhole glasses at night.

      In terms of inguinal hernia we found this link, which you may already have seen:

      We’re sorry to hear about your pain. Please let us know if you find a non-surgical treatment.
      Good luck!

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