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Mother cake, love and relationship (with Brigitte Kupfer)

Patrick had the great pleasure of speaking with Brigitte Kupfer on the day after our local winter solstice celebration, which Brigitte attended with her family. Meg says after listening to this podcast, “I feel like I’ve been in a warm bath.” We hope you’ll make some space for this beautiful yarn with mother-elder, post-academic sage, Brigitte Kupfer.

Listen here (1hr:5mins)


Below: a photo by Catie Payne of the winter solstice celebration, mentioned in the podcast.


Leonard Shlain’s ‘The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: the conflict between word and image‘.

Patrick’s last chapter in his doctorate, ‘Literary stiles and symbolic culture: Returning to the Problem of Writing.’

Gail Thomas’ ‘Healing Pandora: the restoration of hope and abundance‘.

Dieter Duhm’s website and the Tamera Peace Research and Education Centre.

Dieter Duhm’s ‘Angst im Kapitalismus‘ (Fear and Capitalism). Not published in English.

J Krishnamurti’s ‘The Impossible Question‘.

And this video offering from Krishnamurti is also related to this post.

As always your comments and reflections are most welcome. All power to those working towards reinstating and reorientating the world back into the bosom of Mother Country.



  1. Eloise Blum says:

    Thanks so much Brigitte for sharing your mother wisdom. What a joy to listen to you yarn with Patrick. He has such a knack for asking the right questions. I agree with Meg – I too feel as though I have just had a soak in a warm bath.

    1. Thanks Eloise, we’re so glad you had that feeling too. It was a delight to hear a little of what is moving through Brigitte right now, and what her words mean in the context of the broader project of reinstating the Mother, restoring Pandora.

      1. Joel says:

        Loved this yarn. I really felt Brigittes energy grow and resonate till I was smiling and chuckling with the quiet wisdom she embodies. This is the voice we need to hear, fearless, trusting in body and land, indivisible.
        I think David Abrams work can flow alongside this but what is most radical and refreshing in brigittes energy is the move beyond all past narratives, trusting in the animstic knowledge of the body (morphic?) In the land. I look forward to hear the work unfold.
        Thank you Brigitte, Patrick, Meg.

  2. Tosia zraikat says:

    Dear Brigitte, what you call ‘growing down’ is so important, because it encompasses the idea of getting more deeply into our humanness, our physical as well as our psychic and spiritual being, of finding like Sophie the goddess of earthy spirituality that the ‘dirt’ of physicality is precious, and not to be avoided. You continue to inspire and reassure me, dear Brigitte, that the value of the feminine is not as a complement to the masculine (though that is also valuable) but in its immense reservoir of love, connectedness and life energy. the Great. A beautiful little interview. And yes, language cannot grasp the immensity of this. We can know it and express it only through ourselves and our relationships. Blessings. Tosia

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