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Until we come together (song)

While reading Chris Hedges this morning, this song sprang forth from our despair. We offer it here as a sketch, suitably unpolished, to mark this time and bear witness to the pain and suffering of so many.


They feared us into Jab land
they coerced and they shamed
They destroyed a generation
coz NATO wanted Ukraine
They bombed hospitals in Gaza
killed babies and they maimed
the sick, the vulnerable and dying
the Empire’s gone insane

How we identity
doesn’t really matter
let’s put away our categories
and love one another
let’s rise and unify
as brother, sister, other
coz none of this will stop
until we come together

The US and its allies
have no values
have no shame
the Pharma-Military complex
owns Congress
sets the game
Democracy is dead and buried
under the rain
of censorship rockets
that Big Media maintains




  1. Jean James says:


  2. Like water on the back of a duck, let our equanimity make us proof of the doom that is engulfing our world. So that we can stand together on the barricades against super profits, ‘eco progress’ driven by greenwashing of deceptive practices, and global liberalism we should not all agree to slave for. No we are not going to forget the panacea that love is, not as a suspicious affect we should all be weary of!…
    Stand tall! We are going down with the raft to cling on. SOS is called, screamed and but unheard in our songs…

    1. Ah oui, Jean-Marc, thought we were catapulted onto the set of Les Misérables there for a moment.

      Yes, lifeboats, brown-tech, green-tech scenarios all abound in the fray.
      That’s why we’ve chosen permacultural neopeasantry for this day.

  3. Ellen says:

    Thank you, wonderful. Let’s swamp this world with music. let’s cover it with art.

    1. Cláudia Varino says:

      “…none of this will stop
      until we come together” 💛

      1. And come together we will, especially outside social media… Hello Cláudia!

    2. Yes, we could do with a folk renaissance, Ellen.

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