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Politicians worldwide can no longer claim ignorance of harm – an open letter to an MP

Dear Catherine King MP,

This letter is long overdue, and long. The impetus to finally write it was inspired by the article, Politicians Worldwide Can No Longer Claim Ignorance of the WHO Power Grab, which was compiled by the World Council for Health and published a few days ago. Please consider the following open letter from two residents within the electorate you are currently the sitting member for.

Movements in Australia and globally are watching governments closely to ensure they don’t continue to hand over our basic human rights to unelected, questionable global organisations and so-called philanthropists.

We wish to participate within a democracy but we believe we are right to be skeptical at this time in history. This hand shake between the Australian prime minister (your boss) and Bill Gates (your other boss) earlier this year speaks to our suspicions.

In a poll in late 2022 that included 50,000 Australians, ‘[m]ore than half of respondents either said they regret getting vaccinated, or were unvaccinated and happy with their decision.’ Only 35 per cent said ‘they were vaccinated and would make the same decision again. Not a single person said they were unvaccinated and regret the decision.’ A year on, the figure of 35% is no doubt considerably less, as we will demonstrate a little further on.

It is our belief that large numbers of the population will not tolerate authoritarian governance and overreach again, nor will they tolerate directives from big industries and their captured organisations, such as the WHO.

In late 2021, somewhere between 500,000 and 800,000 people marched in Canberra [see crowd drone shots at 21:50] against mandates for so-called ‘vaccines’ that never prevented the transmission of the pathogen known as Covid. We, like thousands of Australians, were assaulted by LRAD weapons at that peaceful march. It was the Australian government who used this weapon on us, without our knowing. Patrick experienced vertigo for the first time in his life the next morning, and Meg experienced an intense eye bleed while we were at the march. The bleed latest for several weeks.

Will your government, at the very least, admit that mandating a medical treatment that never stopped transmission is akin to manslaughter when people have died from the shots? And will your government recognise that those of us who protested were also harmed and our basic human rights eroded?

We wish to supply you with the growing scientific evidence that the Covid injections have caused and are still causing widespread harm. For the literature please go here, here, here, here, here, and here, to quote just a few of the available studies. It is revealing to us that with the flood of excess deaths since the jab rollouts, and a surge of heart-related deaths, it has not warranted the government to call for a major scientific review of these ‘vaccines’.

We believe that if the TGA wasn’t captured by industry and were a proper scientific institution, thousands of deaths in Australia would have already been attributed to the vaccines and those ministers and health officials who signed deals with pharmaceutical companies who made themselves exempt from legal liability, would be duly held accountable for those deaths. But then again, if the TGA wasn’t captured by industry, fewer deaths would have occurred, and the shots would have been pulled after the first safety signals were recorded.

As of the 16 August 2021, there were over 462 deaths and approximately 49,000 injuries reported relating to Covid vaccines in Australia. We were sent this screen grab of these numbers recorded by the TGA at this time, which disappeared from public view soon after.

In early September 2021 we asked, ‘[w]hy has the Therapeutic Goods Administration taken offline (since August 31) its Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN), including numbers of deaths caused by Covid vaccines?’

Patrick questioned you outside the town hall in Daylesford in March 2022, relating to unvaccinated people still being locked out of public places such as town halls, public libraries, public swimming pools and cafés and restaurants, despite the failure of the jabs to stop or even slow transmission. ‘Catherine,’ he asked you, ‘when will segregation end in Victoria?’ You dismissively replied, ‘When you get vaccinated.’

Do you regret replying in this way? As a non-medical person, do you regret giving personal medical advice concerning a novel therapeutic? Do you not see the human rights abuses and harm you and your colleagues have caused to members of the public who were (a) willing, (b) coerced or (c) unwilling to trust the state-Pharma nexus?

Your government’s misnomered Misinformation and Disinformation Bill is yet another red flag for us, and signals a path to more human rights abuses in the near future. It really should be called what it is – a censorship bill. When in history has it been good for populations to entrust a government (and its hand selected ‘experts’) to solely decide what is truth and what is not? Your government’s censorship bill and your government’s collusion with the WHO sends alarm bells into many communities across Australia.

Please be assured, the pushback to authoritarianism and overreach will grow in step with government fundamentalism, as it always does. As an MP and minister you are a servant of Australian democracy. You are not an agent for big industry, big banks, corporate power and so-called philanthropists.

Throughout Covid you failed us, our family and our community. You backed policies that harmed many in our community, irregardless of their jab status. You helped sow division over a GMO in a syringe that offered no sterilising immunity and was deceptively dressed up as a vaccine.

When we did this investigation back in August, the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) of the Australian government proudly stated that, ‘Several of the COVID-19 vaccines are either GMOs or made from GMOs,’ and that ‘[a]n example of GMOs as medicines is gene therapy,’ and they listed as examples of GMO medicines, Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid products. This is the screen grab we took then (accessed: August 9, 2023 at 4:43pm).

In early August 2023 we called the OGTR to inquire about their stated ‘Covid GMOs’ and ‘gene therapies’, and all we got were promises that someone will call us back shortly. A return call never happened. However, since that time the OGTR have changed the language on that same webpage. They’ve since deleted any reference to gene therapies. The webpage now looks like this (accessed: November 24, 2023 at 3:36pm):

The OGTR still admit however that both Covid shots, which are still available in Australia, are GMOs. AstraZeneca was quietly removed from use in March of this year.

Another so-called FactCheck stated, ‘[t]here are no genetically modified organisms in the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.’ but doesn’t say whether these shots are themselves GMOs. So, is this another case of weasel words? Remember, as we’ve just said, the OGTR still states on its webpage several Covid shots (they mean mRNA shots) are ‘either GMOs or made from GMOs,’ thus are either GMOs or have GMO products in them. Can you see the potential confusion or deliberate manipulation here in the ‘FactCheck’?

So, who is misinforming who? Once upon a time there would be robust debate, and genuine points of difference would be respected. It is alarming today how truth is claimed by non-scientific institutions such as the Australian Government who since 2021 has threatened doctors with their livelihoods for speaking against the official health messaging, and boards such as the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) who gagged doctors throughout the pandemic from speaking about Covid vaccines.

Science is being radically politicised, and as a society we are fast losing the ability to respect different points of view or value what both the heterodoxy and orthodoxy contribute to democracy.

Many of us are watching what you and your government are doing, and we are keeping exact records of all your decisions, statements and policies to be judged by future generations.

As a servant of democracy you have brought much pain to our home, so we’re writing to let you know we are watching, and many of us are watching. While we know your government (it is not ours) spies on people (via the Five Eyes agreement, et al), we’re letting you know that rather than spying, we are watching. Legally, respectfully, critically watching.


Catherine, please desist from selling off our human rights to big interests that manipulate the WHO. Please desist from supporting the authoritarian Misinformation and Disinformation Bill, which is clearly designed to attack and erase free speech. Please desist from ever using toxic weapons such as LRAD on peoples who disagree with, and protest against, the government. Please desist from continuing to walk the path of medical fascism.

Yes Catherine, you are free to put whatever you wish into your arm or in your mouth, it is none of our business what you do with your own body, but please desist from pushing onto us, and advising us (as you did in 2022) to use toxic treatments produced and distributed by well documented corporate criminals.

As of a few days ago, ‘the take up of a [Covid] booster dose has stalled. Only 5.5 per cent of Australians aged 18 to 64 years [are] rolling up their sleeves for a jab.’ If this report is accurate, this means few now believe The [industry-captured] Science. Science and public health have been irrevocably damaged in the public’s eyes. The distrust is significant and the only way to attend to this wholesale mistrust of government and their regulators is to sever the very cosy marriage between regulator and industry.

While there are only a few of us who make the time to speak up against the corruption in the state-Pharma nexus, most people know now what’s really going on.

May this open letter inspire others to write similar missives to the politicians who are supposedly representing them, to put them on notice, and to call them out when they erode basic human rights.

Dr Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman



  1. Julie says:

    Amazing work as always Meg and Pat. I am utterly, honestly, gobsmacked. I am aghast, I feel pain and I don’t know how to cure it. All I know is I can’t ignore it. They’ve got us, Australia, where they want us, Australia. I don’t know why they want us, so bad? Australia, we’re so far away from Europe. Red flags its a globalist agenda. How have our polis become so acquiescent to a takeover by philanthropists in the name of health? The acquiescence is a byproduct of tall poppy syndrome and American ego worship. I mean Bill Gates, spare me! The WHO is Bill’s baby so whatever Bill says I suppose goes. Wow, its just foul foul foul foul.

  2. Maria Miranda says:

    Well said!
    Thankyou Patrick and Meg. Your letter says it all.

  3. Monique says:

    I.m still trapped under a thought bubble that forever reads; ‘Why did all those I knew who had spent their lives caring, discussing, exposing corporate and government corruption suddenly stop caring about corporate and government corruption?’ Add a thousand chin scratch emojis and there I will forever be.

    This GUARDIAN(!) article made me smile a few days ago too – although I see myself as a primary COMMUNITY-minded person (who just thinks long term). So much just didn’t make sense and hey, behold the immense collateral damage we could have so easily avoided had we stopped equating wealth with expertise.

    1. Gary James says:

      Thankyou Patrick and Meg…I am amazed and grateful how you guys give time and focus,to explain the mass dominion that is happening in plain sight.
      The wise say all will be revealed,and when it does ,(not if) come tumbling down. My patience gets challenged,but I’ve faith we will witness,or are witnessing that fall now.
      Love always

      1. Thanks Gary, yes, ‘all will be revealed.’

    2. So true, Monique. So typical of the Gates-funded Guardian (go to this link and scroll down to see the US$12mil The Guardian has recieved from Gates) to collapse the most compliant in our communities as being the most compassionate because compliance + online virtue signalling = foot soldiers for the state-Pharma nexus.

  4. James says:

    Thank you for all you both do. Appreciate the clarity and efforts to communicate a counter message:)

    1. Cheers, James. We appreciate your warmth.

  5. Cari Taylor says:

    Just a huge AMEN to you both and to your words – my heartfelt truth aligns with you and I am more than ready to stand in the good fight .. still … again …

  6. Veronika says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this open letter to your MP. I know that it will inspire others to speak out, stand up for themselves/others and to question what is not right.
    I know that MP’s often have a habit of ignoring people who speak out, but I do hope that your message sits with her in a way that enables her to feel an unease of her actions and to see with wider eyes the impact her and her government’s decisions have made.

    The words misinformation and disinformation have been promoted very heavily in the media in recent years for a number of issues (not just vaccine related) and I was suspicious as to why? It’s obvious that it was part of a narrative to help pass this new bill, and yet the government takes no responsibility for their own misinformation and disinformation.
    We need people with integrity in our government.

    1. Thanks Veronika, beautifully said.

  7. Ben says:

    Bravo Bravo!!! Great piece.

    Thanks for watching and speaking out

  8. Rachel says:

    Great letter, so good you have an ‘insider’ giving screen grabs! I wrote a letter two weeks ago to my new MP (not my choice of MP) and just sent a follow up the other day. The silence is palpable but i will keep on.

    1. Thanks Rachel. As bereft of meaning or hope writing to local MPs is these days, it at least pricks into the shadow of the political psyche that not all of us are OK with a mere parade of democracy, and while politicians surround themselves in (social media) echo-chambers, their out-of-touchness and unwillingness to engage with divergent voices brings real harm and unrest.

  9. Belinda Cornwall says:

    Excellent work…..what an amazing letter! I also find for me personally, the vindication from family and so called friends for being able to stick to my guns and remain unvaccinated the most soul destroying part. Now I feel their comments and anger related to my decision (and that of my husband and young son) are now venomous words from their own envy that they too could not or did not make the decision to remain unvaccinated. I truly feel for all those forced into this submission, however never once alienated people from me due to their choice or forced choice, like they did to us. It is truly a trying time for all, and segregation has caused so many ripple effects in the community and social networks. Massive eye opener and just made us as a family, more strong in pursuing global de growth, financial de growth and self/community reliance. I thoroughly enjoy following your family as I feel united in some ways, and that we are not alone in our very small town where the majority became vaccinated against their will. Much love and peace to you all x

    1. Thanks Belinda, wonderful to receive your family’s solidarity. We certainly saw who in our community would turn us over to authorities in a full-blown totalitarian state. Staggering to see the left, our trad cohort, follow this expedition into pharmacolonisation and not question (and in some cases champion) the corporatisation of medicine.

  10. Dan says:

    Excellent letter! Well done for holding this space… I have an intuition that Australia is the pivot point on our timeline and no matter how uncomfortable it may be at times I have no doubt that your family is exactly where the future is.
    With love x

    1. Thanks Dan. Sending solidarity and love to you and your mob.

  11. Peter Gumley says:

    Well said Patrick. My correspondence with my local Federal Representative leaves me outraged that the so-called enquiry into the government management of the Covid “pandemic” will be an entire white-wash. From my understanding any criticism of the decisions made will be ignored and those who decided what was universally good for us will be entirely exonerated from their involvement. If you look on-line at the process whereby submissions may be made to the enquiry it is obvious that the agenda to reach the desired outcome has already been set. I fully expect that the published results of the enquiry be manifested in the announcement of awards in the next Royal Birthday Honors List!

    1. Absolutely Peter, reward the architects, purveyors and shills of the Covid response and promote them up the rungs, and ignore the suffering, deaths and injuries caused by the response and gaslight and demonise anyone revealing these things. That’s how it works in New Normal Australia. Until it doesn’t.

  12. Karen says:

    Thank you from NSW. I wish my profession in Aged Care had not necessitated mandatory vaccination as my naturopath has identified heart and cell damage.
    Stay well and keep informing us with your incredible skills of research and writing.

    1. We’re so sorry to hear this, Karen. No doubt you and your health professional are across these protocols, but in case not the World Council for Health’s spike protein detox has worked for many friends, and the FLCCC iRecover Post Vaccine protocol has too.

  13. Hello everyone, we’ve just discovered that Australians have a few more days to sign The People’s Letter, which sends a strong message of non consent to the WHO in relation to their agenda to force a prescribed public health response on its member countries including Australia. Australian politicians and WHO, we do NOT consent to more state-Pharma violence and corruption.

  14. A very useful, measured and well-referenced record and communication to those, that history will show, failed in their duty to represent their constituents best interests. Even if many of us reading this, understand the function of politicians is to give the cover of democracy to decisions made by others and other means, the scale of the manipulation, harm and denial in this case is beyond anything in our collective history. I will be interested to hear about any reply from Catherine King (or her staff).

    1. Thanks David, indeed, ‘the cover of democracy.’ We’re sure Catherine & co won’t engage with such a piece by we ‘constituents’ because the divide between our respective logics – hers informed by global industrial paternalistic (militaristic) corporatism; ours by a hands in the soil, living-within-local-limits, listening to Mother Country socio-ecology – is too great. Once upon a time, not long ago, it was easier to find political places where we each could connect and build solidarity there, but with the three major mining parties – the reds, blues and greens – all pushing for a machine world fix (in different flavours), there is little point in engagement. All we can do is record the harm each of the three do in their respective subscribing to the transhumanising, dehumanising and undoing of the biosphere, via their respective machine mind ideologies.

  15. Janice Smith says:

    Excellent letter! It could be served to many more “criminals” in positions of “authority” who have been complicit in what equates to genocide!
    What possible compensation can be given to those who have lost loved ones prematurely and to those who have been permanently injured?

    1. Thanks Janice! Indeed, so many have been harmed by every part of the ‘official’ response. A response that could not be questioned via robust and diverse scientific, political and cultural debate. So many friends on the left or are in academia have said to us, “Yes, we know Big Pharma is corrupt and yes, they are corporate criminals, but when it comes to vaccines and gender affirmation treatment the guardrails (ie the regulators) are still fine, they are completely neutral and those medical responses are safe and effective.” Go figure! Of course, this civilisational hubris is falling apart, as the combo of ideology and money intersecting with the lab never makes good science.

  16. Josh says:

    That’s an excellent letter, Meg and Patrick. Thank you for posting it here, and sorry for spotting it only so belatedly. I’m so glad that you’re on this, continuing to hold to account those with formal authority to make decisions in our purported “best interests”.

    1. Thanks Josh,
      We note Tedros’ recent annoyance with peeps calling out his WHO power grab, reverting once again to the inevitable ‘conspiracist’ shame label, which is becoming ever more like a badge of honour in this climate of hypercaptured ‘officials’.

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