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Is there a time and place for binary thinking? Or, what mythos do you serve?


Do you stand against the abuses of institutional power in all forms and legalisms?

Do you stand against those who try to convince you health is dependent on industrial pharmacy?

Do you stand against politicians who fake democracy and grow corporatism?

Do you stand against industrial pollutants, contaminants and toxins that cause unnecessary disease and thus suffering?

Do you stand against anthropocentric capitalisms and socialisms, and the various city-centric ruinations they bring to life?

Do you stand against media that is permissive to the imperatives of Empire, power and global industrialisms?

Do you stand against the iatrogenocide that is the ‘Covid response’ by the state-Pharma nexus?

Do you stand against safetyism, paternalism and nanny statism, which render people immobile and dependent on institutions and industries that are manipulative and controlling?

Do you stand against the NATO/Azov nazi/US invoked genocide of Ukrainian youth by a reactive and bullish Russia?

Do you stand against the century-long genocide of Palestinians by British, US and Israeli colonists?

Do you stand against the extraction of fossil fuels and rare earth minerals used to power a false flag renewables industry?

Do you stand against cultural or political groups who silence and smear others based on their beliefs and values?

Do you stand against large-scale industries including factory farms, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals and sweat shops that mistreat humans, animals and complex biota?

Do you stand against a King (and others like him dripping in privilege) arrogantly calling for an end to ‘convenience’?

Do you stand with the people of villages, towns, cities and suburbs who in their own power and capacity claim for themselves an end to industrial-scale convenience and consumption?

Do you stand with the flowering, fruiting and singing of Mother Country and Grandmother Gaia and everything else that is sacred and not industrially conformed?

Do you stand with life that enables more delicious life to cross over into necessary death and decay, and back into more abundance?

Do you stand for a future society that doesn’t help raise sociopaths or psychopaths into positions of power and influence?

Do you stand with eldership, mentorship and rites of passage, which mark the accruing of wisdoms, and the witnessing of all in the village, regardless of their stage in life?

Do you stand for the flow of gifts across all species and within all species?

Do you stand for distributed wealth, access to land for all, and subsistence economies that are earth-honouring?

Do you stand for the economic interweaving of community sufficiency and autonomous household productivity?

Do you stand with the rivers and creeks – the veins of the world that take life force to the largest biomes – the oceans?

Do you stand with mountains, caves, hills and rocks, and any undulation within the terrain of any Mother Country that enables the magic of surprise, and the shadow world from where wisdom springs?

Do you stand with the seeds that are our heritages, which have made our cultures of belonging, and will do so again?

Do you stand with the smallest biomes, bodily biomes and microbial communities, as extensions of Mother Country and Grandmother Gaia?

Do you stand with Mother Country and Grandmother Gaia, honour them in the way in which you live, and defend them from machine mind in whatever capacity you have to do so?

Do you stand with both individual freedoms and communitarian care, without one eroding the other?

Do you recognise that true consent is not possible when metered out by top-down authority?

Do you stand with pollinators, in all forms, recognising the monumental gifts they bring to lifemaking?

Do you stand with the fungal webs that rule the worlds of the world, including the unreal worlds of hubristic human Empires that will always collapse and turn back into the mycelial realm?

Do you stand with humus and humility, and recognise they have derived from the same root word?

Do you stand with your herbal and medicinal plant commons, the remnant traces of your indigenous liberty and soul, which continue to bring gifts to your health and to your meaning making?

Do you stand with ecological killing in order to take life that makes more life possible, outside of a ‘man-made mass death’ cosmology, where at arm’s length civilisational violence occurs on your behalf as an industrial-food-dependent vegan, vegetarian or omnivore?

Do you stand with empowering young people to obtain skills for the future, both pragmatic and sacred (such as deep listening and beholding, foraging, gardening, forestry and hunting)?

Do you stand with village rebuilding and grass roots, cultural, ecological and microbial diversity?


Here are the Forest & Free children after harvesting 1.5kg of narrow leaf plantain (Plantago lanceolata) seed heads for psyllium. This plantain is a common, ancestral (Eurasia) and abundant plant that brings healing food-medicine to our lives. The kids collected this amount in just twenty minutes. Each week they learn about a new food or medicine that is not under lock and key, so they can build the skills, knowledges and daily rituals to augment their own pathways to freedom, responsibility and wisdom. We run Forest & Free within a gift economy.

So, does binary thinking have a place? In the absence of binaries how do we form our values? Is it possible to live without binaries?

We’d love to hear from you. When is binary thinking problematic? When is it useful? Would you answer yes to any the above questions? All? We hope this post generates some goodly discussion, and serves the contemporary dialectic for what mythos, what world story, we want to serve.


  1. Gary says:

    Love you guys

  2. Life is not just black or white,
    My opinion is neither right nor wrong, just mine to assume,
    I am certainly not with you or against you but compassionate,
    Money and pride are only two deceptions that are sold to us,
    If the end is near, every instant of every moment is the only reality to be tuned with,
    What is sublime is art, the rest is decoration or distraction,
    Step lightly on the mose that covers our world and stump hard selfishness and possession on the way to the Elysian fields we all belong to…

  3. Rachel says:

    I think the current paradigm shifts being played are not meant for my generation, or the ones before me, they’re meant for our children and grandchildren. They are feeding their unseeded minds with notions that attack our deepest understanding of what is. For millennia, all our stories have been about binaries, dualities. We start with that as the foundation of security and then spend our lives learning that between the two polar opposites, death/life or good/bad there are innumerable points of diversity around the perimeter that connects one point to the other. It’s a lie that dualities are mutually exclusive, both exist all the time. Black, white, grey, all with infinite shades.

    The ‘new’ notion of diversity is being fed into the system to hijack our young ones before they have lived long enough to understand they already understand how things are and who they are among those things. And to recognise the ‘we are’ not just the ‘I am’. They are rebranding reality. It’s an outrageous con of course, they push the formula new = better = progress – whilst practising the opposite when it comes to our fundamental systems such as health and agriculture. ONE vaccine for ALL, disastrous, unnatural mono-cropping, hell we were even told there was ONE TRUTH when it came to the ‘pandemic’ (I have to put the quote marks in), it still both inflames and chills me. I’m so binary… 🙂 Meanwhile, they are trying to corral us into vicious silos of mutually exclusive hatred over wars and political issues and existential terrors beyond the reach of joyful living in right relation to earth and each other. It’s doublethink/speak/do alright.

    The story with the repeated line, ‘Good news, bad news, who can say?’ comes to mind and is comforting for some reason. It’s a simple reminder to be alert to the moment. Tending the garden teaches pretty much everything else I reckon, two seedlings 30cm apart, one struggles, one flourishes – the mystery and the magic of existence. I hope we can find our way through these times. Love to all.

    1. Thanks you for this beautiful, sorrowful and yet wise and clear-eyed comment, Rachel. Blessings and gratitude for your seeing.

  4. Kathryn Pegiel says:

    What do you think about the N.Z M.O.A.R

    1. Thanks Kathryn, we’ll check it out.

  5. Shane says:

    Great provocation! You don’t define what you mean by ‘binary thinking’, but I’m guessing you mean the kind that takes sides: vax or anti-vax, Ukraine or Putin, Israel or Hamas etc. Binary thinking, to my mind, is a function rooted in our biology, w/ two sexes needed for our species to breed, while our bodies feature two brain hemispheres, two eyes, ears, nostrils, arms, hands, lungs, ovaries, testes, buttocks, legs, feet etc. Of the five senses, it seems significant that we have just one nose & one tongue; that digital culture only engages the dual-informed senses presumably reinforces built-in binary tendencies. And beyond our bodies our time is divided between day & night, ocean tides peak twice in each lunar cycle, our orbit of the Sun spans two equinoxes & solstices. But binaries are just a basis – maybe a left-brain specialty, w/ the right brain enabling mystical states, heightened awareness etc. And between noon & midnight lie all shades of dark & light; between new & full Moon, all its phases; our seasons cycle through subtler gradations than our calendar charts. And w/ life experience & psycho-emotional growth, we find the binary is just a point of departure; learn to perceive the complex layers & phases inherent in all situations…

    Together, all these questions feel incantatory to me – like an invocation & an invitation. They outline your values somewhat comprehensively & in that sense this post feels like a manifesto, a creed – & the alternatives these questions present amount in a way to an emergent faith – an answer to the debased dominant ideology/religion that’s hanging on way beyond its use-by date w/ its stinking binary thinking.

    So my answer is yes to all in principle. Though I think you’d find a wide divergence from person to person re how to interpret ‘individual freedoms’?

    Blessings & thanks for all the food for thought.

    1. The saying, “you spot it you got it,” is sometimes useful. Those who hate on something (and go spotting it or finger point at it), often means there is something of themselves in it that they hate. This is the realm of the blindspot and there is so much unseen terra in these shadows.

      So from that we ask, what is the institutional violence in us (Artist as Family) that we find so abhorrent in the statist, bureaucratic or corporate realms? For we adults it is possibly the industrial schooling that still has traces. How we were conformed over innumerable years in our youth in extreme anti-ecological, anti-cultural settings like schools – indoor learning, desks in rows, sirens and bells, uniforms, punishment, social engineering (children placed into year groups), examinations and tests, unhealthy hierarchies (alphas instead of elders), and so forth. This institutional militarisation, which we name in this piece, is in us too. It is in all of us conformed by institutional frameworks and ideologies.

      Thank you Shane for brining yet another juicy, generative comments here.

  6. Patrick Hockey says:

    This portrayal of the world as a contest between evil-doers and the wholly good so wildy understates the complexity of the world as to be unhelpful.

    I don’t think I have ever met an evil person.

    1. Neither have we, Patrick. We have great faith in people. However, we experience on a daily basis institutions that perform deeds few individuals would claim responsibility for or wish to be associated with, or if they do they are ignorant (perhaps paid to be) of what their statist, bureaucratic or corporate institution really brings to Country. We say a little more on institutional violence in our reply to Shane in the comments.

      And welcome back, Patrick. We were just saying, we haven’t heard from you in ages. We’re glad you still have faith in civilisation as it crumbles all around us.

      1. Patrick Hockey says:

        Yes but it is mostly bumbling incompetence than actual wickedness …

        “This week, [Pfizer] shares fell to their lowest close in more than a decade, capping a stunning fall that year-to-date has obliterated $140 billion in valuation.”

        Nice to be back 🙂

        1. Not at all surprising. The universal loathing for that company, which has brought so much suffering and illness to peoples’ lives, may go unreported by msm and denied by corrupt governments, but it is known deep in peoples’ bodies, shareholders or not.

          1. Patrick Hockey says:

            and so much for big pharma making oodles of money…

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