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In honour of Meg ‘Magpie’ Ulman

We gathered a few days ago to celebrate Meg’s 50th orbit around the sun, neopeasant village style.

As individuals or in small groups we spoke our praise of Magpie in heartfelt words and song, including ‘Clearing the inbox’ to the tune of Waltzing Matilda, created and performed by Meg’s frolleagues (friend-colleagues) at Melliodora – David, Ostii, Catie, Beck and Su.

We ate nourishing, potluck, home-tended/crafted food while we kept warm by the fire.

There were also many potluck poems, stories, and honourings shared into the night, including by Ruth,

and Trace,

and Maya,

who, like Catie, shared gratitude and love in a hand drawn card. Did you notice Catie’s worm font?!

Thanks Kim and Jordan for taking these pics, especially this one Kim, capturing Magpie in her nest of love ones.

We each expressed our love uniquely for Magpie, who’d returned that morning from three days and nights fasting and listening in the nearby forest by herself. While she was away, Patrick wove a love poem as long as Meg is tall, attempting to portray a little of her love- and lifemaking adventures, and their shared collaborations. (9min listen)


Four things about this recording: Firstly, if you haven’t heard of The Decameron referred to in this piece, you might want to get to know it, if only for the horny monks and nuns in 14th century plagued Europe. Secondly, Patrick’s piece ends with a recorder solo performed by Meg, which is situated towards the end of a newish Artist as Family song called Fish, which we’re still working on. Thirdly, in the piece, Patrick is referring to a virologist in Beijing called Dr Song, who he has been corresponding with. Maybe more on that in a future post. Fourthly, here is the bunny merkin-sporran Patrick made for Meg as an accompanying gift with his poem, which is mentioned (indirectly) in the piece.

Now, back to this Neopeasant Queen (née Jewish Princess).

Another piece delivered on the night was written by our old friend Pete O’Mara, who was MC for the night and who’d predicted Meg and Patrick’s suitability even before they’d met, 18 years ago, when Meg was just new to Djaara Country.

Thank you for the warmth and radiance you bring to life, Meg. You are a lit and giving hearth in the rebuilding of our village, and your love reverberates out into the living of the world.


  1. Cláudia Varino says:

    Só beautiful! What an inspiring community! Happy birthday Magpie! 💜💛🩷🧡

      1. Bruna says:

        Happy Birthday Mag!
        What a beautiful love poem Patrick made for you- thanks for sharing it and showing us how beautiful a relationship between man and woman can be!
        Much love your way

        1. Thanks Bruna, thanks for saying this. Beautiful! Much love mirrored back.

  2. Kate Beveridge says:

    What a lovely tribute to a beautiful person. Happy Birthday dearest Meg.

  3. Lynn Moss says:

    Happy Birthday Meg. Oh to be loved like that.

  4. Ellen says:

    Dear Meg,
    I do not know you in person.
    I only know you from afar.
    I will stretch my arms all the way to you
    to wish you many more orbits around the sun,
    to wish you all the happiness amongst your tribe.

    I will sing a birthday song for Meg, I will sing with gusto, in tune and in harmony.
    Arms around

    1. Thanks for your songfulness and hugs, Ellen.

  5. Eka says:

    Happy 😊 Birthday Meg, sounds like it was a beautiful, heart ♥️ warming, worthy celebration of 50 years of your presence on this earth.

    1. Thanks Eka, it truly was. xx

  6. Belinda Cornwall says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Meg! Looks like you had a marvellous time with your nearest and dearest x

  7. Gerda Stacey says:

    Hi Meg and Patrick
    Happy birthday to you Meg. What a wonderful celebration.
    I was wondering if you guys are putting any videos out on any other platform other than YouTube ?
    Always loved your videos.

    1. Thanks Gerda, we have paused our vids for now as we are still looking for a way of sharing them similar to how we share audio on our blog, that is with ease and without needing a third party platform. We can do it with vids up to 250MB, so we might do some short stuff again, but it’s pretty limited. Then again, limits are goodly things… thanks, you have given us some ideas…

  8. Julie says:

    Wow I really enjoyed that paean to you. Happy 50th Meg. I just hit the half century myself, with my hand made cricket bat….us mothers and grand mothers to the bees…..lets hit every ball outta this park for the next half centch. 50 of these “X” (kisses not diseases) to you.
    Love Julie

    1. Haha, yes kisses X not disease X, the bastards. Thanks Julie!

  9. Belle says:

    Beautiful. And much more to come. ❤️

  10. Christiane Rostek says:

    Wish you all the best, Meg… and the poem, that Patrick wrote… wow… it’s a pleasure, to live at the same time on this planet, like you do… you are so inspiring!🌎🌱🌞💙

    1. Oh, thank you Christiane. Sending much love to you across the oceans.

  11. Natasha says:

    🫶🏽What a gift you are Meg!!
    You are so loved by so many. Thank you for being you – in particular, thank you for never removing your pelt as Patrick your radiant poem shared… Its scent Meg is a much needed reminder to me and to your sisters of our wild women selves. What a gift you are!
    💚Happy birthday beautiful pelt Queen.

    1. Aw, thanks Natasha. It’s all about the pelt!

  12. marijke says:

    Happy birthday beautiful Meg. Your inspiration and joy radiate all the way across the world and your voice singing “I am a tree”, literally brought tears to my eyes. Much love from Belgium

    1. So lovely to have you visit here, Marijke. Thank you for your love.

  13. Karina says:

    Here is a warble from me dear Magpie to honour ‘your’ orbit.
    I remember first seeing you long ago, your wild red hair and laughing receptive body getting about the town and hearing that you had become lovers with Patrick, and so much more grew to be…….I’m deeply appreciative of your loving and creative self – you are a gift to us all Magpie Woman.
    With love Karina

    1. Thank you for your warble and your love wishes, Karina, we remember you well too back then, getting about the town in your gentle art and ways.

  14. "PermaGrannie" says:

    Such a perfect celebration. Wishing Meg many more years of love and song and memories.

    1. Thank you PermaGrannie, singing right back at ya, love warbles and associated tunes…

  15. Shane says:

    Dear Meg ~ belated birthday blessings to you! When I was 50, a woman twice as old told me 50’s a wonderful age: you can see a long way in both directions. She must’ve thought time’s a straight line instead of a flower unfolding… May this new solar cycle be your most fulfilling yet! Love & wild warm wishes from the eastern Sydney seaside. XO

  16. trace says:

    ahhh Magpie, no one sings quite like you!! so grateful to be spinning on the planet with you! and thanks again for a gorgeous gathering xxx

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